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What You Need to Know About the Drybar Doubleshot

Here is what you need to know about the Drybar DoubleshotI The Drybar Doubleshot is worth every penny, and you pretty much need one!

Whew, I started that off strong, right? But Let me tell you I have been using this brush for two months straight now and have traveled with it out of state twice and I’m both impressed and in love!

I know I fall in love a lot, but I tend to see the positives in almost everything I get my hands on. I’m that girl that adopts every puppy I pretty much lay my eyes on.

Beginning Thoughts of the Drybar Doubleshot

So to be honest before purchasing the Doubleshot I wasn’t a diehard Drybar fan. I know, I know, but the products just didn’t do much for me on the haircare side. I feel like you’re either the love it or hate it type and there really isn’t any in-between.

Most of their products left my hair feeling extremely greasy and I couldn’t force myself to love the scents. So I never really ran to the store to buy their products, nothing against the brand my hair just doesn’t vibe with the haircare products.

If you follow my blog, I had shared my personal experience with the Dyson Airwrap you can read more about the airwrap here. (which by the way is still my queen).

It got to the point where I was itching for a bigger barrel than the Dyson airwrap came with. As my hair grows longer the smaller barrel was not cutting it and was taking longer to dry my hair.

This led me to the wild anxiety hunt for a new option for a bigger round barrel to give me more volume in less time.

I came across two options: Revlon and Drybar! I want to say the choice was far from easy because let’s be real there is a HUGE price difference between the two brushes.

You can find the Revlon brush here. You can get the Revlon for $57.00 and it looks pretty much the same! After watching many reviews on it I decided to pass and the main reason was that every review I watched/read everyone said the brush would get too hot. Not a fan, I’ve had terrible experiences with a hot blowdryer frying the shit out of my hair.

Revlon Dry Brush

SO I decided to go with the Drybar Doubleshot brush not knowing what to expect!

what you need to know about the Drybar Doubleshot

They pretty much look the same, almost identical actually. The only noticeable difference I noticed after just looking at the two is the colors of course.

Here are some things I noticed after using the brush the first time

It took me some time to get used to

I found myself switching back to the Dyson often because I was getting this stupid looking under curl.

How to Avoid: When using the dryer avoid curling the tips of the hair on the bottom layers of your hair. Instead, pull the push down the entire length of your hair and flip outward on the tip of your hair.

The brush dries hair quickly

But when I first started I was thinking this takes two dam long, back to the Dyson!

How to Avoid: I know this doesn’t make sense, but I thought I had to work in smaller sections, which was not the case. I can get my hair dry in under 15 minutes by sectioning my hair in three rows.

Not all hair products work the same with this brush

This is a true fact! My Aveda products I use with my Dyson would turn my hair super greasy after using the Doubleshot. Not sure why, maybe because the Doubleshot gets hotter than the Dyson not sure.

How to Avoid: Try out different hair care products and follow the less is more when applying. Also, try avoiding applying leave-in conditioners to your scalp and root area, this will only weigh the hair down and will leave your hair looking flimsy and greasy.

This brush is hella loud

Compared to the Dyson in my personal opinion. There is no other way around it, its loud. Is it unbearable? I’m pretty sure it can be for some, but for me personally, I use it just fine.

How to Avoid: If loud blowdryers aren’t your jam, stay away from this one!

The Doubleshot and Dry Shampoo were MADE FOR EACHOTHER

I was a little hesitant to apply dry shampoo and use the brush for silly reasons, mainly I didn’t want to get the brush dirty. But the day I needed a root lift, my goodness this combo was a complete lifesaver and life of the party.

How To Apply: Get your favorite dry shampoo and spray the area you want to add volume. After spraying your hair run the brush through your hair and hold it at the root for a few seconds. After you remove the brush from your hair, wrap your hair in a roller and let sit for a few minutes! This is amazing for the front of your hair to get that perfect flip with your bangs.

More About the Brush

Moving on to more about the brush. To be honest, I initially bought the brush after having the chance to play with it at Nordstrom so reading about it online is another adventure all of its own. Before writing this post I decided to jump onto the website to see what the claims were of the brush and if Drybar delivers what they mentioned.

Here is what Drybar mentions about the Doubleshot:

  • Ionic Technology helps seal the cuticle for less frizz and tons of shine while styling
  • Strategically-placed vents provide maximum airflow for a faster blowout
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design provides maximum comfort
  • A combination of nylon and tufted bristles allows for exceptional tension and control
  • Oval shape with gently curved edges provides tons of volume and a smooth finish
  • 3 temperature settings (cool/medium/high) allow for customized styling of all hair types

Again I found this from the Drybar website if you would like to read more about it you can find it here!

From my personal use, here is what I can stand behind.

I will say I do experience a ton of shine and I do have “less frizz after using The Doubleshot compared to a regular blowdryer.

The tips of my hair feel better after using the brush. I tried it with both products in my hair and with nothing in my hair, my hair felt the same.

I can’t say I really see the vents in the brush are strategically placed I’m not an engineer, but I can say my hair drying time has cut down significantly.

Lightweight design? I had to really ask myself if the brush is actually lightweight. To be honest, I’m in the middle.

Is it as light as my Dyson Airwrap? No, it surely isn’t. But is the Doubleshot more convenient to use compared to a blowdryer and round brush, Absolutely! This is going to be a to each their own type of answer decision.

Let’s talk about the bristles on the Doubleshot. This was the NUMBER ONE complaint I was seeing when it came to this brush. Many people felt the bristles are too soft to actually grip the hair.

I will disagree, I feel like this is a comfortable amount of grip. Like many others, I don’t like to tug on my hair and I feel like the bristles on this brush deliver shine and less frizz.

Personally, I like that, I can brush the Doubleshot across my scalp and it doesn’t hurt. However, you have to keep the brush clean and clear of hair. The more hair you have tucked into the bristles the less the brush will grip your hair.

The oval shape- EH I guess it is what it is. I’m not fully sold that its a better design than a complete rounded brush. Once you get the hang of using the brush, it became easier.

I remember when I first started using the brush I hated the way the brush would curl the tips of my hair under. However, I get insane amounts of volume with this brush and I can’t live without the volume now!

The temperature setting options were the number one reason I bought the brush. My hair does take a beating, so when I can find ways to be more gentle, I’m going to go for it.

The fact that you have three options when using the brush, makes it more attractive for me. I really only use the medium and hot settings on the brush and the hot isn’t uncomfortably hot.

After using this brush for over a few months multiple times a week and I can honestly say my hair still feels soft on the tips and I don’t notice any more breakage than normal. So to me, that tells me this brush is damaged hair friendly!

So Why is this Brush Worth Every Penny?

Many reasons, most importantly the amount of time this brush saves me combined with less hair damage. Like I mentioned before, I use this brush multiple times a week; on BOTH freshly washed hair and mid-week dirty hair. Every time I’m done using the Doubleshot I have insane volume, fresh looking hair and I can’t beat that.

Since I’m one of those girls that can’t stand to do my hair but just want to have amazing looking hair, this brush delivers for me.

I’m not saying the brush doesn’t have any cons, but for me, those cons go straight out the window. The loudness of this brush can’t and won’t keep me away from my Doubleshot!

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