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May 5

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FOREO Luna 2 VS Luna 3 Which is Better?


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FOREO Luna 2 VS Luna 3, which is better? Is there even a difference?

FOREO is and has been a part of my daily life for the past few years and I can’t say enough good things about the changes they have done for my skin.

Not only do I enjoy using the LUNA, I also love the FOREO UFO and I’m coming around to enjoy the ISSA (the FOREO Toothbrush). If you’re more interested in the Smart Mask you’ll want to check out this post also!

Back to the LUNA, whats better: FOREO Luna 2 or Luna 3?

What Is the Luna?

For those of you that may be new to the Luna, this is an amazing face cleansing, massaging device. With it’s T-sonic pulsations capabilities this will get deep into your pores and help clean out everything our face encounters throughout the day.

These pulsations also increase circulation, help to exfoliate your skin without the harsh scrubbing. The Luna is basically helping to stimulate your skin to improve detoxification.

How cool is that?

I want to first talk about each Luna and then at the end compare the 2, so this is going to be a long winded post, BUT there is going to be a ton of good information.

Luna 2

The Luna 2 is what I started with and I loved it. This is the second generation brush head that FOREO has released, and at the time this was the “IT” brush to wash your face with.

When the Luna 2 came out it was like bringing the spa home.

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Dual T-Sonic

Like I mentioned above about the Pulsations, Luna 2 also have this same technology and delivers 8,000 pulsations per minute which was twice the power of the original Luna.


When I first purchased the Luna I didn’t realize there were different models! The Luna 2 has 4 models for different skin types.

Blue- for Combination Skin

Lavender- Made for Sensitive Skin

Teal- Perfect for Oily Skin (this is the brush I should’ve purchased, but purchased the blue)

Pink- Awesome for normal skin

FOREO Luna 2 VS Luna 3

The models all have difference bristle patterns when you look closely at them which is pretty neat. The Luna delivers a brush for all skin types and concerns!

Anti- Wrinkle Mode

With the Luna 2, you’ll get wrinkle mode which is great for smoothing and firming your skin.

With lower-frequency pulsations , this is perfect to massage wrinkle-prone areas. I loved using this around my eyes. Smoothes and firms the appearance of the skin.

Silicone Design

The silicone is what brought the Luna to my attention to be honest. I was interested in using a softer bristle on my face instead of the Clarisonic brush heads!

With the Luna you will get softer touch-points that are extremely gentle on your skin. The Luna was so soft, I ended buying one for my 9 year old son!

Let me tell you I was a little scared to try the silicone because I have seen horror stores of people growing mold in their Luna! I still went for it and have not had any problems with growing mold in my Luna.

Now on to the Luna 3 and what she has to offer!

Luna 3

I purchased the Luna 3 even though I loved my Luna 2.

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The Luna 2 has great benefits and the Luna 3 has that and more! I will say the Luna 2 is more on the go user friendly in my opinion because you don’t need to log into the app to get the full benefits of the brush head.

T-Sonic Pulsations

Like the Model 2, the Luna 3 also is powered with 8,000 pulsations per minute.


The Luna 3 comes in 3 models unlike the Luna 2.

Normal Skin

FOREO Luna 2 VS Luna 3

Sensitive Skin

FOREO Luna 2 VS Luna 3

Combination Skin

FOREO Luna 2 VS Luna 3

Luna 3 Massage Capabilities

Here is where things differ from the Luna 2 that can be awesome or annoying for some.

I say annoying because you have to log into the app to use the 4 massage modes that are built in.

After downloading the app and logging in you will be able to choose the different massage mode.

  1. Eyes- this is a 2 minute massage that is perfect for the eye ares to help firm. I love to use this when I feel my eyes are puffy, this helps take the puffiness down.
  2. Neck- You can also use the Luna 3 to help tighten and firm your neck. This is also a 2 minute massage
  3. Contouring- This one is pretty fun to use! The contour massage is 4 minutes long and helps shape your cheek and jawbone areas. I feel like I have seen a difference in my cheek bone area!
  4. Mouth- This will help to tighten your jawline and help reduce frown lines, also a 2 minute massage.

Differences Between the LUNA 2 and Luna 3

FOREO Luna 2 VS Luna 3

Now on to the differences

The Luna 3 has longer bristles which is helping get deeper into your pores to help keep your face clean.

I will say after washing my face with the Luna 3 I like the touch points much better and they do feel much softer.

Although, I can’t say for sure because my Luna 2 is the brush for Combination skin and my Luna 3 is for normal skin so the touchpoint are going to be different anyways.

The T-Sonic Pulsations is the same delivering 8,000 per minute in both the Luna 2 and 3.

BUT with that being said, in the Luna 3 you can change between 16 difference intensities, so you have more options in the Luna 3.

Final Thoughts FOREO Luna 2 VS Luna 3

Are you Team Luna? What do you think about the FOREO Luna 2 VS Luna 3?

Both the Luna 2 and 3 are great devices and you really can’t go wrong with either one.

The technology behind the Luna 3, and by technology I mean the built in massages you get with the app.

To be honest, I don’t mess with the intensities of the Luna 3, so I can’t really say its better on that aspect. Having the option to change it when I want is a plus.

The biggest change for me was the silicone touchpoint between the 2 and the 3. The Luna 3 feels amazing and is much softer on the skin and I have experienced less breakouts.

If you love technology and want the newest on the market the Luna 3 is going to be your best friend. With the option to tailor it more to your preferences you can control this all in the app.

If you want something more convenient the Luna 2 is perfect for that because you don’t have to connect to the app to use it.

Now if you don’t have a Luna at all, I would go for the Luna 3 because you’re getting all the technology at one time.

Wanting to upgrade? If the built in massages are a must have and you don’t mind connecting to the App to get the most out of your Luna this can be a nice upgrade.

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