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How To: Eyebrow Guide for Beginners| Products you Should Use

Eyebrow shaping and filling have become almost a must do now for many  when applying makeup and I can say I can see why. When I don’t have my eyebrows done I personally don’t feel 100% ready to go, instead I feel naked. 

My eyebrow journey has been very comical to say the least and I’ve come a long way. My favorite was when I had black hair, my eyebrows were super dark to match. This was not a good look for me, I looked super washed out and it was super harsh on my skin tone. 

It is important for me to have natural looking eyebrows, I realized I’d prefer to have length and a little definition instead of having thick wide eyebrows. The truth is there is no right and wrong way how to apply your eyebrows, its all preference and what you feel looks best on you. 

What products can you use? 

Since eyebrows have become so popular its only normal to have a ton of products to cater to eyebrows. There are three main types of products out there. Pencil, Powder, Pomade and  Gel. 

Eyebrow Pencil

Best Eyebrow Pencil

What is it used for: With pencils think of refining and filling. The goal of adding to the eyebrow is to fill in sparse areas or like in my case gain length. Pencils are going to offer you more of a hair like look no matter what shape of eyebrow you have. After Trying powders, and gels the pencil is a must have in your beauty collection. You can control the intensity more easily with a pencil depending on how its applied. 

How To apply: When applying eyebrows with a pencil keep precision in mind. You want to keep a light hand and not push down so hard. Follow the shape of your current eyebrow shape and use light strokes. I always shape out the bottom of the eyebrow first and use that as a guide. Try to get a pencil with the brush at the end so you can comb the product through your brow after you’ve applied it. 

Eyebrow Powder

Best Powder for Eyebrows

What to use it for: I like to think of the powder as more of a filler. When applied it gives the brows a more full, and more defined. I have tried to use just a powder and when I did it that way my eyebrows would be gone by the end of the day, thanks to my oily skin. 

How to apply : With powder you will need two things to get a natural look. The right brush and the right color of powder. The brush you should use should be stiff and dense so you can apply the powder in a more structured way. Like the pencil, you want to be light handed with it. Start at the bottom sweep the powder over your eyebrow until you have reached the shape you desire. 

*Don’t be intimidated when it comes to the powder and don’t overlook it. Powder products are the easiest to work with. You can control the amount you put on, and fixing mistakes is super easy and wont ruin the rest of your makeup. 

Eyebrow Gel

Best Gel for Eyebrows

What is it used for: Holding the hairs in place. Think of this one as the gel or hairspray for your brows. For those that has thick brows this will help keep your hairs in place for more of a clean look. I use this after I applied my powder to keep everything in place. There is both clear and tinted gels, if you go the tinted route it will give the same affect as a powder. The tinted can be thought of as a powder and gel combined. It looks like mascara for the brows.

How to apply: This is pretty simple and you cant go wrong with a gel. I like to comb the front of my eyebrows up and the tail of the brow to give a more finished look. All you have to do it comb your existing hairs with the gel and you’re done. 

Eyebrow Pomade

Best Pomade for Eyebrows

What is it used for: More definition somewhat like a gel. Some difference here are pomades are not as firming but will give a more in depth texture and a little bit of hold. This is the go to for many and can be easy to apply. This is one that I would definitely recommend a light handed application. It is super easy to get carried away with a pomade. I stay away from this product its to dark for the look I go for.

How to apply : You will need a brush for this as well. Same as the powder brush you want a defined brush. A little goes a long way and you can always build up if you’d like more definition 

What I have found to be successful 

Now that you have the methods and how to’s for the products above its time to figure out what is going to work for you. I find that using a pencil, powder and a gel work best for me. Try mixing the products for your desired look and see what works. Mess around with the shape that best fits your face. 

I use the pencil to give the shape and use this as the guide or outline. If you find that the pencil is to harsh brush it through the eyebrow. After the pencil, I use the powder to fill in the areas that look bare. After the areas look full I use a gel to keep them in place for the entire day! 

If you’re new to makeup, or looking to revamp your makeup collection check out this post that has everything you’ll need to start a new one. 

Starting a makeup collection for beginners

I have included the exact tutorial that I learned from. Her method is amazing and it’s easy to follow along while doing your own eyebrows. I cant wait for you to see! You can find her tutorial here

Until Next Time, 

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