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GHD Glide Brush REview | What You Need To know

I have to admit, this purchase came unexpectedly and was a straight impulse purchase. I’ve never really seen the point of a straightening brush because I have a strict technique when it comes to straightening my hair.

I’m old school, and I use a good ole boar bristled brush and a flat iron and I’m really happy with the outcome.

So that leads me to why I purchased this dam thing on an impulse.

I always dreaded running the morning after I straightened my hair because frizz is a true struggle for me. I get frizz in the funniest spot, right next to my dam scalp.

Or when I sleep on my hair wrong and it’s a mess and I don’t have time to straighten it my normal way.

So it hit me , why not get a straightening brush to help in between straightening to keep my hair looking right and save time.

What Is The GHD Glide Brush?

The GHD Glide is a professional hot brush that was made to give you pro results at home, quickly! The GHD Glide is a perfect tool to have if you want to give your 2nd day hair a frizz check within seconds!

One thing to note is what the GHD Glide brush feels like because they may change your mind. When holding it I notice it’s a tad bit on the heavy side it almost feels like my mini weights.

This is not going to be like holding your typical brush, but its for a good reason!

Here’s the quick run down on the ghd glide brush

  1. The Glide heats up to 365 for healthy hair
  2. Ceramic technology with ionizer heats up the brush consistently
  3. ions within the brush eliminate frizz so hair is transformed in just a few quick strokes.
  4. Combination of high density shorter and longer bristles allows for large sections of hair to be styled, leaving salon smooth natural movement.

The one thing I was a little worried about was the price. This brush came in hot at $169.00 and all you get is the brush. You can find the Glide here. When I purchased this at Sephora, I was hesitant but I finally pulled the trigger.

How The GHD Glide Preformed

I give this brush a 9 1/2 stars out of 10 and I’m pretty excited about this brush to be honest.

I did my normal prep to my hair before using the brush and I’m happy with my results. I washed my hair, dried it using my Dyson and section by section ran the ghd through my hair.

I was surprised/ impressed at how close it got to the root of my hair. Not only that, but it didn’t burn my scalp either. I did 3-4 passes on each section and my hair was shiny, soft, full of body and I noticed little to no breakage.

It took me 12 minutes to straighten my entire head and like GHD mentioned I had salon smooth natural movement type hair.

The brush stayed consistent with the heat and I liked that I was able to curl the tips of my hair out so it wasn’t just pin straight.

Let’s spend more time on the tips of the hair, when I was researching this brush that was the main complaint I was seeing.

I can say I had no problems with the tips of my hair. If anything they felt much softer. Before I used the Glide, I used Aveda smooth infusion and maybe that played a part. I haven’t had a haircut in sometime so I was expecting my ends to feel like a broom.

Surprisingly it felt and looked like I had my hair done at the salon, pretty much effortlessly.

I noticed I had better results when I did medium size sections compared to small or too large sections.

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