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8 Foundation Mistakes To Avoid- & How to Fix them

8 Foundation Mistakes To Avoid

Here are the top 8 Foundation Mistakes To Avoid, but also here is how to fix them!

We all know Foundation can be tricky and end up costing more money than we intended!

It took me years to get off the Foundation Koolaid (wearing the newest Foundation on the market because it’s the latest thing to buy)

I will tell you the moment I mastered these tricks Foundation is the least of my worries, and now I’m on to the next one!

How many of you have applied your Foundation with a brush before, and was left with a hairy face because the brush shedded all over your face?

That was me y’all like almost every other day; not only was it annoying, but it was also frustrating! Trying to pluck them off of my skin, I would always end up messing up my makeup.

Or my favorite was when I first started using sponges, I looked like a dalmatian puppy (I had spots)

I know the feeling of not loving your Foundation or the way your skin looks with Foundation on, but you feel like you have to wear it to have the flawless makeup application.

These are the Top 8 Foundation Mistakes To Avoid- & How to Fix them.

The exciting news, that’s a thing of the past because I got you! Try these tips next time you apply your Foundation, and I’m sure you’ll see a difference!

There are a few tricks and tips that I have picked up along the way that have stepped up my foundation game, and I can’t wait to share the 8 Foundation Mistakes To Avoid, and even better how to fix them!

The Number 1 Foundation Mistake To Avoid

Not Dermaplaning Your Face

When I was trying to put these in the order of what showed the most significant results, this was a no brainer. Dermaplaning alone has changed everything for my foundation application. When you Dermaplane (shave) your face, you’re getting rid of all of the tiny hairs (you may not be able to see) and the flakey skin.
Before derma planing, my Foundation would get caught on my “peach fuzz” and would cause lifting in my Foundation. I can’t forget to mention the dry skin patches on my skin.

If you haven’t tried dermaplaining before you may have a few questions, I have a post I wrote dedicated to dermaplaning benefits. You can find it here

2nd Foundation Mistake To Avoid

Not Moisturizing Your Face Properly

Adding moisture to your skin before Foundation is essential to having a flawless finish. When your skin is moisturized, you can tell the difference.

I often see that people with oily skin are either using the wrong formula, or not moisturizing. If you have oily skin, switch to a water-based formula, or facial oil.

If you have dry skin, use a moisturizer that is hydrating, but not overly greasy.


I hear a lot that primer is only suitable for those with oily skin. While oily skin needs a primer to help control oils, everyone that seeks a flawless finish in their Foundation needs a primer.

The secret to primer is to target your skin concerns, I see too often people are just buying the hype primers thinking they’re going to work.

If you have large pores, you’re going to want an invisible primer
Oily skin you will want a mattifying primer
Dry skin, you want a hydrating primer,
Dull skin will benefit from a brightening primer.

Don’t be afraid to mix your primers in the areas of your face. I have oily skin and large pores (lucky me) I use two different primers in the different areas of my face that need it.

With primer think less is more, too much primer sitting on your skin can mess up your Foundation.

Not Using the Right Tool For Your Foundation Formula

Did you know both tools can give you a flawless finish? It’s all about understanding your foundation formula that will be the deciding factor in which device you use.

When you have a thick formula, you want to avoid the brush because this will cause streaming, and your Foundation won’t lay flat. Thick formulas need to be warmed on (on the back of your hand) before application and will see the best results using a sponge.

When you use a sponge, make sure it’s damp (not wet); you don’t want extra water in your sponge to leak into your Foundation and cause streaking.

When using a sponge, press it into your skin (don’t sweep) when you sweep with a sponge, you will lift the Foundation you put on, and your Foundation will look patchy.

If you’re using a more liquid (runny) formula, you will get fantastic results with a brush. When using a brush, you will get the best results by blending in every direction.

When you apply your Foundation make sure to apply it in every direction (go every which way instead of stroking the brush in just one direction), which can look streaky.

After you have applied your Foundation with a brush and you’re not happy with your results, lightly go over your face with a damp sponge, which will eliminate streaking!

Not Applying your Foundation Directly to Your Face

The best way to apply Foundation on the face is by dotting it in not by applying directly to your tool of choice.

This trick is essential, especially for thicker foundations, because you need to warm up your Foundation before application.

By warming the Foundation on the back of your hand (or however you choose), your Foundation will apply easier, sink into your pores, and be stretched further along.

When dotting your Foundation on your face, this will help cut down on foundation waste and giving you more control over where the Foundation goes.

How To:

Apply a few pumps of Foundation to the back of your (clean hand) and allow to warm up. Take your ring finger and dot on your Foundation where you would like to see coverage after you have dotted your Foundation in use, your makeup tool of choice to blend it in.

Not Setting Your Face

We’re accustomed to applying powder all over our face after we apply Foundation, it’s been that way for as long as I can remember.

When using this technique, you’re asking for a cakey mess by the end of the day.

There are many different setting powders out there and knowing which one can be confusing.

I have a blog post that goes into the importance of Setting Powders, You can find it here.

The trick for Oily Skin- Apply your setting powder when you get oily and leave the rest alone.

Apply your setting powder with tapping motions instead of sweeping motions to lower the chances of running the Foundation you have just applied.

I have seen the best results with applying my powder with a damp beauty sponge and gently patting into the skin (one tap at a time)

Not Choosing the Right Foundation Shade

We all run into this, not choosing a foundation shade that fits our skin tone and undertone.

Foundations are tricky because you want them to look like skin, so its hard to match the Foundation to be the right color.

When choosing the right Foundation, you want to make sure you know a general idea of your skin tone and, more importantly, your undertone.

Your undertone is where the Foundation is going to tailor to your skin. If you want to know more about how to find your skin undertone, You can read more about that here.

Skipping out On Setting Spray

Setting Spray is the magic wand when it comes to makeup application. Setting spray melts everything together, giving you a flawless face! It’s incredible the power behind setting Spray.

There are a ton of setting sprays on the market these days, and to be honest, most of my favorites come from the drug store (or I use hairspray for important occasions) Find a formula you like, and make sure to use it after your makeup is completed!

8 Foundation Mistakes To Avoid Finishing Thoughts

Can you believe those are the Top 8 Foundation Mistakes To Avoid?

How is that for simple tweaks to make in your foundation application? It’s nice because these are super easy and you can use them with the products you already have at home!

Be sure to check out the blog posts I’ve mentioned in this post; they can give you more guidance about common problems when it comes to Foundation, I tagged them below!

If you found these 8 Foundation Mistakes To Avoid Helpful and you like what you read and want more posts like this, don’t be shy, subscribe to my blog to get the latest posts!

Enough about foundation tweaks, grab your favorite products, and try these tricks out! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


8 Top Ranked Foundation Mistakes To Avoid, & How to Fix Them!

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