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FOREO: My Collection & Tips Before Investing

My FOREO posts on the blog are by far the most read posts, and I can’t say I’m surprised. 

A company full of innovative technology and design mixed with skincare has won my loyalty. 

I had a spa day with my mom recently, and it was pretty shocking to see pretty much all of my gadgets (with the exception of 2) are all FOREO products, it looked like a FOREO candy shop.

Seriously if you’re not taking time to do an at-home spa day, you need to start making the time because the benefits go far beyond clear skin darling.

You can see current FOREO discounts and deals here

This is a long post, but this is a legit post with everything you will need to have in your knowledge arsenal regarding FOREO Products!

With that being said, I have made a table of contents; you’ll find it right below this, and you can jump to the part of the post that interests you the most!



My FOREO Obsession started with the UFO; although I was afraid to pull the trigger, I’m so happy I did.

The UFO has been a staple in my skincare routine for a few years now. 

The UFO is a unique device, and honestly, I haven’t seen anything else on the market quite like it.

When you get your hands on a UFO, it’s genuinely like bringing spa-level skincare into the hands you should trust most… your own.  

The UFO is advertised as a 90-second smart mask treatment, but when you take a deeper dive into the benefits it provides for your skin, it’s almost a no-brainer. 

The Major Standout Points About The UFO 

The FOREO UFO and Masks for youth

There are many things to love about the UFO and UFO 2, and to name a few, here they are quick.

  • Thermo- Therapy- The ufo uses Heat to open your pores and help your mask sink into your skin deeper quicker. 
  • Cryo- Therapy- This is amazing at fighting puffiness, shrinking your pores
  • T- Sonic Pulsations
  • LED Light Therapy
    • The UFO has three lights (Red, Blue, Green)
    • The UFO 2 has FULL light spectrum packed with 8 Colors!


Did you know unless you’re prepping your skin before applying your mask, you’re not getting the most out of your mask? 

When it comes to thermo-therapy, this technique will help by opening your pores to relax your facial muscles and prepare your face for your facial.

Thermo-Therapy will also give your skin that natural glow by encouraging more blood flow.

As we know, increased blood flow allows oxygen and nutrients to move through blood vessels more easily!

How Thermo-Therapy Works in the UFO

With the warming technology that comes standard with the entire UFO line up, your mask ingredients will be more effective quicker, delivering a relaxing facial in half the time. 

This was that ahhhhhh moment I had with many flashbacks of me applying masks and realizing I wasn’t getting the max benefits from my masks!

That’s right, while slapping a mask on your face is therapeutic; if your pores are closed, the product is just sitting on the top of your skin!

If you want to see some crazy results, try using your UFO after your shower.

Since your pores are prepped and ready, you will get max benefits (unless you take an ice-cold shower) 

Which leads me to the Cryo-therapy that the UFO and UFO 2 come equipped with. 

What is Cryo-therapy and Why It’s Important

Cryotherapy is also something relatively new when it comes to being incorporated into at-home skincare devices. 

No dignity No doubt this is by far my favorite feature of the UFO and UFO 2. Cryo-therapy is a must-have to help shrink pores, reduce puffiness, and can instantly give your face a lift. 

My oily skin sistas out there, the Matte Manic mask used in the morning is a complete game-changer. 

Let’s Talk About the Masks For A Moment (because they’re fire)

All About The FOREO UFO Masks

You’re probably wondering, okay, so what masks are available to use in the UFO? And Can I use the UFO with other sheet masks?

UFO and Masks

Let me start by saying you can do whatever you want, but I would advise sticking with the FOREO UFO masks for this main reason:

FOREO has formulated its line of masks with Thero-therapy and Cryo-therapy in mind.

By this, I mean that certain ingredients can become useless when being exposed to either heat or cold.

So if you’re trying to use your favorite sheet mask with your UFO, the ingredients in that mask may break down and no longer be useful. 

The FOREO Masks are also dermatologist tested and formulated with skin craving ingredients from both fruits and plants! 

The Farm To Face Collection

I want to start with the Farm To Face Collection; I haven’t yet covered these in my other post, Things You Should Know Before Purchasing the FOREO UFO. 

The Farm To Face Collection will bring pure happiness to your masking routine! 

Bulgarian Rose

Key Ingredients: Bulgarian Rose & Jojoba Seed Oil
Works With: Can Be used with UFO & UFO 2

Bulgarian Rose is perfect for those that need a boost in the hydrating Department. Bulgarian is suitable for all skin types and will work wonders for dryness, dehydration, and dullness. 

Coconut Oil

Key Ingredients: Coconut Oil & Coconut Water
Works With: Can Be used with UFO, UFO Mini & UFO 2, UFO Mini 2

Coconut Oil will also treat dryness and dehydration in the skin! This mask is perfect for all skin types that are looking for a more nourishing treatment. 

Manuka Honey

Key Ingredients: Manuka Honey & Allantoin
Works With: Can Be used with UFO, UFO Mini & UFO 2, UFO Mini 2

Manuka Honey, oh Manuka Honey? Who remembers going through the piling Manuka honey on the face phase?

I’m Guilty! The FOREO Manuka Honey Mask is perfect for giving your skin a radiant completion and will work wonders on all skin types!

If you’re seeking a younger-looking complexion, slap the mask on your UFO and go to town! 

Acai Berry

Key Ingredients: Açaí Berry & Shea Butter
Works With: Can Be used with UFO, UFO Mini & UFO 2, UFO Mini 2

Açaí Berry will help to smooth the skin and will help to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

I like to use Açaí Berry when I feel my skin looks dull and needs her healthy glow back! 

Green Tea

Key Ingredients: Green Tea From Japan & Ulmus Davidana Root Extract
Works With: Can Be used with UFO, UFO Mini & UFO 2, UFO Mini 2

Green Tea is a must when it comes to purifying your skin! I like to use this mask at least once a week.

The Green Tea mask will help protect your skin against environmental pollutants and blemishes and keep oily skin in check! 

Cannabis Seed Oil Mask

Key Ingredients: Cannabis Seed Oil (210 mg making this mask one of the strongest cannabis masks of its kind)
Works With: Can Be used with UFO & UFO 2

Cannabis Seed Oil Mask is a must-try if you want to calm and soothe irritated skin.

The Cannabis Seed Oil mask is also fantastic to regulate your skin’s oil production and hydrates without clogging your pores! 

The Original UFO masks


All of the original UFO masks are awesome and will be great in any routine. All masks are formulated without parabens, phenoxyethanol (known to cause allergic-type reactions on the skin in some people), silicones, and mineral oil.

Make My Day

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid & Red Algae Extract
Works With: Can Be used with UFO, UFO Mini & UFO 2, UFO Mini 2

Make My Day is the mask that comes with your UFO and targets dryness and dehydration in the skin.

If the name wasn’t obvi this mask is excellent to use in the am to help give your skin a healthy glow! 

Call It A Night

Key Ingredients: Ginseng & Olive Oil
Works With: Can Be used with UFO, UFO Mini & UFO 2, UFO Mini 2

Call It A Night is a mask you would want to use at night because she is heavy!

This mask will work for you while you sleep by helping fight fine lines and banishing dryness in the skin. 

Glow Addict

Key Ingredients: Pearl Extract
Works With: Can Be used with UFO, UFO Mini & UFO 2, UFO Mini 2

Glow Addict is going to give your skin some pep in your brightening game!

I love using glow addict to help brighten and even my skin tone.

Glow Addict will work on all skin types that want a little more brightening in the skin. 


Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid
Works With: Can Be used with UFO, UFO Mini & UFO 2, UFO Mini 2

H2Overdose is another mask I like to use at night because this mask is super hydrating!

With the key ingredient being Hyaluronic Acid, you can expect to have smoother skin while boosting your skin’s hydration! 

Youth Junkie

Key Ingredients: Collagen
Works With: Can Be used with UFO, UFO Mini & UFO 2, UFO Mini 2

Youth Junkie is perfect for dry, mature skin!

The star ingredient in the youth Junkie Mask is collagen, which is imperative for giving your skin that youthful plump! 

Shimmer Freak

Key Ingredients: Caffeine
Works With: Can Be used with UFO & UFO 2

Shimmer Freak is my eyes cup of coffee, literally! This mask is a superhero for dark circles, puffiness, and dryness under the eyes!

As if that wasn’t enough, Shimmer Freak has a hint of shimmer YAY! 

Matte Maniac

Key Ingredients: Charcoal
Works With: Can Be used with UFO & UFO 2

Matte Maniac is my main go-to! I can’t exist without this mask. MAtte Maniac is a must-have for oily skin that is prone to blemishes and enlarged pores!

To take it a step further, the UFO uses Cryo-therapy with this mask to add a cooling effect. 

Is The FOREO UFO Worth It?

UFO and UFO 2

FOREO UFO is that device hands down I will say everyone should experience.

With the ability to have warming and cooling technology, pulsations to help push product into your skin, and is 90 seconds, the UFO is a legit hit.

On top of having mask formulas that were thoughtfully created to address many skincare concerns, you really won’t have to repurchase another mask.

I have found other ways to use the remainder serum to make this even more of a smart purchase.

Now, for Black Friday, you’ll have the chance to purchase the UFO, UFO2 UFO Mini, and UFO Mini for a discounted price!

You can get the UFO and UFO Mini here, and you can get the UFO 2 Diva Bundle Here! If you’re interested in the UFO Mini 2 you can see her here


Cleansing Brushes

My FOREO LUNA is my ride or die device; I refuse to wash my face with anything else.

Before using my LUNA, I was a believer in Clarisonic and never really explored anything else. 

It wasn’t until my face became extremely sensitive and dry, I’m not lying when I say my face was always sore to the touch!

I couldn’t figure out what the issue was, and it got to the point where I couldn’t even wash my face with my hands without being in pain. 

After I couldn’t take it anymore, I stopped using my Clarisonic, and I noticed my skin getting back on track.

That’s when LUNA made her way into my life, and she is now my main girl. 



The last thing we want when it comes to our skincare routine is making things more complicated; with the FOREO LUNA, you will be bringing simplicity to your vanity.

By simplicity, I mean one device that doesn’t need replacement heads, doesn’t need to be charged after use, and a two in one sleek device, win-win! 

Who Is the FOREO LUNA For? 

EVERYONE who wants to have a clean face, who doesn’t want a clean face?

I feel in love with my LUNA so much that I purchased one for my 9-year-old son! 

For all my mommas out there struggling to get your child to care about skincare, the FOREO LUNA is the way to go!

The pulsations and the soft-touch bristles make the LUNA a must-have and enjoyable for all age groups.

My 9-year-old son loves his LUNA, and he is now hooked on washing his face.

How to Shop For Your Next LUNA? 


When looking at the FOREO LUNA devices, there are many to choose from; it can be daunting trying to pick one that works for your skin. 

When looking into the LUNA 2, you can choose four different devices: Normal, Sensitive, Combination, and Oily. 

If you’re looking into the LUNA 3, you have three different models to choose from Normal, Sensitive, and combination.

I started with the LUNA 2 and purchased the one for Oily Combination Skin. 

What Are the Main Differences Between LUNA 2 and LUNA 3?

When looking at the LUNA devices side by side, you will notice a visible difference! 

The pink device is the LUNA 3, and the Blue Device is the LUNA 2!

On the LUNA 2, the silicone touch points don’t extend down as far as they do on the LUNA 3. 

The silicone touchpoints are also 25% softer on the LUNA 3 vs. the LUNA 2. 

Which Is Better LUNA 2 or LUNA 3?

LUNA 2 and LUNA 3

As soon as I purchased my LUNA 2, I haven’t looked back; I cringed at how bad I let my skin get with the Clarisonic!

While not everyone may have had the same reaction using the Clarisonic, my personal experience was horrific!

On my blog, I always stand behind roll with what works for you!

When it comes to LUNA 2 and LUNA 3, both devices are fantastic.

I have used LUNA for normal skin and one for Oily Combination Skin!

I will say I have noticed a difference in the LUNAS softness, and I prefer my LUNA 3 for Normal skin.

Although I have oily skin, when I pair my LUNA 3 (normal skin) with a cleanser for oily skin, I get the same results I did with my LUNA 2 but with more of a softer touch!

If I had to choose, I would go for the LUNA 3 because you’ll get more silicone bristles, making it easier to cover more of your face.

Also, LUNA 3 has app-guided massages for the face, which is a nice touch while in the shower.


Jumping To The BEAR and BEAR Mini (spoiler alert…these devices are epic) 


These are the new devices in my FOREO Collection, and I was a little nervous about giving these a try because they are, after all, microcurrent devices! 

The 5 Minute Face Lift is now 2 Minutes

A brief background on Microcurrent devices: they’re known as the 5-minute facelift.

However, with the BEAR/BEAR Mini, you will get your facelift in 2 minutes!

Microcurrent is used to help tighten your muscles, lift the skin, and contour your face.

For a more in-depth review on the FOREO BEAR/BEAR Mini, you can find it here! 

After playing around with both the BEAR and BEAR Mini, I can’t say I have a favorite just yet.

I use the two BEARS at different times of the day, making it hard for me to say which is better, BUT if I had to choose, I would say go for the BEAR. 

The Main Differences Between the BEAR and the BEAR Mini


The BEAR comes in one color while the BEAR Mini comes in 2 colors (lavender and baby pink) 

The BEAR will provide you with a full facial and neck option, whereas the BEAR Mini only has targeted routines. 

The Microcurrent levels on the BEAR is five, and on the BEAR mini, you will only have 3.

Don’t get me wrong; the BEAR Mini packs a punch! 

I like to use the BEAR Mini around my eyes and lips since the metal spheres are smaller and easier to get in those areas!

The BEAR is perfect for the cheek area with contouring; the spheres hug my cheekbones, giving them a perfect look. 

FOREO BEAR Or NuFace Trinity?

FOREO BEAR or NuFace trinity has been all the craze lately, and while I’m a FOREO lover, that doesn’t contribute to which is better!

I like to look at both devices side by side and compare apples to apples!

With the FOREO BEAR, you won’t have to worry about being shocked because the BEAR is the market’s first anti shock microcurrent device.

With the Nuface Trinity, unless you pile on a ton of Conductive Gel, you will be shocked, and I’m saying that loosely!

I was always getting shocked when I used my NuFace.

Price Comparison FOREP BEAR Vs NuFace Trinity

The FOREO Bear comes ready to use out of the box without having to order additional attachments and retails for $299

Whereas the NuFace Trinity retails for $325 for the device alone.

If you want to add other attachments, the NuFace Trinity offers a lip and eye attachment and a Wrinkle reducer attachment.

These attachments are sold separately and retail for $149 a piece, so the NuFace will be more expensive in the long run.

I will say the lip and eye attachment is handy when treating around the eyes and lips.

The FOREO Bear comes standard with no option to change out attachments.

Overall Thoughts on FOREO BEAR VS NuFace

NuFace has been around for a while, but I have had issues with it not working correctly with the Trinity.

The Trinity is also expensive $325 for the device alone, plus $149 for each attachment is pricy.

The FOREO Bear will run for 90 days without a recharge, and you have the app to guide you through a full facial or targeted routine, or you can use it without the app.

The FOREO Bear can also deliver your microcurrent treatment 6X faster than the Nuface Trinity, making your treatment time shorter.

2 Mins for the BEAR and 5 minutes for the Nuface Trinity!

You can read my post here where I compare the FOREO BEAR and the NuFAce Trinity Here

Finishing Thoughts On FOREO Products

Hopefully, you have found this post helpful I know I can be long-winded, but when I say skincare is my love language… I wasn’t lying, girl.

All of the products I mentioned here are all products that I love and incorporated into my daily skincare routine.

I don’t have any plans of changing them unless FOREO releases something new.

Clear skin has never been this fun; skincare mixed with technology is what puts the pep in my step to conquer my day!

Let me know what you guys are most excited to try from the FOREO line up and what you’re looking at for the FOREO Black Friday Sale!

Ps, I broke down and purchased the IRIS- stay tuned for the full review on her!


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