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Clarisonic Is Shutting Down Here Is The Scoop

Clarisonic Is Shutting Down Here Is The Scoop!

Clarisonic Is Shutting Down Here Is The Scoop

Okay, Clarisonic Is Shutting Down Here Is The Scoop guys!

This news reminded me of the scene in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory when Willy Wonka announces he’s closing his Chocolate Factory; Forever. 

I know for some, a moment of panic may hit you! Understandably, it is hard to replace something you love, mainly when it works for you!

Since many of you are Clarisonic lovers, I wanted to take some time to share the things you need to know about Clarisonic and its last days! Let’s get into Clarisonic Is Shutting Down Here Is The Scoopd and what actions you need to take!

What does this mean? 

After September 30th of 2020 (what a crazy year it has been), the doors will be closed forever! 

Clarisonic shared that while it was a difficult decision, it was made so Parent Company L’Oreal can focus entirely on its other core business and what they have to offer! 

So What If you want to Keep your Clarisonic Brush? 

Clarisonic Is Shutting Down Here Is The Scoop

I know the feeling of something you love is being discontinued, its a terrible, terrible thing no beauty lover should never have to go through. There are two solutions, you can either try and stock up (and live to fight another day), or you can switch over to another facial cleansing system! I also made the switch (a few years back), and I wrote a post about it here!

In this post, I go into full detail about how my Clarisonic compared to the FOREO Luna 2 (At the time)  

If you want to stock up, your best bet is to take advantage of the promotional offers on their entire line of products (try branching out). After visiting the Clarisonic website, it shows they’re currently sold out online, but they point you in the direction of authorized retailer sites to see if inventory is still available. 

Here is a list of their authorized retailers to check out

  • QVC live &
  • Sephora stores &
  • Ulta Beauty stores &
  • Costco
  • Skincare Professional Offices – Dermatologist, Spa/Salon
  • US Military Exchange

Let us talk about the Warranty 

In my post comparing the Clarisonic VS Foreo, I mentioned the Warranty for the Clarisonic!

I’m big on warranties on pretty much everything I buy, and I found it to be comforting to know that Clarisonic is still providing a form of warranty for their products!

Say you have already registered your device, Clarisonic mentioned they would honor it through the end of 10/31/2022! 

(With taking into consideration the warranty period of your device.) 

However, you must register your device on Clarisonic. Com or the Clarisonic app BEFORE 10/31/2020! 

Warranty Term by Device:

  • Mia Men: 1 year
  • The Mia Prima: 1 year
  • Mia 1: 1 year
  • The Mia Smart: 2 years
  • Mia 2: 2 years
  • Mia Fit: 2 years
  • Alpha Fit: 2 years
  • Smart Profile Uplift: 2 years

Even if you decide to purchase a new device (you have to buy from one of their authorized dealers before 9/30/2020), and your device will be covered through 10/31/2022! 

But you have to follow still the dates above to receive the Warranty. 

If You Still Have loyalty Awards 

The best kind of sale is the one where you can stack up on discounts (no exclusions!). If you have unused rewards, be sure to use them before 10/01/2020 on top of the current discounted prices! Any rewards that have an expiration date after 9/30/2020 will expire on 9/30/2020. 

Is Anyone Else Going To Be Making brush Heads for the Clarisonic? 

After taking in all the news, I said to myself I wonder if there is a company that manufactures third party brush heads. It was released that brush heads will not be produced by a third party retailer or available under another name! 

Will Anything on the Website Be Restocked? 

After browsing the website, there were only a few MIAs in stock! Many customers wondered if there will be a restock online! This is what Clarisonic released on their site” Items will go fast, and we can’t guarantee that we will have more inventory.” 

Clarisonic Is Shutting Down Here Is The Scoop & Final Thoughts

Clarisonic Is Shutting Down Here Is The Scoop

It still is shocking to think Clarisonic is no longer going to be in the game! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out their website for some major savings or feel free to check out what FOREO has to share for all Clarisonic users/past users!

I mentioned some helpful posts earlier that I wanted to link down here so you have easy access to them!

Here you can read about the comparison of the Clarisonic and the FOREO Luna

In this post I compare the LUNA 3 Vs LUNA 3

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  1. Chocoviv says:

    THis is great info! I use the FOREO myself.

    • says:

      Thank you for stopping by : ) I love the FOREO! I don’t think I can ever go back to anything else!

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