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Fall Skincare: How To Smoothly Transition from Summer

Fall Skincare is a thing, and its a serious thing : )

Fall Skincare essentials

It’s that time again, the time to think fall Skincare! Just like changing the home decor for seasonal changes, changing your skincare for the season can set your skin up for a happy transition.

Fall is my second favorite season for many reasons, I mean, you can’t go wrong with plum toned lipstick, Pumpkin scones, and the fun sweater vibes fall brings.

With fall around the corner, it can be easy to overlook caring for our skin. You may have heard transitioning your skincare for the seasons and may have never thought much of it.

Think of wearing a bikini in the middle of fall; nips are about to go HAM. Or like wearing a bulky sweater in the middle of summer! Your skin is going to go through the same transition and requires a transition strategy!

Deciding when to make the transition is a funky one. It’s not like you can run to the calendar and say today is the day I’m changing my skincare routine; I now pronounce the fall skincare to take over.

Here is how to decide when its time, listen to your body. If you find you’re beginning to reach for a light jacket before heading out, it’s probably time to make the switch. If it still feels nice enough to wear tank tops, there is no need to make the transition just yet.

Here is the easiest way to transition your summer skincare routine into your new fall routine!

Swap Out Your Cleanser

Switching out your cleanser is the first and probably one of the most critical steps when it comes to transiting your skincare routine. With transitioning, you want to think about adding moisture to your cleanser and try to step away from using foam or anything that strips the natural oil from your skin.

Cleansers like Cream Milk Oil Cleanser from Laneige is an excellent option. This cleanser will help strengthen your skin’s moisture and won’t leave you with the tight feeling we can experience after stripping our skin.

Add More Moisture

The thought of having to put a heavier moisturizer on my super oily skin was almost paralyzing at the time when considering making the change.

We tend to moisturize with lighter products such as oils during summer months because we sweat, and we don’t want to clog our pores.

In the fall (in some areas), temps can get a little chilly sucking the skin’s moisture. The answer to this is moisturizing with a cream-based product.

If cream-based moisturizers leave your skin feeling overly oily, you can stick to a lighter gel-based cleanser with a simple face oil over the top.

If you skipped out on sleep masks this summer, adding sleeping makes to your fall skincare routine will do wonders for your skin!

My all-time favorite and one I haven’t deviated from since its release is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask! The Water Sleeping Mask has been by far the best night sleeping mask and sinks into the skin.

If you want even more moisture, I love the Drunk Elephants F-Blam Electrolyte Waterfacial!

Don’t Forget Your Lips

Lips can become the most stressed when the seasons change. I always experience dry lips during the fall month, and that is when I know its time to transition my skincare routine.

When it comes to the lips I don’t use anything fancy and I always recommend two; Carmex or Aquaphor!

Although the nicely scented lip balms smell pretty and taste yummy, those types of lip balms won’t provide the protection you need. Always have one on hand and leave one on your nightstand and still apply before going to bed.

Cut Down On The Exfoliation

As we approach the colder months, exfoliation is not a must-do every other day. Exfoliating your skin aggressively can hurt your skin even more.

Not only can exfoliation dry your skin out, but you’re also opening the door to dry patches on your face.

I like to follow my skin and exfoliate as needed, and I will exfoliate at night instead of the morning.

Exfoliating the skin at night is a great way to remove dead skin, hydrate it properly, and, most importantly, keeps you from touching your face.

Make the Swap to a Silk Pillow Case

If you haven’t done so yet, consider swapping out your pillowcase for many reasons! Not only is a silk pillowcase much more luxurious to sleep on, but it also helps to prevent drying out your skin and tugging on your face as well.

Oh, and I forgot to mention its better for your hair as well!

I would also set a reminder every Sunday to wash your pillowcase to keep it clean. Now that you’ll be using more moisturizing skin care products, you don’t want to risk breaking out because you don’t wash your pillowcase!

Last fall skincare considerations

Making the transition is and actually shouldn’t be complicated. Keep in mind to listen to your skin; your skin will guide you! Think of Pocahontas singing the colors of the wind! 

Here is a quick recap 

  1. Swap out your cleanser for a more moisturizing one (if you feel your skin can handle it) 
  2. Bring on the Moisture baby! The fall is my favorite time to start experimenting with oils for a little bit more hydration without overdoing it. 
  3. Cut back on the Exfoliation, not eliminate it! Exfoliation is crucial for maintaining healthy skin! Keep it short and keep it mild. 
  4. Don’t forget your Lips, please! Chapped lips are very uncomfortable and can be avoided by adding a simple lip balm to your routine! 
  5. Switch out that pillowcase for a silk one; your face and hair will thank you! But be sure to make sure you wash your pillowcase often to help keep bacteria down! 

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