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13 Things you can do When You’re Overwhelmed

I sat down today after dinner, and a horrible feeling of frustration came over me. I realized I wasn’t getting things done that I know I should be getting done. Seriously why does it seem like some things are entirely impossible?

I carry a full-time job in sales, I’m trying to run my blog, I’ve started to fall behind at work, I’m not this, I’m not that and everything along those lines starts to come out.

So, I started to think about how am I going to get out of this unproductive, destructive, frustration behavior.

When I become overwhelmed, I will shut down and fall in a very dark pit.

The truth is we all become overwhelmed and I don’t blame you, but the important thing to do when you’re feeling down is to bounce back quickly. Here are things that’s have helped me get my groove back.

I really wanted to share this because this is something that I struggle with more often than not. You’re not alone and there is beauty all around you! 

1. Take some “me” time

Since I’m a mom and a wife I sometimes forget what it’s like to have my time. If you can do something easy and relax, you won’t be sorry. The easiest way to jump into “me” time is enjoying a relaxing bath with a nice book and a glass of wine or whatever you like to drink.

Anything you can do to take a few hours or possibly a weekend to recharge your soul! Taking some time to yourself helps to get fresh inspiration, I learn new things, and it’s just refreshing.

2. Take many deep breaths

I say many breaths because I can’t just calm down with one deep breath. This is something you can do quickly and you don’t have to separate yourself, try this next time you’re going to lose your shit this will help you tackle your problems.

I remember when  I would find a dandelion I would blow the hell out of it so I could see the fluffy parts float away. Picture yourself blowing on a dandelion and smile : ) 

3. Be Thankful

Everyone has something to be thankful for. When we get so overwhelmed we can forget to be thankful. It’s super easy to find all the negativity in the world but what about all the positives? No matter how overwhelmed you are things are not that bad and nothing is impossible.

4. Spread the responsibilities

Spreading responsibilities is something I’ve started to do more often, and I can say it helps me tremendously. Something as simple as letting my son feed the pups in the morning helps with the workload. Allowing my husband to do the laundry, gives me time to do other things around the house.

I don’t feel so stretched thin anymore and for my sake, I’m a more pleasant person to be around.

5. Make a List

More than likely you’re overwhelmed because you feel scattered and there’s too much to do so you don’t know where to start.

Sound like you?

Make a list of the immediate tasks that you need to get done so you can eliminate the anxiety you’re feeling. When you’re creating this list you may find you’re starting to think negativity, take a deep breath you’re just getting a plan in place.

Once you have your list you will notice that when you’re able to cross off those tasks your mood will begin to lift and you won’t want to stop. 

6. Realize it’s not the end of the world

I know when I’m overwhelmed everything seems so daunting and unbearable. I really feel this when I can’t get my house looking and feeling the way I want. I tell myself it’s not the end of the world, and I can do this. 

I have run into this when it came to financial difficulties, I would allow my mind to go to the absolute worse place. When you take control over your thoughts you will be able to be thankful for what you currently have and not focus on all the wrong.

7. Set small goals

Setting small goals is crucial to getting that feeling of achievement back. I know when I feel like I’m on a roll I tend to be in the best spirits. Setting small, achievable goals is a great way to get your mind and body back into the game.

I would say this has been one thing I have started to do more often and it really does make a difference. I always tell my son, progress not perfection. I feel like we put so much pressure on ourselves we actually damage our well being in the process.

8. Exercise

When my husband reads this he is probably going to laugh, we both know I’m not a fitness queen. When I’m feeling frustrated like I just want to rip my hair out, throwing on my favorite shoes and going for a walk is a reset button.

Exercise helps clear your mind and gets your blood circulating in a good way. This will allow you to reset and get back to business. You’re body and mind will both thank you.

9. Realize you’re only human

That’s right! You might be the glue that keeps your household together but you’re still human and it’s okay. It’s okay to take a break and do nothing, don’t be so hard on yourself.

10. Take a nap

I laugh at this one because when I’m overwhelmed at work, I go to my car and take a nap. Have you noticed how you have a better outlook on things when you wake up in the morning? Taking a nap can do the same for you. 30 minutes is all you need, and if you can’t fall asleep put on some meditating music.

11. Turn things down

It’s okay to say no. If you’re feeling run down into the ground and you’re hoping that your plans change last minute, it’s time to say no. Again, it’s not the end of the world if you miss dinner to sit at home and veg out on the couch watching your favorite cartoon!

Cartoons make everything better

12. Refresh your space!

I love changing things around in my home to give a new feeling. We can easily fall into a rut because life feels like it becomes robotic on repeat. Move some things around, revamp your workspace, clean your car, wherever you spend a lot of time give it a lift.

13. Retail Therapy

This one is a dangerous one and I’m not recommending spending serious cash! After being In a rut sometimes the smallest things will bring that sparkle right back into your life. Is there a new shampoo you’ve been wanting to try? New makeup palette? New workout gear? Take time to spoil yourself.

These are things I do when I fell overwhelmed, and that has worked for me. You don’t have to do all of these things to begin to feel relieved.

What are some of the things you do when you’re overwhelmed?

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