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FOREO UFO vs UFO 2: Which Is Better?

FOREO UFO vs UFO 2, which is better?

Is there even a noticeable difference?

This my friends is the number one question I get when it comes to the UFO!

I have to be honest when looking at the two devices you wouldn’t be able to say there is a physical difference.

But let me tell you, the difference lies in technology! I can’t wait to share the differences, FINALLY!

The moment many of us have waited for is here: the difference between foreo ufo and ufo 2.

You can find all of the popular FOREO devices here with things you will need to know before investing!



The FOREO UFO 2 has landed on my doorstep, and it felt like I have never ripped open a package so quickly in my life!

I have posted a lot about FOREO, and I stand behind this brand, because of the great results I have received.

Before we jump into this, I wanted it to be known that I purchased this with my money (well, my husband’s money).

My feelings towards FOREO are 100% my own, and these are my honest feelings when it comes to reviewing UFO 2.

Back to the UFO 2; if you read my blog often (somewhat), I mentioned that FOREO was going to be releasing the UFO 2!

It was a huge thing; I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it because of the device’s benefits and convenience.

If you want to read about UFO 1, you can find everything you need to know about it here.

Today I wanted to dive deeply into the two devices and see if the UFO 2 lives up to the hype.

Let’s get straight to it; all about the FOREO UFO vs UFO 2!


I tend not to solely focus on price when it comes to skincare products/gadgets. However, both the UFO and UFO 2 come at a hefty price, especially when you begin to think about the device’s upkeep.

By upkeep, I mean purchasing the equipment itself, and buying the masks when you run out. I’ve had the UFO for two years now, and having to drop $20 every time I run out of makes can become pricy, primarily if you use this daily.

Just a heads up if you’re looking to purchase the UFO, I want to share everything with you, not only the pretty parts!

So the price of the two devices are, or I should say, were the same at the time of release.

The UFO 1 is now $199 whereas the UFO 2 retails at $279

For the $80 difference, is it worth going with the UFO 2?

Now also, keep in mind the UFO mini retailing at $179, which can do all the same things except for cryotherapy (meaning the device has one temperature setting which is heat)

Since I don’t have the UFO Mini, I can’t speak 100% on if it has the extended light features, but we will jump to that in a minute.

Break down:

UFO 2 retails at $279; you get everything the UFO has to offer with the latest technology

UFO 1 one retails at $199; you get most of the same technology as the UFO 2 and can use all of the same masks as the UFO 2

UFO Mini 2 retails at $179; you get the new technology except for the Cryo-Therapy (your Mini will not get cold), and you can’t use the full line of masks

Now is the time to save on your UFO, see for yourself!

FOREO UFO vs UFO 2: The Technology

The technology is the beefy part of the post, so I apologize beforehand if it’s pretty extensive. I will break it into small sections by the different technology.

Full- Spectrum LED Light

One of the upgrades in the UFO 2 is the full LED Light therapy; I was most excited to try the UFO 2 for this reason.

If you want to learn about all of the different lighting and what they have to offer, you can see that post here.

In UFO 2, it is much easier to use, making it more convenient than the UFO 1 if you want the full light spectrum. It’s more comfortable; however, it’s not impossible to achieve with UFO 1.

With UFO 1, you can personalize your device to use different LED colors; it’s just a little tricky to get the exact color. Below is the difference in the screens of what you’ll see when using UFO 1 and UFO 2

You can see the UFO 2 is visually more appealing and making it more convenient to select a color you would like to use.

While not impossible, you can set the same colors with the UFO 1 by moving the control until you achieve the color you want.

Keeping in mind there is an $80 difference between the two and the original, I found the ability to have all of the colors laid out in front of me was a nice feature, but I can still get the same effect with the original.


It’s hard for me to say if this is worth the upgrade, but UFO 2 wins slightly (and I mean its a close tie) with the full-color spectrum only because of the convenience of having the colors laid out for you and not messing with the controls.

Thermo- Therapy

Thermo- Therapy causes the UFO to heat up, allowing your skincare products to sink into your skin.

The entire UFO (UFO 1, 2 Mini 1, and 2) all have this feature. So you’re probably wondering what the difference is?

The UFO 2 is supposed to heat up 5x faster than the original UFO 1.

When I tested the UFOS (1 and 2) side by side, I honestly didn’t see a huge difference. While the UFO 2 Claims to heat up faster, the original still reached the same heat setting in a short period of time as well.


The ability to heat up faster is, in my opinion, not worth an $80 difference. The faster heating ability saves a few seconds, which hands down doesn’t make the UFO worth it over the original.

Cryo- Therapy

The Cryo- Therapy is only available in the UFO and UFO 2 (not the mini device). Cryo-Therapy is the cooling feature on the devices, another perk to purchasing the UFO.

The cooling technology is helpful with combating puffiness, helping to shrink the pores, and firming the skin.

Since the Cryo-therapy is available in both the UFO’s this is where the Mini comes into play.

Is the Mini Worth purchasing?

If you have oily skin, the cooling feature is fantastic because it helps to shrink pores. With the Mini, you can’t use the full range of masks, and the four you can’t use: Matte Manic and Shimmer Freak, Rose, Green Tea.

Tip: If you’re considering the UFO Mini 2, it will be worth your money to look into the UFO 1. With the UFO Mini 2 retailing for $179, you can get the Original UFO for $199. For $20, you’re opening the gates to enjoy the entire mask line and have the Cryo- Therapy and Light Therapy.

It is worth mentioning the Original UFO is now retailing for $99, which can be great if you want to add a little boost to your skincare by applying heat to your skin.

T- Sonic Power

The Entire UFO line has the T-Sonic vibrations, making this another option you get regardless of what device you choose.

When testing the strength of the pulsations of the UFO 1 and 2, I didn’t notice a difference. With both devices, you can control the pulsations’ intensities, making them the same in my eye.

The point behind the pulsation is to help massage your skin, helping your facial muscles to relax. You can also use the pulsations to help smooth fine lines, ease up on the dark circles, and reduce puffiness.


Since the entire line has T-sonic power, the upgrade to the new UFO 2 is not worth it for this feature.

Find my UFO

The find my UFO is a new feature that was released with the latest UFO. I was joking with my husband its like the find my phone feature with the iPhones.

On your app, you can find your device with a push of a button. It’s a feature I can’t seem to wrap my head around, but I can see why it would be useful for those that travel.

Final Thoughts

The FOREO UFO line is fantastic, regardless of which one you choose. Having the ability to heat your mask, save time and product, only takes 90 seconds, this is a nice treat to have in your skincare lineup.

I use mine every day unless I forget, which is very uncommon (or I run out of masks)

I had high hopes for the UFO 2, and while I still love the device, I’m having a hard time seeing why it’s worth it to break the purse by spending $279.

The main upgrade that made a difference was the full Light Therapy laid out for me, so I didn’t have to mess with the controls. I’m sure there are more colors you can get with UFO 2, but it’s not a necessity.

Is this worth a full upgrade, no I would say not? Is it helpful to have, yes? If you want the newest gadget at a discounted price grab yours now!

Having the ability to heat up faster isn’t a big deal for me since they both heat pretty quickly, so again I don’t see the need for an upgrade.

Things To Know Before Purchasing the FOREO UFO 2! If you’re thinking about upgrading here is what you want to know beforehand.

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