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FOREO ESPADA|Does it fight Acne?

Curing Acne using the FOREO ESPADA? Does this device really work? I’m dying to share my results!

First off… Happy New Year! It only took me a month to get going, but better late than never. 

Last month you may have noticed I was going HAM with the FOREO products and sharing them with you guys. Mainly for two reasons

  1. they were on sale (who doesn’t love a deal) 
  2. They work! 

Don’t you hate when you know you shouldn’t be doing something, but you do it anyway even though that voice in your head is stomping and screaming, telling you this will turn out bad?

Umm, hi, that’s me when it comes to popping pimples on my face.

Especially those deep ones on the cheek that look and feel like they’re ready to pop but only To find out it’s a trick, and you irritated it even more? 

I’ve been working on myself, but I can’t help thinking I’ll get a clean pop and can go about my day! 

I came across the FOREO ESPADA!

I know, I know; if you’ve been reading my blog, you’re probably thinking, OMG Susan, enough with FOREO, but I wanted to share this little device that I’ve been using for these deep pimples. 

I want to say upfront that I’m by no means a professional skincare esthetician, but I am a professional when it comes to spending my money on trying new things. 

Let’s get back to ESPADA and the little skincare experiment I have been doing the last month and some. 

What is the FOREO ESPADA?

The ESPADA is FOREO’s Acne fighting device, backed by blue light.

Like all other FOREO products, the ESPADA is designed to be used at home as a noninvasive way to fight mild to moderate inflammatory acne on the facial area. 

So the ESPADA is nothing new to the FOREO line; I just never really paid attention to it because I don’t experience deep pimples often. 

But GIRL recently, my skin has been trying me and my patience, so I decided WHY NOT, this is a perfect time to experiment. 

Call me crazy, but I was excited to get pimples to try out the ESPADA and see if it works. 

Blue Light and Acne

Blue light is known to kill acne-causing bacteria; this can be attractive for those who don’t want to take harsh medication for Acne. 

I have included a link below for you to check out!

How to Use the ESPADA 

Before purchasing, I read reviews, and the number one thing I read is not knowing where to place the device on your skin, so your treatment is effective. 

When using the ESPADA, you want to make sure you have a clean and dry face. 

I like to clean the silicone tip with rubbing alcohol, so it’s clean before touching my skin.

Make sure to let the alcohol dry completely before applying it to your skin. 

After the alcohol is dry, I found it easiest to hold the ESPADA close to my face at an angle.

Holding at an Angle its easier to see where the red targeting feature was on my skin. 

Once the device touches your skin, the blue light therapy will begin.

This is when you will begin to feel pulsations for 30 seconds.

It’s as simple as that, and you don’t have to do anything but hold it to your face for 30 seconds. 

You can also repeat the treatment if you feel you want to do more. 

I did read that while using the ESPADA, your skin may feel a little warm, and that is nothing to worry about.

 I would use your, judgment and if it’s uncomfortable, stop using it.

Luckily I didn’t have any skin warmth or irritation. 

Results Using The ESPADA

I used my ESPADA twice a day (morning and night).

I repeated each treatment twice to see if there would be a difference. 

After the first night of using I nothing, my pimple wasn’t painful anymore; it was still there, big as the planet Jupiter, but it wasn’t painful, and I can live with that. 

After the second day, I noticed my pimple was getting a little smaller, but I felt like it was getting darker for some reason.

I was cautious but still went forward and repeated my treatments as usual. 

The third day I felt like my pimple was finally going down, the redness wasn’t as bad, and I still had no pain.

I noticed my pimple never turned white, and for some odd reason, I wasn’t tempted to try and pop it! 

I used the ESPADA for a full lifespan of two of my pimples religiously, and I will say it wasn’t a short process.

It took close to a week for the pimple to go down completely. 


Took away the pain from the pimple 

The ESPADA kills Bacteria without having to use harsh creams on the skin. 

A huge plus is you can use this at home and is easy to use 

It kept me from popping my pimples. 


ESPADA is another gadget that costs money. 

It does take time for the pimple to go down. 

It May not work on everyone ( I got lucky) 

Is the FOREO ESPADA Worth It? 

I would say the ESPADA is nice to have on hand with the pros and cons listed above, but I wouldn’t recommend everyone to be strapped with an ESPADA. 

And the main reasoning is I can’t guarantee that this is going to work on everyone.

While blue light therapy has proven to kill acne causing bacteria (which I firmly believe in), I can’t say that the ESPADA is strong enough to work and clear all mild to moderate acne forms. 

From my personal experience, the ESPADA has worked for my skin situations with these annoying cheek breakouts I get from time to time, but I also pair the ESPADA with other skin treatments to get the best effect. 

I wouldn’t expect the ESPADA to work on its own to help fight Acne, but being parried with a solid skincare routine; the ESPADA can be bad news for Acne! 

What are some of your experiences with blue light when it comes to acne? Have you tried it?

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