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6 Easy Steps For Waking Up To Beautiful Skin

6 Easy Steps For Waking Up To Beautiful Skin

How to Wake up To Beautiful Skin

Wouldn’t be legit to wake up to a face that wasn’t puffy from the night before, eyes that didn’t have bags, and skin that glowed?

We all know taking care of your skin is a nonstop full-time job, its a hit or miss situation. It took me years to pay attention to finding a skincare routine that works.

These are tips to wake up to your best skin! Waking up I would have extra-large puffy under eyes, swollen face, I always felt like I was stung by a bee in my sleep.

Every morning it felt like I was having to do emergency care before I could even get started. I know it doesn’t feel nice, and it can throw off your day.

The best part is, its pretty straightforward, with a little TLC the night before you can wake up to your best skin tomorrow!

If you’re interested in creating a night skincare routine, You can Learn How To Create The Perfect Skincare Routine For Your Skin.

Following a method will do wonders for your skin, and you will significant results when you get a good one into place. Let’s get to the 6 Easy Steps For Waking Up To Beautiful Skin!

Make Sure To Remove All Makeup

Drunk elephants New Milki E-Rase

In order to wake up to your best glowing skin, you must remove all makeup from the day. (Especially around the eyes)

Not only is leftover makeup harmful to your pores, but it will also show when you wake up in the morning,

Tip: If you still have makeup leftover around your eyes, take your favorite eye cream on a Q-tip and remove the extra makeup. Make sure to focus on your under eyes this will travel down your eye which will enhance your dark circles (if you have them)

Focus on Cooling Treatments

The Perfect Rollers for Stressed and Tired Skin

Cooling treatments at night will be your skins’ best friend, and you’ll notice a significant difference in the morning.

Did you know rolling ice cubes (or anything cold) can do the following:

  • Tighten your pores and tighten your skin
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Eliminate puffiness
  • Slows down the signs of aging by helping to reduce wrinkles

There are different options when it comes to cryotherapy if ice cubes are not an option.

  • Facial Globes
  • Cryo roller
  • facial roller

Microneedle Treatments

Microneedling treatments at home are not new and have proven to have significant results when performed at home.

There are conflicting thoughts some have raised about saving money to go and get this done professionally.

The one thing you need to know about micro-needling is its purpose and have realistic expectations. There is a difference between at-home treatments vs. professional.

Most at-home devices are great for allowing your skincare products to sink deeper into your skin.

Good Hydration

Hydration at night is one of the best things to do for your skin. Hydrating your skin helps prevent wrinkles, but it also keeps our skin plump and juicy!

For those with oily skin, a good hydration session at night will help cut down the amount of oil your face produces. Not sure what to look for in a good moisturizer, lets jump into that real quick!

What To Look For In A Good Moisturizer 

When it comes to a night moisturizer, there are some key ingredients you want to look for. It’s incredible how our skin will work effortlessly to repair itself when we sleep! 


Did you know that Retinols are the most used and most studied anti-aging compounds? You can take comfort in knowing it is not something new out there. 

Using Retinol will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of your skin’s collagen and stimulate the creation of new blood vessels. By helping to create new blood vessels, Retinol helps to improve an uneven skin tone. 

Keep in mind Retinol is not an overnight miracle; it will take a few months to begin seeing results. 

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs)

Specifically glycolic and lactic acids. The main thing to remember is AHAs are great exfoliators, but they’re also great to help with: 

  • Promoting collagen and blood flow
  • Correcting discoloration from scars and age spots (yay) 
  • Improving the appearance of surface lines and wrinkles
  • Help to prevent acne breakouts
  • Brightening your complexion 
  • Gives your skin the boost it needs to increase product absorption

With all the great benefits AHAs have, it can be intriguing to want to pile this stuff on with a heavy hand. 

A thing to remember, the FDA shares when using products containing AHAs, a healthy balance is anything with a concentration of less than 10 percent. 

Looking out for this concentration number will help to prevent side effects from AHAs! 

Hyaluronic Acid

I’m sure we have all heard of the hype of Hyaluronic Acid and all the excellent benefits that come with it. For a good reason, I can see why, Like Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The one thing that stands out with Hyaluronic is the hydration retaining capabilities creating a plumping effect. When your skin is hydrated, the other essential skin ingredients can work together with your skin.

Don’t Forget the Eyes

For those with puffy under eyes when you wake up, a roller is going to wonder for your eyes.

Earlier I mentioned focus on cooling treatments, and you will fall in love with cooling treatments under the eyes. I have two rollers I use for my face that I store in my Skincare Fridge.

I bought this one when I saw the Nurse Jamie roller, and this is perfect for rolling the under eyes and neck area.

If you like more of a traditional roller I bought this Cryo roller from BeautyBio and the only regret I have is I didn’t buy two! I absolutely love these rollers, and the calming effects both of these rollers give me its amazing!

After rolling your face, apply your serums, creams, everything you love! The Ordinary Caffeine Solution is made, especially for dark circles, and this serum has changed how I hydrate my eye!

The best part its affordable and you can get it from Amazon! (Holla for two-day delivery)

Plump Your Lips

Plump lips have always been something I have been interested in without having to get injections.

I want to make it clear that I’m not against it, and you should never let anyone tell you how you should feel about changing things on your face, body, whatever it is!

But injections or not plump lips are easy to achieve, and you can do it with something simple as a washcloth. Every night before going to bed, gently exfoliate your lips by scrubbing them with a washcloth. Right away, you will see a difference in the size of your lips.

Of course, this is not permanent, but you will stimulate the blood movement in your lips, making them plump up. After you exfoliate them, add your favorite lip serum, oil, or whatever you like to use!

If you have a derma roller, you can run this over your lips, and you can also help to stimulate the good in your lips also!

6 Easy Steps For Waking Up To Beautiful Skin (final thoughts)

6 tricks to help you wake up to beautiful skin!

After taking the extra 10-15 minutes has shown significant improvements in the way my skin looks when I wake up in the morning. If you only take one thing from this post, please focus on the Cryo treatments for your skin!

You will be able to physically see results, and who doesn’t love that?

Be sure to give the Cryo treatment a roll (see what I did there) and come back to share your results! That’s how quick the results are! 

If you like what you read and want more posts like this, dont be shy subscribe to my blog to get the latest posts! 

Now over to you, what are you going to try from the 6 Easy Steps For Waking Up To Beautiful Skin?

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