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How To Wear Press on Nails Best Tips & Tricks

How To Wear Press on Nails Best Tips & Tricks


How To Wear Press on Nails is a must know for everyone! Before you cringe, Press On Nails have come such a long way! These are not your grandmas typical press on nail designs trust me!

How many of you are missing your nail salons right now? How many of you have been able to visit your nail salons? I don’t think I have had the luxury of getting my nails done since ahhh forever.

Not that I missed sitting in a salon, but I would always break a nail a few days into a new set. Enough about that and on to something everyone should have in their back pockets for an emergency!

A Manicure in a box is a miracle and can make your hands look like a true queen!

Press on nails are super easy to put on, will last a good couple of weeks (if you take care of them), and are super convenient.

Sure, you may have one of those embarrassing moments where you have a nail pop off in public, pick er up, dust her off, and re-glue her when you get home, and you’re all set.

I forgot to mention the cost savings! Besides my box, I purchased for $3.99, (TJ Max find, find my secrets to scoring high-end products here) you can get a cute set for $7.99! I’m down for saving my coin and my time by using these!

Here are some tips on How To Wear Press on Nails and how to make them last longer!

Are Press on Nails Any Good

press on nails by kiss

I get this question a lot and to answer that, they’re only as good as the glue and prep wprk you put into it. I find when I use a good adhesive (one that doesnt come with the nails) my nails will last longer.

The nails do come with adhesive tabs and personally these don’t work as well. My nails popped off before the end of the day ( I even lost some in my sleep)

Also make sure to size the nail as close as you can to your nail If you can get a perfect match you leave little to no chance of your nail catching on something and popping off!

Can you Reuse Press On Nails?

Reusing your press-on nails can be an option if you remove the glue after wearing them (or they won’t apply correctly the next time you try to use them).

If you plan to reuse your nails, you’ll have to be extra cautious when it comes time to remove them. It is recommended to soak your nails in acetone to remove your nails without damaging your real nail. By doing this, your press-on nail may be damaged in the process!

Sizes of Press On Nails

Press on nails best

The one thing that is awesome with press-on nails is you can go with three different lengths! The short nail is perfect for those that don’t like to have super long nails but want a little polished look.

Medium is going to be a little longer, and this is the longest I have gone myself. With the medium lengths, you will have more nail design and color options.

If you want to experiment with different nail shapes like Coffin, or Cat nail, you will have to go either medium or long.

Long is going to be for those that love to have longer sleek nails. I haven’t gone this long, but I always want to try them. I know I won’t be able to function!

Do Press-On Nails Damage Your Real Nails

press on nails impress

The thing you want to watch out for is going ham on the removal process! I had experienced nail damage when I ripped my nails off incorrectly. When you’re ready to remove your press-on nails soak them in Acetone no longer than 10 mins (this is very drying to the skin and nails) After you absorb them, your nails will pop right off!

Another way I experienced damage was when I would wear press on nails repeatedly back to back and not giving my real nails a break! Your nails need to breathe also, so going natural for a while in between is an excellent way to avoid damaging your real nails!

Kiss Press On Nails

When you open your nails, you will have a pack of 28 nails that come in multiple sizes, a tube of glue, adhesive tabs, a mini file, and a manicure stick. Most of the nails you will use will be displayed in the plastic case on the front

The glue that comes with the nails will work, I like to pick up a separate glue to use for the application.

How To Make Press On Nails Last

Wash your hands and clip your nails is the first step to making your press on nails last.

Like everything else, prep work is crucial if you want your nails to last longer than usual. I see the best results when I cut my nails short (uncomfortably short); you don’t want to have long nails under your fake nail.

When you leave your nails long, you risk ripping off your nail when it comes time to remove them.

Push Back Your Cuticle

Pushing back the cuticle is the one step that genuinely makes a difference for the overall look. The pushed back cuticles will give your manicures the professional “salon-grade look.”

In the box, you will receive a wooden stick that works perfectly for punching the cuticles back.

TIP: Wash your hands with warm water; this will help with push the cuticles back quickly.

Don’t Skip the Alcohol after pushing the cuticles back, and this will make sure there are no oils on the nails and help the glue to adhere to your nail.

Choose the Right Sizes for your Nails

The best press on nails

Before you start gluing your nails on, save yourself some time, and get organized! By getting organized, you will cut down on time, and you will avoid making a mess!

I like to lay out all of my nails for each finger in the order of my fingers.

TIP: If you look under the nail, you will see a number. This Number is the size of the nail, and you will want to find the best size for your finger. Once you find a size that fits your nail, find the same Number for the finger on the opposite hand.

Glue-On Your Nails

After you have your nails sorted out and organized, you’re ready to get them glued on. It’s most comfortable to do one hand at a time so you can move faster.

TIP: Apply the glue to your actual nail, not the fake nail. When you apply directly to your nail, you will avoid getting the adhesive on your skin, and your nail won’t move around.

Adding the nail to your finger, hold your nail from the outer tip, place it cuticle side first, and firmly press it down until you don’t feel movement in the nail.

Try to angle the nail (cuticle first); this will help you get it positioned right next to your cuticle.

File Down Your Nails (If You Would Like)

If you need to file your nail down a tad bit, use the provided nail file. I like to round out the tips a little since they can be a bit sharp.

TIP: If you have some nail glue on your fingers’ sides, use the nail file, and buff it right off! This will make your nails look perfect.


If you want to add a little oomph to your nails, grab some nail stickers, and accessorize your nails! Stickers are an easy way to fit the season no matter which color you choose!

Final Thoughts On How To Wear Press on Nails

press on nails kiss

Knowing How To Wear Press on Nails is going to give you freedom, I promise!

Now you have a simple, cheap manicure that looks amazing, and you don’t have nail polish all over your fingers! Hip Hip Horray for that!

I always have these on hand for any occasion when I need my hands to look polished! I tend to find the best designs at Walgreens or on Amazon!

So what do you think? Are you going to give these nails a try? If you do, don’t forget to share your design. I’m always looking for new ideas!

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  1. Brianna says:

    These are great tips! I need to try press-on nails because I miss the nail salon so much. This is such a great way to preserve your natural nails too!

    • says:

      Thank you for checking my post out! Once you try press on nails, you won’t go back I’m addicted!

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