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Tips On How To Wash Your Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tips On How To Wash Your Tape-In Hair Extensions. Washing our hair can be daunting to some, and relaxing for others. When tape-ins come into play, I stressed and became nervous at the thought of my extensions falling out the moment I washed my hair. 

A good wash will go a long way and allow having your tape-ins a more enjoyable experience. With a few simple, easy tips, you can extend the life of your extensions and not lose your mind and money during the process.

Washing my hair was terrifying, and for a good reason. To my surprise, the tape didn’t budge but I took extra caution while washing my hair. The most exciting part is I got my tape-ins from Amazon, you can check them out here!

I was shocked and panicked at the same time, but I got through it here are the steps I took below that helped!

Here’s the secret

Before jumping into the shower, I brushed my hair to make washing easier. I was able to run my fingers through the hair smoothly and not pull on the tape.

Be Gentle with the scalp area of your head- since this is where the tape is connected, you want to avoid thrashing your hair around but more massage your head. It sounds tedious, but I washed my hair in layers to make sure I cleaned every section of my head without disturbing the tape.

Avoid using conditioner or leave-in conditioner on the roots of your hair. Since this is where the tape is attached, you don’t want to risk loosening your tape. When you condition, condition from the ponytail down!

Wash your hair in sections! Since I washed my hair in parts, I used hair ties to hold up the hair. The hair was super heavy, and I felt like it was going to pull my hair out. I know it sounds dramatic, but it was a different feeling, avoid the pulling on your scalp and tie your hair up washing in sections!

Rinse your hair with cold water; it feels better on the scalp. I also used Apple Cider Vinegar to help with buildup on the scalp, and I do this all the time anyway, so I didn’t want to give that up!

After washing your hair, wrap your hair in a hair towel to get as much water out of your hair before blowdrying, this will help save time!

BlowDrying My Hair Was the most hated part of tape-ins

So what’s the fix?

I have naturally curly hair and my extensions are straight! It took me double the time to blowdry my hair and I was close to googling how to remove tape-ins asap.

The thing that saved my mind and hair was my Dyson Styler! I threw the brush attachment on and was able to get my hair straight and manageable. I did notice I wasn’t able to get close to my roots, so I allowed these to air dry.

After spending close to 45 mins to dry my hair and get it straight, I ran my GHD Glide through my hair, and I was amazed at the volume my hair had! If you haven’t caught that post, you can find it here.

My hair looked so natural and salon-like. I started to think there is hope out there for my head of what I thought to be a mistake!

I wrapped my hair with my bonnet and called it a night!

When I woke up the next morning, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect! Was I going to wake up with tape everywhere? Are my roots dry? When I took my bonnet, I was ecstatic to see my roots were dry, the tape was at least still in the same place (but some had separated), and best of all, my hair looked 100% like I grew it from my head! I literally could say I woke up like this (for once in my life)

After adding some curls to my hair, I was absolutely in love with my hair! It had more volume than when I first applied them. Everything blended so perfectly and had so much body to it!

Remember how I mentioned some of the pieces separated? Retaping the hair is a quick fix. All you have to do is grab your hair straighter and clamp the hair back together!

Overall Thoughts

Here’s the thing I’m all about full, long, volumized hair, but I’m also somewhat lazy when it comes to doing my hair! When it comes down to having to wash my hair and blowdry it, I wished I just stuck with clips in because it was a TON of work and patience mixed with faith.

But after seeing the final product after washing and styling, I felt utterly feminine and confident. The tape-ins are still much lighter in weight than clip-ins (when they’re dry), which made it more enjoyable to wear.

I would say I am enjoying wearing them but will dread when it comes time to rewash my hair which for me is unnecessary stress, can I find a way around it? Yes. Will I?


These are my top Tips On How To Wash Your Tape-In Hair Extensions without wanting to pull your hair out!

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