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Therabody Smart Goggles Review | I’ve Become Obsessed

Therabody smart goggles, where wellness meets innovation and relaxation, take on a whole new dimension… let’s talk about them.

The smart goggles were something on my Christmas list. I was super excited when I unwrapped them because I couldn’t justify spending $199 on goggles.

Let me tell you, this device is dangerous if you’re trying to be somewhere on time.

Therabody Smart Goggles for meditation eye relaxation

Why Therabody Therapeutic Smart Goggles?

I was first intrigued when I saw Therabody had come out with their take on smart eye relaxation. That’s a new direction for beauty technology, and I would daydream about how to fit these into my routine prematurity.

I’m no stranger to Therabody Technology Trends; you’ve probably heard of the Theraface Pro, a multi-use device to treat your skincare needs; we will talk about that in another post.

My daily schedule can get hectic being in outside sales, and I’m always willing to look at a device that promotes taking time to yourself throughout the day to rejuvenate.

These advanced relaxation goggles massage your eyes and temples to help you wind down. I knew I needed to figure out where and how to fit them into my routine when I received them.

Integrating Therabody into Your Wellness Routine

As silly as that sounds, I quickly realized I am not one of those people who stop what I’m doing and sit down, put some goggles on, and relax for 15 minutes; that would give me an enormous amount of anxiety, which these goggles are marketing that they do the opposite.

I began by incorporating my goggles in the morning. I have a tough time getting up and getting my day started.

I typically wake up between 5:00 and 6:30. That is a very open and long window, but I’m just not a morning person, so it takes me a while to get going in the morning.

I noticed that I have anxiety when it comes to starting my day, so what I started doing was putting these goggles on to help relax my mind in the morning.

Remember, earlier in the post, I mentioned that these goggles are dangerous if you have to be anywhere, and here’s why there’s so relaxing.

Every time I put these on, I end up falling back asleep.

I have to be out of my house by 7:20 to get my son to school by 8:30. His school is a drive, so I don’t have time to spare in the morning.

But my butt tends to march to the beat of my drum in the morning, and I tend to run late all the time because of silly things like this.

You would think I would get brilliant and use them before I go to bed at night to stay asleep, and I do. I always fall asleep with them on.

Dive into Therabody Smart Goggle Benefits

They are relaxing, they have heat, they massage, and there are three different programs you can choose from. Therabody Smart Goggles, aka Meditation Eyewear, make it super easy to put them on and not have to think about anything.

If you have more time, you can customize your treatment by adding more heat or take away, and the same goes for the vibration; the goggles are easy to clean, and surprisingly, I don’t feel like my eyelashes are smashed against the mask.

However, I can’t speak for those who get eyelash extensions. I use them with my natural lashes; you may want to consider that.

Here are a few things I tend to gripe about

When massaging the eye, the vibration noise can be loud if you’re trying to relax.

Also, I need help finding the right place for my mask. I don’t know if my nose is too small or My head is too big. Is it misshaped? It’s something because I have to adjust the mask a lot. Sometimes, it feels like it’s smashing my face.

What Exactly Are the Therabody Smart Goggles | Smart Goggles for Stress Relief

So, let’s get into The Science Behind Therabody Smart Goggles.

According to Therabody, they are a wearable device to help improve sleep focus and stress, everything I need.

There is a statement that says it is scientifically proven to enhance the quality of sleep, validated by sleep score labs; it sounds interesting.

The website claims these are the only devices powered by Smart Sense technology. This exclusive biometric sensor customizes treatments to lower your heart rate to a more relaxed state.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like what we all need. You can use smart goggles to relieve headaches and eye strain. If you stare at a screen all day, suffer from headaches or anxiety, or struggle to fall asleep, these can help you, according to the site.

The Therbody Smart Goggles truly stand out because of the Smart Sense technology exclusive to Therbody. Which is promoted to help physically lower your heart rate and help reduce stress and anxiety, as I shared before.

There are three different modes you can choose from. Focus, smart, relax, and sleep again. You can adjust the vibration and heat.

I am still trying to figure out the app you can access when purchased. I haven’t used it; I don’t need to open the app to use the goggles. Luckily for people like me, you don’t need an app to use the goggles; it enhances your experience.

For those who forget to charge your devices, the Therabody goggles have a 150-minute battery life, depending on the mode. I’ve noticed that each treatment is about 15 minutes long, so that seems like a long time.

Therabody’s Approach to Digital Relaxation – Are these worth the purchase?

Cutting-edge eye Care Technology that elevates your relaxation routine, umm, sign me up. Therabody’s Wellness Solution is another product I enjoy using, and I can’t seem to put it down.

Online, they seem to fly off the shelf with the benefits of reducing stress and anxiety, restful sleep, relieving eye strain, lowering heart rate, increasing circulation, and easing facial tension.

I can speak on a couple of those. After using the goggles, I felt that they reduced my anxiety and prepared me to tackle my day.

I fall right back asleep when I put them on, so I will probably try to use them more at night than during the day, but I am more restful after using them.

Are These Smart Goggles for Stress Relief Worth $200?

I have not found another device I can just put on and relax and still get the same benefits or treatment.

Having the ability to put on my goggles, lay back, and enjoy my relaxing moment is a massive plus for me, so for me and why I wanted them, these are worth the money.

Again, I asked for these for Christmas; would I spend $200 on them knowing what I know now? Yes I would

Are there other ways to relieve facial tension by reducing anxiety and eye strain? Absolutely, but I’m lazy. I don’t have the time or the willpower to exhaust other options, so these work for me.

I hope that helps. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the smart goggles. I have included some pictures and will update you later to see if it’s something I’m still using three months from now.

I have made some changes to the site! check out the new About page; I dive in about the changes made!

You can Shop the Therbody Goggles here!

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