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Fighting Oily Skin? Here Are 3 Mind Blowing Products!


Fighting Oily Skin With Bliss Clear Genius

If you’re Fighting Oily Skin, I know the struggles you face trying to find something practical, affordable, and effective!

We all know how much of a struggle fighting oily skin can be; it’s almost a neverending story.

But there is hope, notice how I said its almost a neverending story!

It wasn’t until I tried the Bliss Clear Genis Line that I became a believer.

Bliss has been delivering on their skincare products lately, and if I’m honest with you, I’ve used some of these more than my expensive luxury skincare products! 

Skincare is always evolving, and I know I should stick with one product and roll with it, but I love the skincare industry, and I become obsessed with new releases (so I’m always trying new things) 

Recently, Bliss released a new skincare line, Clear Genius, designed to help treat problem skin. 

When I think of products used to treat problematic skin, my mind automatically goes to the ingredients and how harsh they can be on the surface, causing further discomfort. 

So when I saw that Bliss had released a new line without harsh chemicals, non-irritating, and non- drying ingredients, I was interested to see what’s up! 

Let us get to the meat and potatoes of fighting oily skin, with the Bliss Clear Genuis Skincare Line

What Is Bliss Clear Genuis?

Bliss Clear Genius

Clear Genius is a three-step skincare system which is fantastic if you want a more simplified skincare routine, this will do it for you. In the Bliss Clear Genius Skincare Line Up, you get the following: 

  1. Clear Genius Clarifying Gel Cleanser $13.00
  2. Clear Genius Clarifying Toner+ Serum $18.00
  3. Clear Genius Clarifying Liquid Peel $22.00

For $53.00, you can get the entire line and have a solid skincare routine; on the flip side, that can still be pricy for some, especially for a drug store skincare line. 

Clear Genius Clarifying Gel Cleanser 

When it comes to new skincare releases, I always have high expectations for the cleanser. The cleanser is the staple when it comes to having a cleansed face, and if it doesn’t perform, it’s not worth the money. 

3 Key Ingredients: 

BHA ( Salicylic Acid) If you have problematic skin, you want to have BHAs. BHAs help to clear out your pores and control the excess oil your skin produces. What’s even better is BHAs provide a level of exfoliation without the harsh scrubbing. 

Willow Bark Extract- If you have large pores, Willow Bark Extract helps keep your pores clear, helping prevent them from becoming clogged. 

Brazilian Sea Water- Used to detoxify and balance your skin while keeping your pores clear.

Overall Thoughts On the Clear Genius Cleanser

After using the Gel Cleanser, I can say I enjoy using it. Little things like the pump to disperse the product, to the light scent of willow bark and the cleanser’s lathering, make this worth it. 

I know some people don’t necessarily like scents when it comes to skincare products, but the smell of this is not overpowering. If you are familiar with the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop, the cleanser has a similar scent. 

I agree with Bliss, this cleanser didn’t strip my skin leaving it feeling super tight (like it would split in half if I smiled) I use this with my FOREO Luna, and it’s almost like a perfect match the lather game with these two products are brilliant. 

I have super oily skin, but I can’t claim to have problematic skin (anymore). To say that this cleanser has cleared my skin would be misleading, but I can say I haven’t broken out while using it. I used this both day and night for 30 days now, and although I don’t have pesky breakouts, the face wash does help calm my skin. 

I swear this face wash has a slight minty feel on my skin (like its cooling), and it’s relaxing to use both day and night. 

I would recommend giving this face wash a try, especially if you have problematic skin. With the gentle exfoliating, the cleanser can be a relief if your skin is inflamed! 

Clear Genius Clarifying Toner+ Serum 

When I first saw the toner and serum duo, I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to try for a few reasons.

Since I have oily skin, I tend to skip out on toner. I feel like toner leaves my skin feeling more oily than it did before applying toner.

I have to say if you try anything from this line, the Toner and Serum duo is a MUST try. I will say hands down this has been a gamechanger in my skincare routine. Let’s jump into the key ingredients. 

BHA- Controls excess oil production and minimize pores 

Witch Hazel- helps to soothe and tone skin 

Cica- Helps to calm and soothe skin from dehydration 

Niacinamide- This is the game changer ingredient in this duo! Niacinamide is like my skins’ new best friend.

Niacinamide is not talked about often, but it’s fantastic for the skin! Used to help diminish pores and blemishes! 

Zinc- Regulates the skins oil production while calming redness. 

Overall thoughts The Clear Genius Clarifying Toner+ Serum

We all have the skincare products that we fall in love with after the first use, this duo is one of them! I have completely fallen for this product, and for $18, this is a must-have in your skincare routine. 

With over 62% of users giving this product a full five stars, I can see why! 

I haven’t seen a toner and Serum in one bottle until more recently (FENTY Fat Water)

By combing these two make a perfect match for oily skin. 

I have worn this under makeup, and this can pretty much act as a primer as well. On the label, Bliss mentions you can use a moisturizer after if you desire. I tried it both ways, and without moisturizer has been my favorite so far. 

The texture is a watery gel consistency and sinks into the skin quicker than you would believe. Being that there is Witch Hazel in this toner serum, there is a scent of the willow bark like the cleanser. 

Like the cleanser, I have been using this for a month straight, and it looks like I have barely used it. The amount of product you get for $18.00 is outstanding and worth the money. 

The toner is where I have seen the most significant difference in my skin’s texture and appearance. I will be repurchasing this when the time comes. 

Fighting OIly Skin with the Clarifying Liquid Peel

I’m still trying to decide on this liquid peel, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I can’t say I love it and I don’t know if I hate it. Let’s look at the Key Ingredients. 

PHA Polyhydroxy Acid- Used to exfoliate your skin while retaining moisture without irritation gently. 

Glycolic Acid AHA- Reduces excess dead skin cell buildup for a more soft, smooth textured skin.

BHA- Clears out pores and controls excess oil production 

Lactic Acid AHA- Hydrates and gently exfoliates revealing a brighter complexion

Overall Thoughts on the Liquid Peel

The stand out feature about the Liquid Peel is the proven results. Users experienced clarified and calm skin by morning without irritation after just one use! 

When you hear users see results after just one use is pretty impressive, I didn’t get the same reaction. With using two times a week, I feel like I got the same results using the other two products (the cleanser and toner + Serum) 

 The Liquid peel smells like a cardboard box (in my opinion), and after complaining about the scent with my husband, he disagrees. 

For being $22, the Liquid Peel is 100% more affordable than other products in the same category. The liquid peel is not my favorite, and while it may work wonders for another’s skin, for me, it did nothing exciting. 

Final thoughts on the Bliss Clear Genuis Skincare For Fighting Oily Skin

If you’re fighting oily skin and you’re looking for a skin changing experience consider the Toner + Serum! I can’t express enough how much this has changed my skin for the better!

Overall comparing this line to the other Bliss Line I tested out (What A Melon you can read about it here), I would much rather have this line. Little details about this line to mention are the way all the products are dispersed. I like to have pumps, so I don’t waste my products, so the packaging is an A. 

The Clarifying Toner + Serum is the show stopper in this collection 100%! I can live without the other two products but the Clarifying Toner + Serum I can’t part with. 

If you want to read more about Bliss Skincare Options, check out this post about the What A Melon Line. 

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