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FOREO IRIS: Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles

The FOREO IRIS, the eye massager that is always ready to work for you!

I’m telling you, if you’ve been struggling with under-bags you will love IRIS! If you want to rewind under-eye aging you’ll want to look at this bundle (spoiler alert you’ll get a UFO also)

Sounds like a dream, right?

I have written many posts about FOREO and all the goodness they bring into my world! 

My world of stress, chaos, laughter, and need, I sometimes say, the lack of sleep! 

Let me tell you; bags aren’t all the hype!

I’m carrying/carried the wrong kind of bags, the ones that aged my face.

The daunting under-eye bag! 

I swear these bad boys popped up overnight. 

Okay, okay, maybe over a couple of nights, but now I’m taking action against my under-eye bags! 

So I picked up the IRIS, and here is what happened! But First, what causes under-eye bags?

What Causes Under-Eye Bags 

A well-known reason for under-eye bag formation is the lack of sleep.

The lack of sleep can cause fluid to build underneath your eyes, causing them to appear puffy.

Did you know sleeping on your side can also cause fluid buildup in your under-eye area? 


Natural aging is another common cause of those dark circles beneath your eyes.

As we age beautifully, our skin becomes thinner, and it’s essential to get build collagen to help our delicate under-eye skin. 

If you’re going through this, the UFOs Youth Junkie is a mask that specifically targets strengthening collagen in our skin. 


Remember earlier I share my eyes have been under more strain now than ever since working from home?

Staring at your computer screen, phones, tv, you’re causing strain on your eyes.

Causing strain to your eyes will lead to the blood vessels around your eyes to puff up. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the thin under-eye skin can darken. 


How to get rid of dark circles

It’s always easiest to pamper than to frantically stress treat yourself, and it’s better to start than put it off.

Which is why I invested in the FOREO IRIS- which is on Sale for Black Friday (save 40$ Now) 

The IRIS is inspired by the lymphatic eye massages practiced in Asia.

The IRIS is powered with T-Sonic technology with two modes to give your eyes a pampering massage session.

Each mode is designed to massage and smooth the eye contour gently to help treat dark circles, under-eye bags, and crows feet. 

Who Is the FOREO IRIS For? 

FOREO IRIS for Puffy eyes

The IRIS has been one of the most used devices (alongside my other FOREO Devices) this year.

Now that I’ve been working from home since March, and I always stare at the computer.

My eyes were getting super dark and puffy.  

No matter how much I slept, drank water, nothing changed, I mean nothing.

Fatigue and stress can weigh heavily on our under-eye area, where the first signs of aging are most evident (another reason to pamper your under-eye area) 

The IRIS is for anyone who what’s to treat under-eye bags and crows feet. These areas are where I have seen the most improvement. 

How To Use The FOREO IRIS? 

When I first used the IRIS, I will say I was a little nervous; I thought I was going to have to send it back. 

The IRIS was pulling on my skin more than massage, and we all know tugging on our eyes is a big no-no. 

How to Get The Best Results 

Use your favorite serum or under eye cream first.

I found the IRIS to work best when I added and barely rubbed into the skin. Play around with the intensity levels that feel best for your eye.

I also found it best to use slight pressure and let the IRIS glued across the eye area. 

The treatment is 30 seconds per eye (another plus) can be done in a minute, and you’re on your way. 

Start from the inner corner and work your way toward your temples; this isn’t something you should rush. 

Take your time and enjoy your massage; if your eye feels a little dry, apply a tad bit more cream or serum, and your eyes will be ready to go. 

Where To Fit Your IRIS Into Your Skincare Routine? 

You should use the IRIS after you have applied your eye cream/serum. I use mine in both the AM and PM after using my UFO. 

  • Tip: If you have extra serum from using your UFO, you can use the remainder of the serum under the eye and have the IRIS massage into your skin. 

If you feel your eyes are strained, you can use your IRIS at any time to help refresh your eyes.

I like to use mine also during lunch after starring at the computer all morning! 

Overall Thoughts on the FOREO IRIS


I love this little device! Not only does she dance, my under eyes have improved.

I always have seen a bigger difference in the morning than I have at night, mainly because I sleep on my side and with the face stuffed into the pillow. 

When I use it at night, it’s more relaxing and helps my eyes feel ready for bed. 

You’ll love this device If: 

you don’t take the time to massage your eyes daily; this device does it for you. 

You have under-eye bags, and you want a device to help drain fluid buildup. 

IRIS Might not be for you if: 

You want to take a more cost-effective approach to fight under-eye bags.

You already have a eye tool 


I mentioned the UFO in this post, you can find more about this UFO Below

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