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How to Save Money On High-End Beauty Products

How To Save Money On High-End Beauty Products

How To Save Money On High-End Beauty Products

Knowing How To Save Money On High-End Beauty Products is a must for a lot of us out there!

If I were to tell you saving money on high-end beauty products was a thing, would you believe me?

I want to share a few secrets of mine that will have you running down the isles at your nearest TJ Maxx to score high-end beauty products for a fraction of the price!

Some of you may freak out or cringe when it comes to the thought of purchasing beauty products from TJ Maxx (and that’s fine, this post may not be your favorite) but there are some products there that would have your mind blown and leave you shook for probably the rest of your beautiful life!

What Sparked My Tj Maxx Addiction

A little back story, I never (and I mean never) shopped at TJ Maxx for beauty products. I thought it was mainly old off-brand products that I wouldn’t be interested in.

Not that there is anything wrong with off label beauty products, I just thought to myself I had to buy all beauty products either from Nordstrom, or the retailer itself.

It wasn’t until I had a friend come out to visit, and she was adamant that we stop to check it out.

Not being interested I remember being stuck in my phone, not paying attention until I saw the packaging for Glam Glow! I was shocked actually to see that there!

Immedietely, I threw my cell phone in my purchase and grabbed it to see it was selling for 6.99!

I legit said WTF is this doing here and threw it in the cart! From that point forward, I knew I was never going to be the same; I was hooked on TJ Maxx Beauty Section!

It’s been three going on four years that I now make the trips to TJ Maxx for the beauty section alone, and I’ve learned a few things along the way that I want to share with you!

Here is How To Save Money On High-End Beauty Products and some tips so you buy what you love!

How To Navigate The Beauty Section, So You Don’t Miss Anything.

The TJ Maxx beauty section can be a little overwhelming, so knowing how to navigate the beauty section is a must. Not all TJ Maxx’s are going to be laid out the same, so hang with me!

Commonly (from what I’ve seen), the beauty section is divided into five sections, typically each section being an isle long.

  • makeup
  • haircare
  • skincare
  • bath
  • random gadgets
  • Clearance

Makeup Section

In the makeup section, I have found some pretty exciting things. If you want to try something new (makeup-wise), you can get some pretty good prices on both high end, and I’ve seen some drug store.

I tend to keep a lookout for high end (better savings)

I’ve seen and purchased NARS, Stela, Pat McGrath( I know RIGHT) MAC, Bobby Brown, BECCA, Artis brushes I can go on and on with the makeup products I have found.

What To Look for:

Always look to make sure the product wasn’t opened or used. I have found that many of the of eyeshadow palettes have been swatched, and I put it right back.

The same goes with Lipstick, make sure nobody tried them now!

If a palette is locked up in the individual case, ask to see it before purchasing; you want to make sure the powders are not broken.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Your Favorite Brands

I have found this to be one of the easiest ways to get the most out of my TJ Maxx trips.

I’m always looking for specific brands that I enjoy using! Naturally, our eyes will gloss over wording and look for a logo that we recognize.

Once you spot something you want to try to pull out your phone and look it up to see what the reviews are and if it fits for what you’re looking for.

By knowing what you’re looking for, I mean not necessarily a particular product. (Nothing like I’m going to TJ Max to look for a Pat McGrath Devine Rose Palette)

Jot down a few of your favorite brands and start your search there.

Most recently, I knew I was looking for some skincare products. I’m headed in the direction of more clean beauty, and I found Grown Alchemist (which I used last night and I’m impressed) I have heard about the brand, but I never really looked into it.

Tip: Don’t look at the price and think since it’s cheap, its no good, a lot of the time I’m finding some TJ Max Locations don’t know what it is they’re pricing, so that’s a win for you!

After You Spot The Brands You Like

As I mentioned before, spotting the brands you like and looking it up on your phone will show you the reviews. (If you go by reviews to purchase your products)

9 out of 10 times, I have recognized the brands on the shelf and the ones that I don’t, I typically don’t reach for.

Tip: More than likely, you’re going to find multiple of the same product. If you find one you’re going to purchase, make sure all of the products have the same pricing! I have picked up a patachology eye cream one was priced 25.00, and the other was priced $12.00

After I purchased the one for 12, I asked why the same product was priced so differently; I was told that It depended on the month when the product was put on the shelf. The newer ones are going to be expensive, and the ones that have been sitting longer are going to have a lower price.

Generally, your skincare products have a three-year shelf life, Unless you’re looking at Vitamin C (those are things you don’t want to stock up on).

Be Ready To Do Some Research

Researching while in the store has become a must-do for me. When I’m going to TJ Maxx, I know I want to have my phone changed because I’m going to be looking some stuff up.

Sometimes the fonts can be so small on the box when you look the product up online; you can get a good idea of what skin type it is best suited for. I have learned that even though I like the brand, it doesn’t mean everything will be a hit for my skin.

If I see it pop up on Sephora with the right amount of views, I know I’m on to something. Also, make sure to check the price. I have seen some products priced more than if you were to buy the same product from the retailer.

Be Cautious

A lot of the beauty products at TJ Maxx has been tampered with in some way. Before purchasing, make sure to open it (gently) to inspect it! As I mentioned before, if it looks like it has been used, just put it back.

With skincare, it can be a little harder to tell! Look for the sealing on the package. If it has been broken, someone has opened it, if you can live without it pass on that as well!.

Sometimes, I will find the packaging has taken a beating, but the product inside looks perfect, so don’t judge a book by its cover.

Don’t Ignore the Soap Section.

The soap section is always massive in a TJ Maxx, and something I don’t even understand why.

I find other beauty products that were misplaced often! You can find some great deals if you keep your eyes peeled.

The Random Gadget Section

It is like a gold mine; you have to take your time here! I have found a Nuface, DermaFlash, PMD, Dry Bar DoubleShot, and much more! It’s incredible what you will find and see in the gadget section!

I usually see nail polish colors here to try for the seasons, and a majority of them are from Essie!

These Gadgets can still be pricy, so ask yourself if you would still pay that amount of money. When I purchased my DermaFlash, it was on sale for 75.00, I knew the retail price was more than 75, so I was comfortable spacing the 75.00.

Don’t let the sticker “compared to price” fool you! It’s not priced correctly, to begin with, and you’re better off searching for the product online to see the correct price.

With these, gadgets make sure to ask what the return policy is before you buy to cover your purchase. I have been able to register my FOREO after purchasing from TJ Maxx, but you may not always get lucky!

Go Often (If you Can)

This is going to sound funny, but I have now found a majority of what I like at TJ Maxx (and the same goes for clothes)

Since beauty products aren’t typically seasonal (except for a few things) You will start predicting what the next product launches you will see in TJ Maxx.

I like to visit my local TJ Maxx when I have free time (alone time), and I do this a couple of times a month.

When I’m there, I will keep tabs on the products I want, but don’t necessarily spend that amount I will wait to see if it hits the clearance section. This is how I purchased my Dry Bar Wand and Dry Shampoo Set!

You never know what you’re going to get when you step foot in the TJ Maxx Store; which becomes an addiction.

How To Save Money On High-End Beauty Products (Final Thoughts)

Like I said knowing How To Save Money On High-End Beauty Products is a must for a lot of us!

When you’re at your local TJ Maxx; I challenge you to stop and see if you can find something on the shelves. Something that fits what you’re looking for and if you saved money!

When you do (because I know you will) come back and share your recent finds; I always love hearing what everyone finds at TJ Maxx!

Be sure to check out my recent post about How to Become an Expert on with False Eyelashes! If you’re new to eyelashes you can find a TON of lashes at Tj Maxx (just saying).

If you’re not comfortable with hitting up stores just yet, here is the link to the TJ Maxx beauty department!

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