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Morning Skincare Routine From Start To Finish

We all need a morning skincare routine from start to finish for glowing healthy, hydrated skin!

I swear skincare is much more complicated than I remember when I was a youngin.

I remember watching my mom as I was younger in awe, watching her steam her face over a pot on our kitchen table with a towel covering her face.

Or when she used St. Ives Apricot scrub to cleanse her skin following the green mask, she would leave on until after she put my sister and me to bed.

The one thing I never made notes of was her morning skincare routine.

At one point, I was under the impression that morning skincare was pretty much nonexistent, or unnecessary for that matter.

It wasn’t until I became obsessed with skincare that I realized my morning routine was just as important as my night routine, but they speak different love languages.

By that, I mean they’re both essential to set the tone, but the steps in each significantly differ from one another.

Here is how to set up your morning skincare routine that will deliver results quickly and in the long run.

Wash Your Face

To get your day started, you want to have a wash that helps to soothe your skin and protect it for the day.

I have experimented with different ways to wash my face in the mornings, and honestly, this is a night and day difference.

When it comes to the technique of washing your face, always be gentle and rub in a circular motion.

If you have a favorite cleansing tool, still apply your cleanser to your skin, not your device.

If you’re looking for a new cleaning device, I always recommend the FOREO LUNA; you can tailor your washing routine and add some massaging to your cleansing routine as well. You can read more about the LUNA here

You’ll also want to prevent any tugging and harsh rubbing about the eye area.

Since this skin is fragile, you don’t want to risk stretching the skin, which will be a problem down the road.

Depending on what skin type you also have, you’ll make to make a few adjustments.

How To Cleanse Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you’ll want to reach for a gel-based cleanser that isn’t too drying.

It’s safe to say staying away from cleansers that foam will help save your skin’s hydration.

I have found, personally, that foaming facial cleansers are harsh and over-drying.

You want to make sure your face is clean, but you want to avoid stripping away all of your skin’s oil because your face will become more oily throughout the day.

Key Ingredients For Oily Skin

Some key ingredients that work for oily skin are salicylic acid- this helps to soak up oil and clean out your pores.

While salicylic acid sounds excellent, you want to make sure your product doesn’t contain more than 2%; this is when it becomes too harsh for your skin and can cause irritation.

Another ingredient to try is sulfur. Not only is it natural and useful, but it will also help pull oil that becomes trapped in your pores.

How To Cleanse Dry Skin

It is crucial to hydrate your skin in every step of your routine, creating a balance in every step of your routine, especially with dry skin.

If you have dry skin, you want to reach for a creamy/milky texture cleanser.

Not all ingredients equal when it comes to dry skin; here are the elements you want your cleanser to have.

Key Ingredients For Dry Skin

Glycolic Acid is useful for all skin types but will work wonders for dry skin!

Using Glycolic Acid will gently exfoliate your skin and attract moisture to your skin, keeping your face hydrated throughout your day.

Aloe Vera is another great product for all skin types and treats a variety of concerns.

When you use Aloe Vera on dry skin, it will moisturize quickly, reduce redness and any irritation.

How To Cleanse Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to reach for a gentle non-fragrant cleanser with just enough to clean the skin.

Sensitive skin can be tricky, and it’s almost like you have to try cleaners to see what will work for your skin.

You may have heard that washing your in the morning isn’t necessary.

While to some, it may be overkill, you should be washing your face every morning.

You don’t have to do a deep scrub or cleanse, just a light simple wash to remove all the dust, sweat, and whatever else may be left on your skin from the night before.

Tone Your Skin

I use to down talk toning the skin; at one point, it was almost a joke.

I have oily skin, and every time I would add a toner to my skin, it felt like I just added a layer of oil to my face.

I can remember throwing a fit about how oily my skin would become after using the holy grail Mario Badescu, rose water, and thinking toners are just not cutting it.

Come to find out I wasn’t using the correct toner for my skin type.

Toning your skin is another way to provide hydration and balance your skin’s pH levels!; it’s almost like your face drinking water.

You may have heard the words Toner and Essence but not sure what the difference.

Toner, Astringent, or Essence What’s the route to go?

Separating the three is simple once you look at them as some of the members in your family.

What Is Toner & How To Use It

Toner is the neutral one in the family, and her vibe is all about keeping the group calm; she will be the one to keep everyone together.

Toners are made to help balance the Ph level in your skin to prevent water loss in the skin.

After we cleanse our face, we can unknowingly throw our skin’s pH balance out of whack!

This is where your toner family member will come in; she’s the one you can always talk to when you’re having a moment.

Nowadays, you will see toners that have the option to be applied by spraying directly onto your skin.

Not only is this genius because it prevents tugging on your skin, but it also cuts down on waste!

Are Astringents Good For Your Skin?

Astringent is that wild member who doesn’t have a worry in the world and is more of the YOLO member.

Who remembers the Sea Breeze Astringent from back in the day.

I was faithful to this, although when applying it, I felt like I had thrown honey on my face and rolled in a patch of flowers while the bees stung my face.

Overreacting, eh maybe, but to my point, Sea Breeze stung my face, burned my eyes, and left my skin a dried up pit of sadness.

Why are Astrigents so drying?

Astringents are more than likely alcohol-based or formulated with witch hazel.

We have been taught to see these types of toners to help absorb and temporarily remove excess oil from our skin for us with oily skin.

While this sounds like heaven, the absorbing and temporarily keeping our skin from becoming a grease pit, this is harsh on the skin and should be avoided if possible!

These can leave your skin feeling overly dry and tight, causing that uncomfortable feeling that your face will split down the center.

If you feel you must use an astringent, pick one that is nonalcohol-based, and apply using your hands to press the mixture into your skin.

Allow a few minutes for your face to soak everything up before moving onto the next step of your routine.

Why Essence Are Important In Your Skincare Routine

Finally, we have the essence, the family member we all love and admire because she’s so perfect at everything. Shes the Marsha of the family, and everything revolves around her.

An essence is ideal for everyone who wants to drive moisture into the skin without the feeling of being overly sticky.

The crazy thing about essences is that they have similar benefits as a serum, just much lighter, which allows them to penetrate your skin more profoundly than the rest of your skincare products.

Allowing your skin to absorb all your next product’s goodness even more, makes essences perfect for everyone!

When applying essence to your skin, it’s crucial to apply using clean hands and pressing into your skin.

By using a cotton pad, a cotton pad is not only harsh on your skin, but it also holds all of the goodies from on essence from being pushed into your skin.

Moisturize Your Skin

Essential step in your morning skincare routine

If you have oily skin, combination skin, dry skin, or just blessed to have normal ass skin, never skip out moisturizing.

Keeping your skin hydrated is key to keeping glowing skin 24/7, and no, it’s not because you can chug water all day long.

Think of moisturizing your skin like watering your plant.

The better hydrated your plant, the better it will grow.

Now don’t go out and sit under the sun, thinking you will grow.

My point is nothing does well when it’s dried out and dehydrated like the dried up meatloaf our grandmas use to make.

Finding a moisturizer that works for you and your skin is the tricky part, and finding the right now can be like goldie lock and the three bears episode.

How To Moisturize Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, yes, you still have to moisturize!

Having oily skin is a blessing, while some can see it as a curse.

Moisturizer is one of the areas where I will drop a stack because I can see the difference in my skin with a good moisturizer.

You may not have as oily skin as you think if you take care of your skin correctly by keeping your skin hydrated.

I would be that girl that had on one layer of skincare ( a serum) and six layers of makeup, thinking I was on hot girl summer music video.

My makeup would slide off of my face before noon!

That’s insane now that I look back on it. I started to notice a change in my skin oil when I began to moisturize.

If you have oily skin, you must find a moisturizer that partners well with your skin.

During this trial and error, I suggest you buy trial sizes of the products that interest you!

With oily skin, you want to try moisturizers that are gel-based and have a lightweight texture.

Run from anything that is not Non-comedogenic (this means it won’t clog your pores).

Clogged pores will lead to breakouts, which will lead to harsh treatments (and picking at your skin), followed by the need to hydrate your skin again because you dried the shit out of it.

It’s a vicious cycle.

How To Moisturize Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you can reach for a more hearty cream-based moisturizer since creams contain higher amounts of hydrating ingredients than lightweight lotions.

With dry skin, there are some key ingredients to look for in your next moisturizer!

Look for Hyaluronic acid or glycerin since these are both humectants; they will draw water to the skin.

Ceramides are another ingredient to add to the list!

Ceramides play an essential role in repairing the skin barrier and helping skin retain moisture..

BINGO just what you need for dry skin!

More Fun Things You Can Add To Your Morning Skincare Routine

If you have extra time on your hands in the AM or you’re just EXTRA, here are some other things you can add to your morning routine that can be beneficial!

Eye Treatments

Focus on cooling treatments for the eyes!

Eye treatments can be a simple as applying a cold spoon under your eyes to fight under-eye bags, patches to help fight dark circles, and yes cucumbers.

Cucumbers can help fight puffiness, combat dark circles since they’re packed with vitamin K and provide hydration to your under-eye area!

If you have a Microcurrent device like the Bear from FOREO or the NuFace Fix, you can quickly eliminate puffy skin and give your eye a more awake look!

Cryo Therapy For Your Entire Face

Cooling treatments don’t only work for the eyes; cold therapies can also work wonders on the entire face.

Not only will this wake you up, but cooling treatments help to close your pores and will leave you with super soft skin that looks pretty much poreless.

You can see results using an ice cube, or you can use a Cryoroller; both work well and deliver results instantly.

90 Second Masking With The FOREO UFO

If you have the FOREO UFO, you can give your skin a treat using this in the morning and see a huge impact!

Since the UFO is a 90-second treatment, it’s almost impossible to skip out using the UFO.

With the UFO mask range growing, there is a mask for everyone to address a specific skincare concern you may be having.

Final Thoughts On Creating Your Morning Skincare Routine

Not only is your morning skincare routine essential for hydrated, glowing skin, but having a solid morning skincare routine will also help prevent common skincare concerns like dull skin.

The key is to keep things simple and make it a mission to listen to your skin. Always avoid harsh pulling, tugging, and drying of your skin.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new textures when building your routine.
Although this post was long, its simple Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize for a glowy face, everyone will be jealous of.

Your beauty is like a bank account… Invest wisely

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