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Skin Undertone vs Skin tone: How to Pick your Foundation

Finding the perfect shade of foundation seems impossible after so many failed attempts of bringing home the wrong foundation shade. We’ve all gone through it and may still be going through it, but finding your skins undertone is extremely important and let me tell you why.

Skin Undertone vs Skin tone- Whats the Difference? 


Please believe this aren’t the same thing, this is something I learned during my journey. 

Skin Tone-  is the color you’d describe yourself as having (light, medium, tan, dark, etc.) you can be the same color as someone else but your undertone can be different.

Skin Undertone- this is the more muted tone that is underneath your skin. 

The three different undertones you will run into is:

Cool- these are going to be the more pink, red or blushy undertones)

Warm- if you have yellow, preachy, or golden undertones you’ll be here 

Neutral- Neutral gals will have a mix of both warm and cool. 

Ways to Find your undertone

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What Colors do you look best In

When trying to figuring out your undertone you can think of what colors look best on you. 

If you’re warm you’ll find yourself feeling better in more of the yellows, oranges, warm reds and browns. This took me forever 

When you have cool tones you tend to lean more towards to blues, greens, pinks and purples.

Check those Veins 

When you look at the veins on the inside of your wrist this can help you determine your undertone as well. 

Are your veins blue or green?

If your veins are more blue you likely have cool undertones and if your veins are greenish you have a warm undertone. 

Eye and Hair color 

Taking a look at your natural hair and eye color can also point you in a direction.

Warm toned- your natural hair color is usually  red, brown, or black hair. Your hair will tend to have red, gold , yellow and orange undertone. Your eyes will be brown, amber, or hazel. 

Cool toned- natural hair color can be blonde, brown, black and have more blue, silver, and violet ashy tones in your hair. Your eye color is blue, gray or green. 

What Jewelry looks best on you? 

This can be tricky because we may like to wear or prefer to wear a certain color but did you know that this can help determine your under tone as well? 

If gold looks more flattering on you, you’re more than likely a warm undertone. 

If you feel silver pops on you than you’re probably have a cool undertone. 

Finding your Perfect Foundation 

So you have three different ways to help determine your undertone, but what to do when you’re searching for foundation? 

Here’s the trick that I learned that finally helped me decide what I felt better in. I picked my skin tone shade (the color that matched my actual skin color)  in BOTH the warm and the cool. When I applied to my skin, the one that had a warm undertone flawlessly blended into my skin. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with trying to determine your skin under tone, narrow it down to two shades. 

One shade that matches your skin tone in a warm shade 

One shade that matches your skin tone in a cool shade. 

After you have found your two shades (one warm and one cool) apply it to your neck and chest area in natural light if you can. The one that blends flawlessly is going to be your undertone (either cool or warm) 

Natural Light is a MUST 

Natural light is a must when it comes to helping finding the right shade, of foundation. If you’re still unsure head over to your nearest Sephora and get some samples to try. 

Remember this may take a few tries to snag your perfect foundation, but don’t lose faith! 

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