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Dyson has launched its first Flat Iron

Dyson has launched its first Flat Iron, the Corrale! I love talking about new beauty releases, especially when I have hopes it will make my life easier. There’s nothing worse than having to explain to your significant other why you chopped off your arm and handed it over for beauty gadgets.

Dyson has launched its first Flat Iron the charging dock is genius

That’s how I felt when I purchased the Dyson Corrale. I still haven’t mentioned I bought it. Just going to go with the flow on this one : )

The wait is finally over, but is this hair straightener here to stay? Or will it go down in history as your most hated beauty gadget?

Since it has been a few weeks since Dyson has launched its first Flat Iron, here are some things you should know!

What is the Dyson Corrale?

Dyson has launched its first Flat Iron the corrale

Dyson finally came out with its new hair tool, and they call it the Corrale. I say finally because I have been waiting to see what they were going to do next outside of hair dryers. I’m a Dyson fan when it comes to hair tools for many reasons. I feel like I get what I pay for in quality, technology, and long term useability. If you haven’t seen my post about the Dyson Airwrap, you can find it here!

But what exactly is the Corrale, and what makes it so different that Dyson feels the need to charge $499 for it?

The number one thing that stood out to me is the fact that the Corrale is the “only straightener with flexing plates that shape to gather the hair” So what the hell does that mean?

The plates of the straightener are made of Manganese copper, which takes shape to your hair, cutting down the heat needed to straighten your hair.

You can use it cord-free, which can be a huge advantage for some. But I can say I won’t hate on the cord if it gives you options.

First Impressions of the Dyson

Let’s talk about the packaging for a brief moment. I was utterly underwhelmed! I was expecting something grand similar to the airwrap packaging.

When I first opened the packaging to a cardboard feeling box, I honestly thought I was sent the wrong thing or that my hair straighter was refurbished. I was able to look past that after I tossed it out, but for $499, I was expecting something better.

After getting passed the packaging, everything inside was just what I expected it to be, and that’s sleek packaging. Here is what comes in the box:

  • Dyson Corrale Straightner Charging Dock
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Heat-resistant travel pouch

Something that I have never seen before is a flight-ready tag. When I opened the hair straightener for the first time, I almost ripped this off! To read more about the fight ready tag, you can check out here!

The travel case is a cute velvet pouch; I would’ve preferred something more sturdy for traveling purposes. But for everyday use, I love the thought of being able to have a dock to sit the straightener on.

Call me lazy, but I found having to put the airwrap away in its storage box was time-consuming; therefore, I never do.

First Time Using the Straightener

You have to allow the straightener charge before using it unless you’re impatient like me. I was impressed when I turned the straightener on; I pretty much became giddy!

The screen is OLED and shows you the charge level, the temp options, and how much battery you have left.

Out of pure excitement, I didn’t charge before using it, and it died within minutes of me using the straightener.

One gripe I do have, and I don’t know if this is just me, but I felt like the straighter pulled on my hair a little bit. Not in a way that my hair was getting pulled out, It just didn’t glide smoothly.

After a few passes through my hair, this did get better. I want to say its the angle you hold the straighter.

Although, Dyson has launched its first Flat Iron there are some pros and cons with the Corrale!


There are many pros to this straighter that I have found pretty interesting.

  1. The straighter didn’t get super hot even at the highest temp of 410. I was able to get super close to my scalp withing burning it, which I love because I can get my baby hairs toward the front.
  2. My hair after one single pass was straight and super soft, from root down to the tips (and yes I have damaged hair at the tips)
  3. You can use it with or without a cord. The cordless option can be attractive for some, which is why I listed it as a pro.
  4. I had SIGNIFICANT less hair breakage while using the Corrale compared to my Babyliss straightener.
  5. Dyson provides mini-tutorials to show you how to achieve particular looks! I found this to be AWESOME! Who doesn’t love pro hairstyle looks created at home?


I went back and forth with the cons in my head. What may be a con for me may not be for you. But here is what I found to be a turn off/con with the straightener.

  1. PRICE- this hair straightener is no joke. I purchased this with my own money, and I was debating if I need to keep this because it is pricey.
  2. While using cordless, the battery life seemed to be not enough for me to straighten my hair without it dying. I like to take my time when straightening my hair, and it sounds silly, but I felt rushed while straightening my hair.
  3. I would say this is more of an annoyance for me rather than a con, but when I straighten my hair with the cord, the cord had times that it would just detach. Since it is a magnetic charger is you move around a lot, it will disconnect.

Overall Thoughts

After I used the straightener more, I found that I enjoyed it more. Kind of like the Airwrap, it takes some time to see the benefits of using.

I noticed my hair was straighter for a more extended period of time, and the tips of my hair felt amazing. They pretty much felt like I had trimmed off all of my dead ends; it was shocking.

It took me two weeks to decide to keep the Corrale, because of the price. I decided to keep it because of how it made my hair feel while straightening, and also how well it kept my hair a few days after.

Should you run out to buy this?

I would say if you straighten your hair often more than two to three times a week, this can be a lifesaver for you and help extend the time you need to straighten your hair.

I have unruly curly hair, and this is the one straightener that I have come across that allows me to get close to my root without burning my scalp. It allows me to have pin-straight hair when I want it and leaves my hair feeling shiny and soft.

I will also mention that if you have an excellent blowdryer and don’t mind taking the time to blowdry your hair, you may not even need to purchase this to get straight hair.

Being that I debated on keeping it, I wouldn’t say to run out and buy it right away because it is a big purchase financially, but I can say I got what I paid for, and my hair is happy!

Lastly, I’m thrilled Dyson has launched its first Flat Iron, and I’m excited to see what they bring to the table next!

What are your thoughts on expensive hair tools? Do you think you get what you pay for? Or do you feel its another way for companies to pad their pockets?

Stay safe and Stay Healthy!

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