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Top 4 Makeup Primers I Regret Buying and why.

I love makeup primers for many different reasons, but my number one reason I slap this stuff on my face is to help control the oil. I have super oily skin and for those of you that can relate the struggle is real. When I have a good makeup day I maybe will dab my face 2-3 times a day.

Have you ever had those days when you look in the mirror and freak the hell out because your makeup is slipping and sliding all over the place? Yup, that’s me fo sho and I’d kill for a primer that shrinks my pores, keep me matte, and not lead to a serious break out. 

That’s my problem, I fall for all the primers and not many have done shit for my face except piss me off and waste my money. I want to share the primers that did EXACTLY THAT, Piss me off and take my money. 

BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming

Yup, good ole  BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Primer, she actually did keep my skin matte for a good hour or so. However,  this primer for me was so sketchy, and I hated the white streaks it would leave on my face. Not only would i get streaking, but after I would apply my foundation this was flaking up from under my foundation.

I expected a lot out of this product because its a “higher end” product but it was just awful. I went on to wear this for 2 weeks just to make sure my skin wasn’t the problem. I warmed it up between my fingers, dabbed into the skin, used a brush you name it I tried it. Huge disappointment. 

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

I for one couldn’t believe this primer was so terrible. I was super excited to try this and again I was pissed. So i heard from someone that this was the IT primer for oily skin which is why I tried it. Can we first talk about this price point for this? Not at all makeup collection worthy, 32 dollars that’s why. I didn’t even make it a full day with a decent looking face. 

The consistency of this product was like a sunscreen, and that’s how it legit felt. If you have oily skin the last thing you want to feel is your skin even more oily hoping for the best. The best decision I made was to return it and never look back. 

Neutrogena Shine Control Primer

I love Neutrugena products and I loved the fact this primer states it has rice protein complex. I don’t know if anyone has tried this primer but it really felt like there was rice in the primer. I did use this in conjunction with the pressed powder and still nothing to go crazy about. 

The application for this primer was unpleasant and, of course it failed my oily skin test. Not only did it not work it looked my skin produced more oil than before I put this on. The price on this wasn’t bad so I was somewhat happy with that and I purchased this at Walgreen’s so I was able to return it for a full refund. 

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Matte Face Primer

Do you guys remember last year when Wet n  Wild released their new foundation Photo Focus? That was a hot product last year and I can see why, it actually worked well to give an even coverage. Well the primer fell short of the foundation and I can say for one reason. 

It caused me to break out severely 

That’s right I broke out it was almost like I had a serious allergic reaction. I had to go makeup free for about two weeks to let that pimple fest go away. 

I have heard so many great reviews on this product and the fact that is was under 5 dollars it was definitely worth a try. 

So what do you think? What are your experiences with primes you didn’t like? 

Some things to look out for when Primer Shopping 


I tell this to everyone that asks me about primers. What works for my skin may not work wonders for your skin. The last thing you want it to waste your money in a product that your skin isn’t going to take to. 

2. Don’t judge the primer by the cover 

What I mean by this is just because a primer says its for oily skin doesn’t mean its the best. If you notice some primers have more of a silicone texture and some have more of a lotion texture. While Silicone is a way to achieve a smooth face it may cause you to break out. You also may not even know if your allergic to it and may cause a break out. 

3. Just because it feels good on your hands, doesn’t mean it will feel the same on your face 

We all fall victim to this one, it your rub it on the back of your hand and looks amazing it must be good, right? No ladies sorry. The skin on the back of your hands isn’t the same on your face. Especially is your’re an oily sista like myself, my hands are almost always non oily. 

4. Don’t overlook drug store primers 

I cant say this enough. There are some fantastic facial primers out there from the drug store. Actually my favorite primers right now are from the Drug Store believe it or not. Higher Price doesn’t guarantee you’re getting a golden product.  

5. Don’t Be afraid to try something new

Yes we all fear those breakouts but you;d be surprised the primers I was so scared to try I actually fell in love with them. You’ll never know, until you try. 

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Until Next Time

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