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Should You Refrigerate Your Skincare Products?

It looks like you’re also interested in should you refrigerate your skincare products.

You’re not alone!

To fridge or not to fridge skincare has been a thought my mind has flirted with over the last few months continuously.

Mini fridges have been popping up everywhere, and I can see why, they’re super cute, for the most part affordable, and claim to have excellent benefits for our skincare products.

But are the fridges worth the splurge, do they improve our skincare Products?

Jumping straight into should you refrigerate your skincare products!

First let’s look at what you can put in the fridge.

Vitamin C- Vitamin C is an active ingredient, and it would be beneficial to leave in the fridge. (By adding to the refrigerator will increase the shelf life). When storing your vitamin c, it’s essential to avoid exposure to UV light.

Retinol- Like vitamin C, Retinol also contains active ingredients that break down when exposed to heat and UV. When exposed to heat and UV, the active ingredients break down, leaving you with a product that isn’t as effective as when you purchased it.

Rollers- Jade Rollers, Cryo Rollers, ice globes will all benefit from being refrigerated. The added coldness will take these devices to the next level, and help fight puffiness, help to contour the face, and get your pores in check.

Water-Based Products- Adding water-based products to the refrigerator will also take your skincare products to the next level. Esp those with cooling ingredients, like mint, feel nice when cold. If you’re a Laneige fan you’ll love the water based mask chilled!

Eye Creams: Cold eye creams can minimize puffiness for under-eye bags, and moisturizers in the fridge.

Serums that are not oil-based can benefit from the refrigerator. Cooler temperatures may also help calm inflamed acne bumps.
Aloe- Any Product that contains Aloe should be in the fridge; when cold, the ingredient can be incredibly soothing.

Natural Skincare- Vegan Skincare has become very popular, and some of these products tend to have natural extracts that can be kept at lower temperatures.

What Not To Store in the Fridge

Skincare is made to pretty much last without the refrigerator, so adding everything to the fridge can damage your products.

Products that have clay are best left out of the fridge, and the cooler temperature will harden our clay masks.

Oil Based Products should not be stored in the fridge as well. When oil products become cold, separation happens, which can alter your product, making up not as effective.

Creams that are not water-based can also experience some separation if kept at colder temperatures.

Makeup Products are also products that should stay out of the fridge because they perform better when warmed up before applying.

If you have something with an unusual texture, proceed with caution, some may work wonders while others may leave you disappointed.

So should you refrigerate your skincare products?

Overall a skincare fridge is not a must, but more of an added touch. The pros can be worth it If you use a lot of vitamin c, retinol, water based products and natural ingredients.

If you’re someone that is into masks and have a skin gym hanging our on your countertops, a skincare fridge can be a great place to store them.

Fridges are fun gadgets to incorporate into your bathroom if you like the cooling feeling before going to bed, not to mention adding a few bottles of water is a nice touch.

However these cute little machines are not nearly a must, what do you think? Is it time for a skincare fridge?

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