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FOREO BEAR Is A New Amazing Facial Device, is it Worthwhile?

The FOREO BEAR is the new Microcurrent device on the market, but is it worthwhile?

I have to say 2020 has been an insane year so far, but the beauty releases this year have been suspenseful.

If you want to jump to a full review on both the BEAR and BEAR Mini you can read that post here!

You can also find all of the popular FOREO devices here with things you will need to know before investing!

FOREO is what comes to mind when my skin is craving something unique! (which feels like always).

I’m still eager to see what FOREO is going to come out with next because their products are nothing short of genius! No matter what I’m doing, I always have time to squeeze in a little TLC using the FOREO UFO!

FOREO isn’t just a product for me, its a lifestyle for me, which is why I share so much about their products!

I couldn’t wait to share that FOREO has a NEW Face toning product that is going to be available soon, and I have to be honest. I’m ready to pull the trigger.

Hint, if you have your eye on the NuFace Toning Device, you’ll want to check out the new FOREO BEAR! How cute is that name for a gadget?


What is the FOREO BEAR?

The Bear is super cute; you can see by the device where it gets its name from! The BEAR is FOREO’s first smart microcurrent facial firming device that is safe to use at home.

According to FOREO, the BEAR is the world’s safest shock-free treatment due to the Anit shock System also can’t forget to mention the BEAR uses the same microcurrent facial treatments found at celebrity spas!

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent Treatments are clinically tested and probably the most sought after treatments to help anti-aging!

Think of Microcurrent as a low-level current that mimics our body’s natural flow, which makes microcurrent effective.

These treatments can help those looking to maintain a healthy, younger-looking appearance and are often referred to as the 5-minute facial lift.

Is the BEAR is going to be a rival for the NuFace Trinity and Mini, are you excited?

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much afraid to use my NuFace. It always shocks the shit out of me (no matter how much Serum I put on beforehand)

What Does The FOREO BEAR Do?

Like the other FOREO heroes (Luna, UFO), the BEAR is powered by an advanced app with a massive variety of facial workouts and treatments on the market.

Did you know our face and neck have over 65 muscles? (I didn’t) and that these muscles naturally lose their tone and firmness as we age?

The BEAR helps your skin build collagen, repair the elastin, and tighten your face!

Another feature I found to be unique was the T-Sonic Pulsations.

The T-Sonic Pulsations will help to extend into your pores and help increase circulation and help ease facial tensions.

The FOREO BEAR App Features

I’m still on the fence about having to use an app for my FOREO products.

It doesn’t take much time to connect, and it helps to guide you if needed, but I prefer to turn on the device and go.

The App seems to mimic those of the FOREO UFO2 with the Find my BEAR (basically a tracking system).

Along with the “Find my BEAR” option, the App will help with software updates, personalized device settings, and, most importantly, guided facial routines to help tone your face.


Thoroughly wash your face before using your BEAR. It is crucial to ensure you have removed all reaming residue from your face.

If not, the leftover oil on your face will deflect the microcurrent, meaning it won’t be effective.

NEVER use any Microcurrent Device without a conductive serum, gel, or cream; without it, your session will be painful and damage your skin.

The Difference Between the BEAR and the BEAR Mini


Like the FOREO UFO, there will also be a BEAR and a BEAR Mini that you will be able to choose from!

I love that there are options to choose from, but it can become challenging to find the difference! Here are the differences between the BEAR and the BEAR Mini.

Both the BEAR and the BEAR Mini come equipped with Microcurrent, T-Sonic Pulsations, Antishock System, and are USB rechargeable.

Where you see a difference is the Microcurrent intensity levels, the device colors, routines, and size.

The BEAR has five microcurrent intensity levels, where the BEAR mini comes has 3. If you’re one that would prefer to have more intensity levels, you would want to go for the BEAR.

The BEAR Mini has two device colors to choose from: Lavender and Pearl Pink. (both are super cute colors) The BEAR only comes in one color, and that is their Fushia color. (not sure exactly what the color name is)

The routines differ from the BEAR to the BEAR Mini. The BEAR is your full facial and targeted areas, whereas the BEAR mini is only for targeted areas.

The sizes of the BEAR and the BEAR mini are also different. The BEAR is 64mm, and the BEAR Mini is 57mm.

FOREO BEAR and BEAR Mini Price?

Another key difference is the price between the BEAR and the BEAR mini. The BEAR is going to be $299, and the BEAR mini is going to be $199

Overall Things To Consider About the FOREO BEAR and BEAR Mini

Both of these devices are not cheap, and you will either love it or hate it. Considering how much the device is, and on top of that, you have to buy the Serum (unless you have it on hand already).

It seems more pricey than the NuFace if you go the BEAR route with the Serum, you will be looking at close to $350 for the device and Serum alone without shipping and tax calculated!

To go one step further, you can get the NuFACE Trinity device for $325 and have the option to purchase attachments later.

The BEAR Mini is the same price as the NuFACE Mini when you compare device to device.

Looking at the warranty of the two devices, the FOREO BEAR and BEAR mini comes with a two-year warranty whereas NuFACE comes with one year!

To wrap it up, if you’re looking for a new microcurrent device that comes loaded with all the features FOREO has to offer, you will want to look at the BEAR.

With the option to use both targeted areas and full facial, and have the opportunity to use five microcurrent intensity levels, you will get more out of your BEAR.

If you’re more set on adding a little something to your skincare routine and big on the color, you’ll want to consider the BEAR Mini.

With the option to choose between lavender or Pearl Pink, you still will have targeted treatments and three intensity levels to choose from.

If you want to read more about Microcurrent Treatments you can find some additional information here! If you want to check out the other devices from FOREO you can read about the FOREO UFO and the FOREO Luna here as well!



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