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UFO 2.0 Is Almost Here! Is It Worth it?

Have you guys heard the new new on the Foreo UFO? I was browsing through my emails yesterday, and there it was looking me in the face! A UFO 2.0!

You can find all of the popular FOREO devices here with things you will need to know before investing!

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I have to say I’m interested, anything FOREO I’m already ready to jump in headfirst and rub it all over my face pretty much.

If you missed my post about the FOREO UFO, you could find it here. I dive deep into what you would want to know about the FOREO UFO before buying it.

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Back to 2.0 and all of the goodies involved!

Light Therapy

The light therapy in UFO 2 has been extended from the original! This is the number one upgrade that stood out to me.

  • Red- Stimulates collagen and Elastin to help fight wrinkles and lift the skin
  • Blue-Helps with Oil production and fights acne-causing bacteria.
  • Green- Evens out skin tone and brightens dull skin! Helps to soften dark spots and dark circles
  • White- White light is the one that travels the deepest into our skin. While light helps to tone the skin and decrease puffiness
  • Purple- the combination of red and blue and helps get rid of toxins and boost radiance and helps with inflammation
  • Orange- Helps to ease the damage from the sun giving your skin a glow
  • Yellow- Soothes the sunburn, I found this to be pretty awesome! Summers down here in Florida the sun can become brutal
  • Cyan- This is a blueish green light that helps stressed skin by reducing swelling and block out the pain. I didn’t know this light range even existed.

Thermo- Therapy

For those of you that have the original UFO, you know this device gets pretty warm. The UFO 2.0 heats 5X faster than the original. This is great for loosening up all the nasty stuff that builds upon our face! I love the heat when it comes to removing makeup from my face.

You can think of the heat feature as a way to soften your skin faster to allow your skin mask to sink deeper into your skin, maximizing their results.

Cryo Therapy

Like the Original UFO, the cooling feature is only available on the UFO, not the mini. Cooling Therapy is excellent for puffiness, shrinking pores, and helping to lift and firm the skin. If you want the benefits of this, make sure you go for the UFO and not the UFO mini!

So through all of that, what is different from the Original UFO?

  • The UFO 2 has five more colors than the original UFO
  • Upgraded technology
  • Faster heating and cooling
  • Enhanced App-led treatments that take me to the next upgrades the APP.

I had heard from some that they didn’t like the APP with the Original UFO. I found it to be pretty helpful and soothing. If you hated the APP with the Original UFO, you’re going to love the UFO 2

Instant App Connectivity

The UFO 2 now automatically connects to your phone when turned on and in range!

Find My UFO 2

This feature is pretty cool if you misplace your stuff often as I do. This function allows you to find your device and automatically unlocks it for use.

The Differences between the UFO 2 and Mini 2

Just like the Original UFO and Mini there are two details you want to pay attention to. Only select masks will work in the Mini and the Mini will also not be able to support the cooling affect (Cryo-Therapy)

With a release date to be determined, I cant wait to get my hands on it!

What are your thoughts? is this something to add to you pampering routine?

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