Who doesn't love endless makeup swatches, the smell of new beauty products, and the feel of soft, bouncy hair? 
I hoard beauty products, and I'm not that kind of gal that sticks to one skincare line at a time. I'm spontaneous, and I like to think I'm super organized, but I know that's a work in progress. I'm a lover or anything serum related and pushing myself to find a cream product for my nightlife (aka my bed and Netflix)

i believe in endless swatches & samples.

hi I'm susan

family always first
L'occitane immorelle
beauty Bio Everything
Moon Juice (spirit dust)
never serious

my kinda vibes

I'm the proud owner of newly transformed curly hair! To this day, I still can't believe my curly hair is showing her original self! I never wore my natural hair until COVID hit. During the Pandemic, I took the time to shed my old habits and grew into my new self! With ditching old habits, I have also found a new love and appreciation for simplicity. I'm my best when I have fierce eyeliner a, simple smoky eye, and a nice set of full lashes! 

To be completely honest, you're not like the rest so be yourself

I can't think of anything more exciting to spend my coin on than beauty products. The simple noise of opening a new beauty product is like music to my ears! I'm a proud owner of oily skin, and I find it thoroughly enjoyable to find a product that helps mattify my skin.

i would stop buying beauty products... but i'm not a quitter 

skincare first, makeup second, confidence ALWAYS 

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Beauty is not a look, it's a lifestyle. Life is no fun when you don't have anyone to talk beauty with!