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Apr 9

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How to Give Yourself a Makeover


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Best Tips On How to Give Yourself a Makeover

Giving our self a makeover is like an instant boost for our sexiness and who can say they have never fallen into a beauty rut?

We all go through times where we just aren’t feeling anything and everything seems like a major task. If this is you, girl join the club because I go through this often.

I know now not to panic when I get in these ruts because as easy as it is to fall into a rut, it’s easier to get out of that rut and back to your sexy self.

Here are some quick easy steps to give yourself a makeover that won’t break the bank or stress you out

Update Your Hair Style and Color

Have you ever noticed after you go through something you want to change your hair? Rather it is dying, cutting getting a new style will lift your spirits. It’s a sheer transformation and can give you the sense of a new beginning.

Not into dyeing or cutting?

I know we all can’t run out and get our hair done, look into hair extensions or if you really want to go wild you can get a wig. Wigs are not what they use to be I own a few myself and I love wearing them. Here’s a post about my experience with wigs and how to pick them!

Try These

Get Your Nails and Toes Done

This always helps me feel more feminine and it’s a sense of empowerment. There’s nothing like the feeling after having your nails done. Try picking a color you haven’t worn or have been dying to try but just haven’t.

Not a fan of going to salons or just don’t feel it?

Head over to your nearest Walgreens and get some press-on nails.

I have a secret to share!

I rarely get my nails done in a salon! I go for the press on nails from Walgreens. You would not believe how many compliments I get when I get my press ons. People can’t tell the difference and it’s a fraction of the cost.

Don’t knock it until you try it, they come in so many cute designs sizes you won’t be left disappointed.

Try These

Get Your Eyelashes Done

Eyelashes bring out your natural beauty with minimal effort. When we fall into a rut we lose sight of how beautiful we truly are.

when looking into the mirror the eyes are the first thing we look at brightening up the eye is key to getting back on track!

Not interested in getting your eyelashes done

Try a new pair of false lashes. My favorite go-to lashes are the whispies from Ardell. They’re flirty and add length.

Try These

Whiten Your Teeth

Whitening our smiles make a huge impact on our daily looks. The great thing about whitening our teeth is we can also do it at home.

Whitening strips can add a boost to your whiting goal but to get the best results you’ll want to take steps to whiten your teeth daily.

  1. Sonicare toothbrush
  2. Whitening toothpaste
  3. Whitening devices

Try These

Get A Red Lipstick

Red lips are an easy way to get that boss babe vibe and red lips can brighten anyone’s look. Red lipstick is not only bold and empowering it also can make your teeth appear whiter!

Try These

Try Dermaplaning

I’m a believer when it comes to better skin better makeup. Dermaplaning is a quick non-invasive way to get smooth skin. Dermaplaning is a great way to get rid of dead skin and peach fuzz on our faces.

New to Dermaplaning? Check out this post I go into detail on how to do this at home.

Try These

Try Colored Contacts

We’re not all born with the colored eyes we dream of having. With colored contacts being more accessible, changing your eye color can be a fun boost.

Exfoliate Your Entire Body

Aka body scrub! Exfoliating your body is such a soothing experience but it also leaves behind soft sexy skin. After I give my body a good scrub down my husband goes crazy!

Pick Up a New Perfume

Picking up a new scent is my go-to when I fall into a rut. Our sense of smell is surprisingly strong and can change how you feel in a matter of seconds. The summer months are a great time to pick up a new floral scent! My favorite go-to is Chanel Chance (the pink one) that scent is a game-changer for me.

Start Taking Supplements If You Havent Already Started

Taking supplements is not an overnight fix to wake up to perfect skin or perfect hair. Taking supplements in a long term relationship you’re taking on with yourself. Giving yourself a makeover from the inside out, is going to be one of the best things you can do for yourself!

Mess with your Eyebrow Shape

My eyebrows have been through a journey, it’s comical! When I look at pictures I can’t help but wonder what was I thinking. Let me tell you, when you find a eyebrow shape you can’t stop looking at, you’ve found your winner.

In this post you can find tips about what products to use when doing your eyebrows.

Switch up your Style

You know that feeling when you get something new and you can’t put it down. The same goes for clothes if you’re in a rut changing up your style of clothes can change how you feel about your outer appearance. It could be as simple as picking a different color you normally don’t wear to get the process started.

I know going out and shopping at expensive stores is not something we all can do. A quick fix is TJ Max and Marshalls. This is my favorite spot to rebuild my wardrobe for a fraction of the price. The trick is to pick something you usually don’t reach for. You don’t want to repurchase the clothes you already have, so make it fun.

Change Your Outlook

This is a powerful way to give yourself a makeover and the best part is it’s free. When we fall into a rut the way we see the world can be negative.

Changing your outlook on things that are pulling you down will give you the power to see there is a solution to whatever it is you’re going through.

By changing your outlook your entire look will be lifted into a more positive way and you’ll be u stoppable.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about giving yourself a makeover

It’s super easy to get out of any beauty rut, you should never be hard on yourself when it happens. Don’t forget about the importance of water and exercise in your daily routine to keep you mind and mood happy!

Switch the style Up

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