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Bliss What A Melon Skincare Review

When was the last time you read a Bliss What A Melon Skincare Review?

Watermelon skincare is taking over, and I feel like everywhere I look, there is something watermelon stocked on the shelves. I don’t know if it’s for the season, or maybe I’m barely starting to pay attention. 

I love skincare products; it’s always like a mini science experiment when a new skincare product is released. It’s exciting, not knowing what to expect. 

As I move through my skincare journey and wanting to have a more natural and simplified skincare routine, I have noticed I have been itching for Vegan products. 

I have been stalking the internet lately looking into Glow recipe, and I’m itching to try it, but I can’t seem to pull the trigger. 

I found myself at Walgreens the other day, and I came across Bliss Skincare Products. 

Bliss What A Melon Skincare Product review! These have been my favorite Bliss Skincare Products so far, perfect for Summer Skincare

Not going to lie when I saw the What a melon line, I knew it was a must-try because it was so affordable. I told myself if it wasn’t all that great, at least it wasn’t expensive. 

Here’s what I picked up from the Bliss Skincare: What a Melon Line

I was so close to just getting the overnight sleeping mask, but I wanted to try the entire line and see what’s up. 

Let’s jump straight to the Bliss What A Melon Skincare Review starting with the Jelly Glow Peel.

Jelly Glow Peel 

The Jelly Glow Peel is a gentle non- abrasive exfoliation with fruit enzymes. 

Here is what is on the back of the bottle:

“This gentle jelly peel uniquely exfoliates with soft plant-based fibers that act like micro-lint rollers to capture and roll away dry, flaky skin and dirt. The bouncy jelly base nourishes and hydrates, leaving skin soft, fresh and perfectly primed for smooth makeup application. No harsh scrubbing that especially dry or sensitive skin can’t handle”.

I picked this up for $12, and for 4.0FL, I didn’t see that to be a super bad price.

The texture of the Jelly Glow Peel reminded me of Saturday Skin. If you’re not familiar with Saturday Skin the texture is like a paste. As you rub it across your skin it begins to crumble up into little balls and this is how it exfoliates your skin.

I didn’t read what the bottle before I tired it. I used this with my Luna, and my skin was super shiny afterward.

The Jelly Glow Peel is not your traditional foaming cleanser and does ball up when you massage it into your skin. 

Bliss Skincare Routine with the Watermelon edge. All products are clean beauty and cruelty free

You’ll like this If: 

It would help if you had a mild exfoliation but don’t want to use a harsh scrub. 

Don’t mind a mild scent in your face wash. 

You may not like this if: 

You want to have a suds when you rub into your skin. 

Dislike scented products 

Want a minimal product with a few ingredients

Overall Experience: 

I enjoyed this, as I mentioned above, I didn’t use it correctly the first time, and my skin was super soft and skinny. It felt like I polished my face, and it didn’t strip my skin or leave it sensitive afterward. 

I had better results when I rubbed The Jelly Glow Peel on slightly, and I mean slightly damp skin. The Jelly Glow Peel was more enjoyable than my regular exfoliator because of how it left my skin afterward. My skin wasn’t red or irritated since it didn’t have traditional exfoliating textures.

For $12, it was a pleasant surprise, but I don’t see this being a practical everyday wash. 

What a Melon Replenishing Toner

The What a Melon Toner is packed with with witch hazel, willow bark, and Hyaluronic acid

I was hesitant to try this, I still fave the found a toner that I go crazy over. My face usually becomes super oily, and it turns into a bigger mess than me, not using a toner. I was hopeful because the Willow bark and Hyaluronic are perfect ingredients for oily skin. 

Here is what is on the back of the bottle: 

This light and refreshing toner with watermelon extract, electrolytes, and willow bark transforms tired, stressed skin to replenished, refreshed, and energized.

The toner is a new addition to the line, and for $6, the price is right. I used the toner after I washed my face with the Jelly Glow Peel.

First things that hit me was the watermelon scent. I’m not a fan of the smell of the toner; it smells like a stale soda. After I rubbed it into my skin, I didn’t notice the smell nearly as bad, but it was still there.

I didn’t get the sticky tacky feeling after applying, immediately my face felt soft and cooled down. 

You’ll like this if: 

You want a toner with Hyaluronic acid for hydration 

the convenience fo the push top 

Okay with a “watermelon” scent 

Have time to let this sink into the skin

You May not Care for this if: 

You’re sensitive to scent or don’t like the smell at all in your skincare 

Don’t like the feeling of Witch Hazel on your skin. 

Prefer not to have a slightly tacky feeling on your face 

Overall Experience 

For $6, I’m still on the fence about this toner. I can get over the scent and have had the time to allow this to sink into my skin so that I can tolerate it. I haven’t worn this under makeup, so it’s hard for me to say if this will help or contribute to oily makeup. 

It does make my skin feel refreshed, so it does what its intended to do, I’m just not 100% sold on it. 

What A Melon Overnight Mask

Bliss Skincare Products to add to your skincare routine. The What a Melon line is great for stressed skin

What a Melon overnight mask was the reason I bought this line to start with. I had high expectations for this product, and like th Jelly Glow Peel, this was a pleasant surprise! 


Here is what Bliss mentions about the mask

  • This potent overnight mask creates a nutrient-rich veil to bring tired, stressed-out skin back to life. Removes dead cells and toxins for a refreshed, dewy complexion; boosts skin’s defenses against stress and the environment
  • Balances to calm and de-stress; rehydrates as it tops off moisture levels and electrolytes to plump and soften
  • Wake up to vibrant, supple skin

After letting my toner set, I applied this to my face. The bottle says to rub into the skin for a minute and go to sleep. The texture is nice it’s not a thick as the Laneige water sleeping mask, its a tad bit thinner but is easy to work into the skin. 

The What A Melon Overnight Mask has a scent to it, but it smells better than the toner, it’s more enjoyable. 

Overall Thoughts: 

Since I haven’t tried the glow recipe, I enjoyed using this mask. 

I woke up to soft skin, and best of all, no breakouts. If I had to choose between the What a melon Overnight Mask or the Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige, I would have to reach for the Laneige because of the scent. 

You’ll Like This if

You like a lightweight mask to sleep in 

You want a hassle-free mask (makes no mess)

Like the Scent of Watermelon 

Not Needing a Heavy Overnight Mask for Hydration 

This May Not Be For You if:

Scent is a no no for you

Your skin is in need Of a thicker mask for hydrating

Is Bliss Skincare worth it

Wheeew thank you for sticking though my Bliss What A Melon Skincare Review , I know it was long winded.

Using these Bliss products were refreshing to say the least. It’s nice that these products are vegan, are considered clean products, and are affordable.

While these skincare products may not be for everyone, skincare should not always have to cost an arm and a leg. Bliss can be a great start to get a skincare routine down and learn how to add products that work for your skin rather than falling for a price tag.

Although, the toner wasn’t the best when it came to scent, I liked the way it felt on my skin more than other high brands.

I have purchased two other products from Bliss, I just haven’t tried them out yet!

What are your thoughts on Bliss Skincare? Have you tried some products? Which are your favorites?

Thank you for taking time to check out the Bliss What A Melon Skincare review, please share your comments and pin this if you found this helpful!

If you want to learn more about the Bliss Skincare Products you can check out their website here.

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