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Foreo Luna VS Clarisonic Smart Profile

Foreo Luna VS Clarisonic

Foreo Luna VS Clarisonic, are you Team FOREO or Team Clarisonic?

Have you heard the news? Clarisonic is closing their doors!

I have made the switch long before, but I know what it feels like to feel slight anxiety knowing something you use on a daily basis is soon going to be discontinued!

You can find out more about it here!

I hope you find comfort in this post, but also there is light at the end of the tunnel! For those that are/were loyal customers for Clarisonic, now is your chance to make the switch at a better price!

I couldn’t wait to write about this topic; Foreo Luna VS Clarisonic Smart Profile, which is better.

Today I wanted to dive deeper into the world of Foreo vs. Clarisonic in hopes you find the device that meets your specific skin’s needs.

With that being said, lets jump right into it.

Pricing: Foreo Luna VS Clarisonic Smart Profile

Let’s start with the Foreo Luna, for this post I will be talking about the ones that I currently own and use.

I picked up with Foreo Luna Professional on sale, so I didn’t get it full-priced. It was $139.00 vs. the 250.00, needless to say; I was happy with the price.

FOREO Luna Professional

The Foreo device comes with the following:

  1. Charging Cord (USB)
  2. Foreo Luna
  3. Travel Case
  4. Scratch Card (For registeration)

I purchased the Clarisonic Smart Profile for over $200, and I just found out that my specific model has been discontinued. Looking at the new Clarisonic Mia, you can get the device for $199.00

The Clarisonic Device comes with the Following:

  1. Charging Stand and Cord (USB)
  2. Clarisonc Brush
  3. Samples

With the purchase of a Clarisonic, you get more than you would with the Foreo but is it really worth it? For me personally, the free samples didn’t make a difference for me because I never used them. I actually still have them now that I look back on it.

But for the sake of this post, since Clarisonic comes with those free samples you get more for your money so Clarisonic wins this round.

Convenience Foreo vs. Clarisonic

Both products are in the same ball park for price but when it comes to convenience which is better?

The Foreo is simplicity and now a multitasker.

FOREO claims with one single charge will last 365 days!

Not bad considering my Clarisonic needed charging every week. If you travel often the LUNA will hold a change eliminating the need to pack charging cables.

The one thing I enjoyed about the Clarisonic is the changeable head attachments. However, with interchangeable heads comes at a price. The changeable heads run anywhere from 27.00 up to 59.00 for the firming massage head.

Something to note with the replacement heads is not all are created equal. Do you remember when the Clarisonic foundation brush came out? Everyone went crazy over it, including me.

What a complete disappointment and a waste of money. The different brush heads are not consistent in delivering great results.

Not only was having to spend money on replacement heads a tad bit frustrating, but they also brought mold.

Te Foreo, on the other hand, is a cleaning device mixed with a massaging device. The LUNA 2 is now for all skin types and eliminates the need to change out different brush heads.

Wash your face using the front side of the LUNA and use the backside to massage your skin to help with signs of aging.

For convenience, I say Foreo takes the win on this one with its simple design and eliminating the need for replacement brush heads.

Cleansing Foreo VS. Clarisonic

The way a device cleans our skin is the main reason we pull the trigger on either to buy or not to buy, right? However, the device is only good if used correctly. Please make sure to remove makeup before using either device.

The Foreo LUNA is in a category of its own for me and I’m truly impressed with the process. The LUNA has dual T Sonic Technology giving you a more spa like cleaning.

You’re probably thinking WTF is T Sonic Technology and what does that mean to me? That’s how I was when I saw that on the packaging. The LUNA is powered by two motors together producing 8,000 pulsations every minute, allowing for a deeper cleanse. In other words the LUNA vibrates as you wash your face.

I will say; first I didn’t think I paired the LUNA with the right cleanser because it didn’t get the bubbles and suds. But after trial and error you should apply your cleanser, lather with your hands, then use the LUNA once lathered. Once I made this change, I was immediately hooked.

The Clarisonic eliminates one step that the LUNA didn’t, and that made the Clarisonic a little easier to use.

With the Clarisonic, I didn’t need to apply the cleanser, get a lather, then use the device. I was able to apply the cleanser either to my face or directly to the brush head.

The Results

The results from the two were very different, and this was the deciding factor for me personally.

The Foreo LUNA left my skin soft, more radiant, but most importantly my skin wasn’t dried out! The pulsations from the LUNA was very pampering and relaxing, I didnt want to put it down.

After using my Clarisonic my face was also radiant, but later I noticed my skin would always become irritated, red, and overly dry! I did feel like I indeed had a deep cleansing but it dried out my skin causing it to grow over oily, break out, and you get the picture.

I thought this could’ve been caused by the brush heard so I changed it out to the sensitive brush head and the same thing continued.


I started paying more attention to warranties on the products I purchase and if you dont, please start. I cant tell you how many times warranties have come in handy.

Clarisonic Warranty

The Clarisonic backs its devices with a 2-year warranty on most models excluding the Mia Prima and the Mia; those both have 1-year warranties.

The warranty is only valid if registered, and you have to call into customer service. For more information, you can read about it here!

Foreo LUNA Warranty

With the FOREO Luna this is broken down into two sections.

  1. 10-year Quality Guarantee
  2. 2 Years Limited Warranty

Again, your LUNA must be registered. Beware buying these from Amazon; I have read stores about running into issues trying to register a used product. If you do register your product, Foreo will give you $10.00 towards your next purchase!

For more information on this you can read it here. I encourage anyone who comes to me for products to always check out the warranty.

For this alone, the Foreo warranty adds a little bit more protection on your purchase.

Final Thoughts

The Clarisonic is an OG in the Skincare world without a doubt. Both the Foreo LUNA and the Clarisonic are great products. If I had to buy one I would without a doubt purchase the LUNA.

  1. Eliminating the need for Brush replacement heads
  2. One charge will last up to 365 days
  3. Eliminating mold
  4. Stronger Warranty

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