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The Ordinary Peeling Solution: Is it Worth the Hype?

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Chemical Peeling can be a way to resurface your skin leaving you with a new glow. If you’re anything like me, you get sucked into beauty products either because they’re cheap or because the packaging is pretty and claims to give you the best skin of your life. This peeling solution has changed my mind when it comes to chemical peels for the better, let me tell you why. 

When I think about facial care, I spend more money in that area than I do on my makeup because lets be honest drug store palettes vs high end palettes are easily comparable. But when it comes to skincare I want to make sure its effective and delivers results. 

I’m a firm believer in if you take care of your skin your makeup is going to show that, let the skincare do the talking. 

If you’re not about the peel, you might find my post about Microdermabrasion  interesting. I talk about the benefits of microdermabrasion and now you can do this at home for a fraction of the price. You can check that out here!

Why I decided to try The Ordinary 

The price point for all of their products is attractive and I was seeing it all over YouTube as a must try. You really can’t beat the price, but one thing I have learned is just because its affordable doesn’t mean its worth spending money on. 

I decided to dive in head first and went a little crazy and purchased things that stood out to me. I got carried away and ended up purchasing serums, makeup primers, and the foundation. I was shocked when I looked at my cart because this is all i paid! 

The Ordinary Serum Foundation and Peeling Solution from DECIEM

Seriously no joke, you can have a new skincare line up for under 60 dollars that’s insane. For the sake of this post and your time I’ll keep it about the Peeling solution. 

I ordered mine from the company (it took two weeks only because the foundation was out of stock) , but you can find it here also on Amazon

The Peeling Solution 

Peeling solution for at home from The Ordinary.

I’m going to be honest it took me awhile to use this, I was afraid to put this on for a few reasons. First its a chemical peel that in itself sounds scary. I also didn’t know to what extreme I was going to peel, and I was afraid to burn my skin. The more obvious reason would be the fact that I’ve never used a single product from the Ordinary before and I was nervous. 

 The formula also improves the appearance of skin texture and reduces the look of fine lines with continued use. 

The Ordinary 

How it works

I’m always targeting products for my large pores and my SUPER oily skin. This product has BHA which is good for clearing the nasty crap my pores hoard. The AHA in this product target resurfacing the skin hopefully giving me brighter skin. 

After I finally rounded up the courage to give this bad boy a try I checked  out the instructions and they clearly state no longer than 10 minutes and do not use more than twice a week. That sounds SERIOUS and not going to lie I put the bottle down and thought to myself, eh i’ll try it again next weekend. 

Guilt settled in and I washed my face and gave it a try, the results were quite shocking. 

Applying the Peel 

I love the packaging of this peel and the dropper made it easier to use which is a plus. I didn’t need much and was able to cover my face with one full squirt of the peel, another plus. Use on a clean, dry face and make sure your fingers are clean since you will be rubbing this in. 

Set a timer for 10 Minutes 

Usually I leave things one longer it makes me feel like I’m getting more of a deeper treatment. However, with this peel I followed the directions. I typically don’t have super sensitive skin but this peel was stinging and it burned. I was a little uncomfortable during these 10 minutes but it wasn’t to the point where I had to wash it off. If you’re trying this at home, listen to your skin and if its to much take it off. 

Rinse off with Lukewarm Water 

So I didn’t follow that direction, only because my face was burning to the point I couldn’t stand to use warm water. I used cold water and rinsed the peel off. I was careful to not rub my skin to much I could already tell my face was already pissed off. 

The Results 

The Ordinary Chemical Peeling solution

Immediately after I dried my face off I was in shock! My skin was extremely smooth and my pores looked a tad bit smaller. Just a tad but smaller but it was a step in the right direction. 

Its been a few hours after I rinsed off the peel and my face is still a little irritated but again not to the point where I’m freaking out. 

I did notice that my skin is super oily and I’m not sure if that’s a side affect or if this peel legit took off a small layer of my skin. Its not oozing oil, but its not matte as some people have claimed it leaves their skin feeling. 

I haven’t applied makeup yet, since I try to go makeup free on the weekends so I can’t tell if it made a difference for my makeup. With how smooth my skin is, I cant wait to put makeup on and see. 

Since this is a peeling product, if you’re going to be in the sun you should absolutely product your skin. The bottle shows that you can burn your skin if in the sun and your face isn’t protected. 

Final Thoughts 

 This peel is a hell yeah so far. The burning and stinging is not overpowering and I will use it before I go to bed next time.

I want to try this peel twice a week to see if I get more peeling. I’m also interested to see if this does help the appearance of my skins pores. I don’t have wrinkles or fine lines yet but it doesn’t hurt to start prevention measures early. 

I didn’t really notice a smell with this peel it just smells like chemicals if that makes sense. 

I did use a spray for after the peel to help with irritation, which you can find here. 

I will use it again this week and update this post with a makeup picture to show the results be sure to check back. If you’ve used this product what are your thoughts? 

Until next time 

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