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Dermaplaning Tips and Tricks to master now

Have you had an itch to shave your face but faced with horror stories of your hair coming back to haunt you? Let me just share you’re not alone I for one was in that boat, not just in the boat but paddling like there was no tomorrow in that boat.

You’ll be surprised to know that many women shave their face these days, in fact a lot of women pay top dollar to shave their face. Shaving aka Dermaplaning is the thing to do these days to get a smooth face.

What is Dermaplaning and is it necessary?

Dermaplaning is really effective when it comes to exfoliating your skin. These procedures are top dollar because they’re normally preformed by a doctor or aesthetician using a surgical scalpel. The point of Dermaplaning is to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin along with the peach fuzz on your face.

Dermaplaning sounds much better than saying I shaved my face, but is it necessary?


If you skip removing the buildup of dead skin and the peach fuzz on your face this can leave your complexion appear dull and sometimes flaky.

My Dermaplaning Experience

I was a bit nervous mainly because I didn’t want my hair to grow back thicker, I’ve been known to go a bit overboard to try and get the best results, and putting a razor to my face just didn’t seem like the best idea I’ve had. Let me tell you that all of that was not the case!

I truly enjoy the results I’ve received from shaving my face and the rumor is true… you’re makeup will glide on smoothly afterwards.

I purchased the razors that everyone recommends, the famous tinkle razors from amazon. Honestly there’s nothing special about these razors, but it really gets the job done. But i’ll spend 5 dollars over 250 dollars any day. Here’s what the razors look like so you can get an idea.

Face razors from amazon

Its been over three months since I last shaved my face and its still smooth and pretty much fuzz free. The results are immediate, you actually might be grossed out by what you see.

The first time I shaved my face I had to keep telling myself not to overdo it, take my time, and have a well lighted space. The process didn’t hurt, but I will say if you skip out on the aftercare you’ll regret it.

Why Post Shaving Care is Important

I noticed my skin became very itchy afterwards and here’s why, you’re shaving. You’re removing a layer of dead skin off your face, It’s exfoliating on another level!

You’ll want to moisturize afterwards so your skin doesn’t get too dry and your faced with more problems than a hairy face. I shave at night and apply my Laneige Sleeping mask right on top and go to bed to let my face recover. I’ve had many people ask me if I wear makeup the next day, and I have. There’s nothing like a smooth foundation application.

Now more recently I’ve gone more natural and don’t apply foundation the next day, and my skin seems much more vibrant and less irritated.

Is there a right way to Dermaplaning?

Yes, and its pretty much straight down but regardless of which tool you use, PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND PREFORM ONLY IF YOU’RE COMFORTABLE.

There are two steps to the process, I have also included a how to so you can see it in action.

The dryer your skin, the better the results, with dry skin you’ll get significantly more dead skin off, and you’ll get more of the annoying hairs on your face. Just remember, dry is the reason why your skin is going to look so good.

How to do Dermaplaning at home?

First you’re going to cleanse your face. Unlike regular shaving, your skin needs to be completely dry and free of oils for you to get the best results. When washing your face use a gentle face wash and pat your skin dry, extremely dry.

Please use your dominant hand with the razor, and with your other hand pull your skin taught and work in small strokes going downward. Continue until you have resurfaced the area you’re working on. Repeat the light strokes until you have completed your face.

Do not go over any facial area more than once or use on eyelids, eyebrows, hairlines, sides of nose, or lips.

I’ve done a ton of research on this and the video that put my worries to bed is below. I love how she runs through the process, the fact that shes been doing this for over three years is proof that its okay.

Final Thoughts

This techniques has been added to my lady personal hygiene routines since my first experience. This allows my face to feel smooth, look radiant, and my face looks flawless under foundation.

With that being said, don’t skip out on the after care when you’re done. You can use this as a opportunity to apply your favorite serums to your skin.

This is not a fix all your problems type of thing, but it does feel nice. It keeps me feeling nice and its not so expensive to keep up, and that is a win for me.

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