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the world where we dont believe in boundaries, creating positive vibes, crushing on everything we shouldnt & stepping out of our comfort zone

about me 

i have a skincare obsession


Switch The Style Up was born out of my love and obsession with skincare. After going through (what felt like would never end) my share of Adult Acne I became a mad scientist and started going through one product after another trying to find the one that was just right. 

my obsession didnt just happen overnight

heres the


I gave birth to my first child and my skincare game changed forever. I forgot what it was like to have a solid skincare routine and I lost control of my skin 



When my son turned two I was able to get back into the world of working. This is when I had to develop a quick makeup look on the fly. I struggled with what a mom
'should look like" the struggle was real



Just as I felt like I was getting my life under control- my family relocated and boom I had experienced what adult acne was, what true humidity felt like, and began putting on weight. 



After what felt like millions of years I learned how to cure my adult acne with minimal scarring & Switch The Style Up was born. I created my blog with the goal to help other working women feel comfortable in their skin blemish or no blemish. 



I started to become obsessed with building a makeup collection and started experimenting with Balayage Hair coloring. I learned how to apply my favorite eye look in less than 5 minutes and perfected the look of false eyelashes! 



COVID hit- I loved the time I was able to spend with my family. I hit the reset button on pretty much everything and took on more natural look. Results.. My natural curly hair is back baby, my skin is glowing, and I became obsessed with creating positive vibes non stop


our philosphy

live beautifully

we believe living a beautiful life means to live everyday feeling beautiful even on those off days- there's always room to pamper yourself

manafestion time

with living a beautiful life comes manifestation. You get out what you put in- so keep it positive and loving! You deserve the best. Start glowing from the inside

be the star in your own movie

Switch the style up is more of a guide- we believe in being yourself and letting your authentic self rock the scene. Always be yourself- you're beautiful sis. 

celebrate life

If you're not happy with something- change it! On your way to change celebrate the little wins, always be gentle with yourself, never stop growing. 

& beliefs

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