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How To Create The Best Skincare Routine For Your Skin

Have you figured out how to create the best skincare routine for your skin yet?

Discovering the importance of having a solid night skincare routine has been a key player in aiding to having healthy, beautiful skin.

I’m shocked at how little I knew when it came to the importance of having a solid night routine. Now that I have this on repeat, I’m able to take the stress out of everything, and I can share it with you so that you can be stress-free.  

I’m going to focus more on the actual routine, not so much product. I only say that because what I use for my skin may not be the best for your skin.

So let us jump right into how to create the best skincare routine for your skin and the Urgency behind It.

The best night skincare routine tips to have healthy skin. Also how to get the most out of your skincare routine to benefit your skin


I’m going to take it back, starting with digestion. Did you know digestion plays a crucial role in the health of your skin? If your gut isn’t functioning well, it can’t absorb the vital nutrients your skin needs to thrive. 

After dinner, take a walk and have a cup of tea. Camomile is a great option; you want to try something that is going to relax you. I love to drink the tea from Aveda, super soothing and helps me feel at ease. 

Pre Cleanse Your Skin 

Pre cleansing your skin may seem like overdoing it, but it is a necessity. There are two ways you can do this.

  1. Use an Oil or Makeup Wipe 
  2. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice. 

Deciding which is better is going to be a personal preference for which one works best for you. I like to use oil to pre-cleanse. If you wear the full 9 yards when it comes to makeup you probably have on the following: 

  • Primer
  • Foundation/Concealer 
  • Powder 
  • Bronzer 
  • Blush
  • Lip 

Although today’s facial cleansers help break through all of the stuff on your face, it doesn’t remove everything. Not removing all of your makeup is a great way to clog the pores. 

Using an oil, add to the eyes first to help break up my eye makeup (this helps to avoid rubbing to hard on the eyelids) 

Focus on the areas on the outer part of your face, and I would always forget this area and break out here. 

Many people like to use cotton; I prefer my fingers as they are more gentle on the skin, and you’ll avoid scratching the surface of your skin. 

After rubbing the oil, it is now a great time to remove the oily with either a face wipe or the makeup eraser. 

Cleanse your face

Now that you have removed a good portion of your makeup from the day, you can focus on the gentle cleanser.

I always use my FOREO Luna to wash my face; this has been my go-to for the last few years. Since the Luna vibrates, it helps to remove additional oil and dirt from my pores, which is essential to cleansing the skin. 

If you’re interested in reading about the FOREO Luna, you can find more about them and pick one for your skin. 

The cleanser you choose to use for your skin is another personal preference. What you want to look for is a gentle cleanser that doesn’t have harsh chemicals.

I wrote about this in ways to help stressed skin, and choosing the right face cleanser will help with maintaining healthy skin.

I like to use Tula, Drunk Elephant; these are both clean beauties and are free of harsh chemicals, and paragons which strip the skin of what it needs. 

After you’ve finished cleaning your face, use a towel, and gently pat your face to make sure you have removed everything. 

Determine What Treatments You Need to use 

After you cleanse your face, you’ll be able to determine the skincare concerns you wish to target. 

If I feel my skin is a little rough and needs a little more, I will exfoliate. Here are three excellent products you can try to help with a gentle exfoliation. 

Drunk Elephant baby facial (more of a paste texture)

Drunk Elephant Happi Scalp (has exfoliating beads)

Bliss Jelly Glow Peel (exfoliates by attaching to dead skin) 

After exfoliation, you should focus on your skincare products in this order. If you ever get confused, think the lightest texture to the thickest texture. 

Also, remember serums are most effective with targeting a specific skincare concern, oils add and lock in moisture. 

Here is an easy to remember the order to apply your products 

  • toner 
  • serums
  • oils
  • creams

You don’t have to use all the above if you’re just starting, you should start small and work your way up and get an idea of your skins likes and dislikes. 

You can’t go wrong with a good serum and night cream or sleeping mask. Serums again target a specific concern, creams and overnight masks will seal in the moisture and help to replenish your skin while you sleep. 

These were the basics on how to create the best skincare routine for your skin.

Extra Tips To Help Boost Your Night Routine


Applying your products in a tapping motion instead of a swiping motion will help push in the product and avoid tugging on your skin. Before I apply my skincare products, I like to use my GloPro to boost my products to sink deeper into the skin. Using a micro-needling device is entirely not a necessity. 

After applying your serums, let it sit a few minutes before using your cream product. By doing this, you will give time for everything to sink into your skin and get into place. 

Tip: Apply energizing eye cream before going to bed for a few reasons. 

  1. it gives a nice cooling feeling 
  2. Helps dark circles and wake up to less tired eye 

Remember To Wash Your Pillowcase

Having a good skincare routine is only half of the battle, you want to make sure your pillowcase is clean.

If you look up how often you should change your pillowcase, you’ll find different opinions. Some say to change your pillowcase daily if you have acne, others say every 2-3 days, and I’ve even seen some once a week.

Changing out your pillowcase is super important because of al the dirt, sweat, oil that buildup. The buildup is what causes damage to the skin.

Light Therapy

Light Therapy can be a secret weapon for your skin. Our skin will adjust to light Therapy as a source of energy to rejuvenate damaged cells and kill bacteria. Light Therapy helps to stimulate the production of collagen and boosts circulation, which helps to accelerate tissue repair.

My favorite way to use light Therapy is with the FOREO UFO; it uses light Therapy to target a specific need, so you don’t have to decide.

Don’t Forgot About The Lips

Lips can often get lost in the shuffle. You can exfoliate them while you’re brushing your teeth by running your toothbrush over your lips afterward or using a lip scrub.
After exfoliating, your lips make sure to use a hydrating lip balm to sleep in for soft lips in the morning.

Bright it all the way down

Another thing that can get lost in the shuffle is to remember to bring your skincare down to your chest area. While you’re in the shower a few days a week, dry brush your skin as needed, this will help to exfoliate this area.

Whatever you’re applying to your face make sure to bring it down to the chest area to keep your ladies looking nice.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to create the best skincare routine for your skin is vital for your skin’s health and wallet. I didn’t focus on the products; I only mentioned what I use because we’re all so different in our needs.

Remember to start your skin slow and introduce products you feel necessary. If something isn’t working, take it out, give your skin some time, and try a new product.

Figuring out how to create the best skincare routine for your skin requires patience so have fun with it and make it your own

how to create the best skincare routine for your skin And make it work.

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