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Powder: Set it and Forget it (What you Didn’t know)

Powder: Set it and Forget it

Powder: Set it and Forget it (This is a great way to think about setting powder) We’re moving right along in the series and can I just say I’m excited? So far in the series we’ve discussed Foundation (which you can find here) Concealer (you can grab it here) and here we are today to talk about Powder.

Powder has become more complicated it feels like there is a powder for everything, would you agree? I’ve been a violator with the powders and I’ve learned through trial and a ton of errors. Here is the breakdown in the powder world and keep in mind Powder: Set it and Forget it!

Different Types of Makeup Powder

  1. Translucent
  2. Finishing
  3. Loose
  4. Pressed
  5. Mineral

Again, why the hell are there so many powders? I’m sure more are on the way so be prepared.

Translucent Powder

Powder: Set it and Forget it

Translucent powder is going to be colorless or near colorless and is usually used to set makeup. This powder is not going to be the best to cover or add color. This can be a great option for those that want a light finish and don’t want additional coverage.

It can also be used just to control shine and give your complexion a matte finish. Apply translucent powder with a large powder brush or your beauty sponge, by pressing into the skin.

If you haven’t used it before, you’re seriously going to fall in love —even if you normally wear minimal makeup, adding this to your beauty routine is totally worth it

Finishing Powder

Powder: Set it and Forget it

So after you set your face with a translucent powder you have the option to apply a finishing powder. This is of course optional and may not make sense to do for daily makeup wear, its all personal preference.

So what’s the difference?

Finishing powders are often translucent just like translucent/setting powder. This is a great way to blur your pores, soften texture, and can even give an overall glow to the skin, if applied lightly.

To clear up the confusions, finishing powder is like a filter whereas setting powders will help you get more hours out of your foundation and concealer.

Loose Powder

Loose powder often comes in a jar rather than a compact. These powders are a bit messy, so this is a stay at home powder. It typically comes in similar shades to liquid foundation and provides buildable coverage.

If you notice that your loose powder is giving you a powdered doughnut effect on your face, a loose translucent powder may be the fix to your problem. Colored powder is just adding another layer of color on top of the foundation. To get more of a natural finish translucent is the way to go!

The powder will set your foundation allowing for a more finished look.

If you’re wondering if you really need a powder, STOP THAT RIGHT NOW, yes you do. The tricky part here: there are different types of powders.

Pressed Powder

Powder: Set it and Forget it

Pressed powder is pressed in compact form, making it easier to use on the go. This powder is a great thing to trow in your bag for touch ups through out the day. You can also get away with a pressed powder as the ONLY powder in your makeup collection.

When I started my makeup collection the first powder I purchased was MAC Pressed powder and I loved that I could use it in various ways. If all you have is a pressed powder try taking the back of your brush and scratch some of the powder off and now you’ll have loose powder.

Like a loose powder the coverage is buildable and comes in a variety of shades, a light application is best when it comes to any powder.

Mineral Powder

If you’re new to mineral makeup,  its actually pretty cool but whats the big hype? To start, this makeup is made from minerals of the earth. The fact that it does not clog the pores, has made mineral make up a very popular cosmetic product within a short period of time.

Mineral powder can come in both pressed and loose form. They often boast extra skin care benefits like anti-inflammatory properties and breathable coverage.

Last Thoughts About Powder: Set it and Forget it

Phew, there you have it, the different powders and what the can accomplish for you! I would say every powder is worth a try and find which powder leaves you feeling your best!

Thank you for check this out and come back for part 4 tomorrow!

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