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focused on beauty and self-care that talks about embracing the simple happiness in life and creating balance in a very hectic world.

I haven't always had the skin I'm comfortable in now. I struggled with Adult Acne and didn't know how to fight it. I spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to get my flareups under control. Instead of treating, I was covering up daydreaming of what id be like to have clear skin. 

I stopped focusing on the wrong things and gained control of what mattered most- my happiness. 

here's how we got to this moment—

i am susan,
a self-proclaimed skicnare consumer genius

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we're not for everyone

Our readers want to know how to look and feel their best in the simplest, most luxurious way possible. They hate feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed.

The content must be extremely informative yet fun and playful so it becomes a pleasant joy to read. We need to capture their attention with beautiful photography but also infographics that are easy to understand.

I want to create an online magazine where I would have loved to find when I was searching for it – there is so much information out there but it’s hard to decipher what will work for you and what won’t.

We’re here to share our love of all-things self-care without guilt or shame. 

and we're
okay with that

If i've learned anything in 
the beauty world, it's this: 

It's about doing the right thing for your skin so you can have healthy, vibrant, and beautiful skin. I want to help you learn about the latest trends, products and treatments for all things beauty. I will be sharing my own experiences and what has worked for me. I also want to help you find ways to feel more confident in your own skin by showing you how easy it can be.

your skin talks

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Girl, try to get rid of your heavy hand. When ti comes to every aspect of beauty, lifestyle, wellness less is more. Don't feel like you have to keep up with someone to have a happy fulfilling life. 

less is more

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look out for things that market " one fits all" do your homework and know you deserve the best. If you're going to splurge on a product make sure its going to fit your needs. There's no need to waste money. 

not 1 fits all

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There is only ever going to be one of you. Don't let yourself get caught up late at night while online shopping thinking you wished you looked, or had what someone else did. Be confident in yourself and you'll lead a happy life! 

confidence is key

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