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False Eyelashes & How To Become An Expert

False Eyelashes & How To Become An Expert

False Eyelashes & How To Become An Expert

Everything about False Eyelashes & How To Become An Expert has been something I have been wanting to share for awhile now!

What if you could apply false eyelashes like a pro every time, would you feel more confident when it comes to using them?

We all know how difficult mastering the false eyelash can be; it took me a few years to pin it down. I share this same advice with all of my peeps when I do their makeup, so they have the confidence to do false eyelashes at home (and not have to pay anyone to do it)

The best news is wearing false eyelashes will dramatically change your makeup look, and you have the power to do it at home without professional help!

Not only can you do it yourself, but you WILL also save money on your lash fill-ins! I want to share my tips with you so you can be the lash master!

Lets jump straight into False Eyelashes & How To Become An Expert!

False Eyelashes & How To Become An Expert

Going too Dramatic

 I See these dramatic eyelashes often, and 9 out of 10 times, it’s not a flattering look. I want to be real when I say this; dramatic lashes can 100% be pulled off with the right eye shape and makeup look. 

When to go for a dramatic lash
  1. When you’re going full-on glam and have a dramatic makeup look. 

Not Trimming Your Lash Down 

We all have committed this no before, and the outcome is never good. With fake eyelashes, lashes are made to target a large population, so trimming your lash is crucial to a comfortable lash experience. 

TIP: when cutting your lash, trim the outside of the lash, not the inner corner. If you forget to trim the lash’s inner portion, you’re going to have an unflattering chunk of very noticeable lashes. Not only that, but they will eventually come up and poke you in the eye! Also, start with a small section; you don’t want to ruin your lash. One last tip, save the pieces you cut off. You can also use these pieces to add dimension to the utter corner. 

You are not allowing Your Eyelash Glue Dry down Before applying. 

Allowing your eyelash glue to dry down before applying is going to save you time and frustration. When your eyelash glue doesn’t have time to dry down before applying your eyelash isn’t going to stick to your eye, and you’re going to end up with glue all over your eyelid eventually giving it. 

TIP: Don’t apply the eyelash glue directly to your eyelash, instead use the end of your tweezers to apply to the lash. Applying Glue with Tweezers (or whatever you choose) will help prevent applying too much glue to the lash. 

Not Using Tweezers To Apply Your Lashes

Tweezers are crucial to a flawless eyelash application. I cannot stress this enough; this will change your experience with applying eyelashes. I see a lot of people using the applicators that come with lashes, and while their handy, they’re more challenging to use than they are helpful. 

What is Best to apply False Lashes 

TWEEZERS! The reason being is you can get the inner corner of your eye with no issues. The applicators that come with lashes are chunky and can be hard to move around. 

Tip: Before applying your lashes with your tweezers, make sure they’re free from anything sticky. The last thing you want is to have your lash in the perfect spot and have them pulled off by your tweezers 

You Are Not Using a Lash with an invisible band.

Lashes come in all different shapes and sizes, and typically the invisible band is more comfortable to work with over one that doesn’t have an invisible band for two reasons: 

  1. Invisible bands are more flexible 
  2. Invisible bands are more natural to conceal, making them more natural-looking. 
So what does an invisible band look like? 

The easiest way to describe the invisible band is to picture lashes on a piece of fishing line; you can see the lashes are attached by something you just can’t see the band. 

None invisible lash bands are thick, dark, and are noticeable to the naked eye. While these lashes can still work, they’re harder to work with overall. 

Not removing the glue after wearing Your False Lashes. 

The great thing about false lashes is you can wear them multiple times (saving you money), and they will still look good the next day. The key is to pull the glue off carefully with tweezers (making sure to avoid tugging too hard), so you don’t ruin the lash. The adhesive should come off relatively quickly. 

What is the Best Eyelash Glue?

When it comes to eyelash glue, you want to be cautious and pay attention to your eye’s reaction! I have tried numerous glues on the market, and I have lost a lot of lashes along the way. 

I have found that the DUO lash glue is the best when it comes to lash friendliness, and the ability to hold all day. I have used the three below, and honestly, the one that comes with this pack has been my favorite. It has a great hold all day, and it doesn’t pull my eyelashes off when I remove my false lashes. 

This glue has a great hold, but it just didn’t work for my eyes; every time I would wear it, it would sting and burn my eyes all day. 

And lastly, This one is in the middle. It didn’t burn as much as the previous one, the application tip was helpful, and the hold is decent as well. 

Applying Your Lashes While Your Eye Is Closed 

 I Remember I would apply my lashes with my eye closed, thinking it was easier to put on. This thought was far from the truth! When you use your lash on a closed eye most of the time, your eye is scrunched up. Therefore the placement will be off. 

I find it easier to apply my lashes with my head tilted slightly back. The goal is to get the lashes as close to the lash line as possible. 

Applying The outer corner incorrectly.

Eyelashes have the power to open our eyes, but they can also give our eyes a closed-off look as well. The solution is to place the outer corner of your false lash slightly above your natural lash line. 

By applying the false lash right above your lash line, you will give your eye a lifting affect.

Always make sure to line your water line with a waterproof eyeliner to bring the look together

Tip: When you’re going for the foxy eye, you want to use a lash that is thicker at the ends and thinner towards the inner corner of your eye! The Foxy eye look will look best with winged eyeliner and whispers lashes!

Which False Eyelashes Are the best?

False Eyelashes & How To Become An Expert

With so many false eyelashes on the market, it can be overwhelming to find ones that you like! If you’re new to false lashes, I always recommend Ardel Demi Wispies!

Even if you’re not new to false lashes, these are perfect to have in your stash for a beautiful everyday lash to add volume and fullness to your lashes. 

Ardell Wispies Lashes

Ardell Demi Lashes

Ardell Double Wispies for more dramatic but still natural look

How Long Can You Wear False Eyelashes? 

The one thing I love about False eyelashes is that I can take them off and wash my face every day. I know many people like to get their lashes done (and they look incredible), but I fear my eyelashes are never being clean!

There is such thing as eyelash mites (I linked it here to read about it!) 

If you can, its recommend to remove your false lashes before you wash your face, and you can wear them as long as you keep them clean and store them well. I have some lashes I can get 10 -12 wears out of them before they being to fall apart. 

Can you Sleep with False Eyelashes? 

 I have done it a handful of times (I’m sure we all have). It’s possible, but you risk ruining your lash and getting stuff in your eyes. If you must sleep with your lashes on, sleep on a silk pillowcase to help prevent tugging. 

Final Thoughts False Eyelashes & How To Become An Expert

How are we feeling about False Eyelashes & How To Become An Expert? Do you feel like an Eyelash Expert?

Are you pumped and ready to give it a go and save the coin? False eyelashes become easier to work with the more you work with them (I PROMISE)

Make sure to check out my latest post about sunscreen for your face! You’ll be surprised a lot of the sunscreens on the market are chemical!

So over to you, What are some of your favorite lashes? What are your biggest struggles when it comes to false lashes?

False Eyelashes & How To Become An Expert

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