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NuFace Trinity Vs FOREO BEAR & How They Work

NuFace Trinity VS FOREO BEAR!

Are you Team FOREO BEAR, Team NuFace Trinity, or Team Neutral AF because you’re still trying to decide what force to join? 

I have been using the FOREO BEAR & BEAR mini more faithfully in my night skincare routine, and I love the results I have been getting.

My mom is Team NuFace when it comes to the Microcurrent Devices; I’m TEAM FOREO, so we thought a fun competition of the two would be pretty interesting. 

This post is going to cover a lot, so let’s get straight into NuFace Trinity VS FOREO BEAR.

What Is The NuFace Trinity?

NuFace Trinity Vs FOREO BEAR

You probably have seen the NuFace Trinty while browsing through every beauty store at some point in time.

The NuFace has been around for some time and has established a reputation as being an At-Home Spa quality device that will give you a facelift in as little as 5 minutes. 

From the Nuface Website, they describe the Trinity as “The NuFACE Trinity is an advanced microcurrent facial toning device that helps improve facial contour, tone, and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles— 5 minutes a day.” 

With that claim- who wouldn’t want to get familiar with the NuFace Trinity?

Being my curious self, I splurged on the Nuface Trinity and some attachments- a girl needs options. 

What Comes with The Nuface Trinity?

When you purchase the NuFace Trinity, you will get the following:

  1. NuFace Trinity Device & Facial Trainer Head
  2. Nuface Hydrating Gel Primer
  3. Charging Cradle & Power Adapter 
  4. User Manuel & Quick Start Guide 
  5. $325 hole in your Wallet 

Earlier I had mentioned additional attachments that you could add to your NuFace Trinty for an additional $149 per attachment, and those are: 

  1. Trinity ELE Attachment- Perfect for the eye and lip area to treat smile lines and wrinkles. 
  2. Trinity Wrinkle reducer- Red Light to treat wrinkles. 

What is the FOREO BEAR?

NuFace Trinity Vs FOREO BEAR

The FOREO BEAR is relatively new-ish to the market (it was released in 2020), so if you haven’t seen it much, don’t feel bad you’re not living under a rock.

However, that does not mean you should write this device off the BEAR packs a punch. 

If you’re new to Microcurrent treatments, you must know if not appropriately used; you will zap yourself, and let me tell you, the feeling isn’t great. 

The FOREO BEAR is perfect for those new to at-home Microcurrent Treatments because the BEAR is the only device on the market with antishock treatments. 

Meaning the FOREO BEAR eliminates any chance of the microcurrent shocking your skin. 

What Comes with the FOREO BEAR?

When you purchase the FOREO BEAR, you will get the following: 

  1. FOREO BEAR Device 
  2. USB Charging Cord 
  3. Stand
  4. Travel Pouch 
  5. Instruction Manuel 
  6. Sample of the Serum Serum Serum 
  7. $299 hole in your Wallet

Price Comparision Between the FOREO BEAR & NuFace Trinity

Which is better NuFace Trinity or FOREO BEAR

Price can be a substantial determining factor when selecting a device, so let’s take a look at the price between the two devices. 

As mentioned above, the NuFace Trinity retails for $325, with no additional attachments. 

The FOREO BEAR retails for $299, and you don’t have the option to purchase additional attachments. 

Both devices pretty much come with the same things (charging cords, samples, and stands), and the NuFace comes at a higher cost of $26.00. 

When comparing what comes with the devices- I have to say I enjoyed the NuFace Trinity charging cradle over the FOREO BEAR stand.  

So judging on just price alone- the FOREO BEAR is more affordable, and you can grab the BEAR for 10% off right now through April 15th with code BEARTEN (making it even cheaper.) 

Now, if you’re looking at this price tag and it’s a hard pill to swallow, you have the option to use afterpay; you can read more about it here.

But basically, it splits your payments into four equal payments (if you qualify), making it easier to pay for the device. 


FOREO BEAR VS NuFace Trinity

Both devices target the same concerns (face tightening etc.), and both can be used with or without the App. 

Starting with using both devices without the App, we will look at the NuFace Trinity First.

NuFace Trinity without the App 

To get started with the Nuface, you have to press the button in the center of the device.

One thing I noticed to be pretty helpful was the noise that the device makes, letting you know it’s powered on and ready to go.

You also have to option to adjust the settings of your Nuface use ink two separate button – for less intensity and + for more intensity. 

FOREO BEAR without the App 

When looking at the FOREO BEAR, you will have one universal button on the device’s backside.

To get started with your BEAR, you will press the universal button once to turn on your BEAR.

To adjust the intensity levels, you will continue to press the button until you have reached your desired intensity level. 

One thing that stands out about the BEAR is having the Tsonic pulsations while using the device, whereas the NuFace does not provide this option. 

The Tsonic pulsations massage your skin leading to relaxation of your facial muscles.

These pulsations also help your skin absorb the serum you currently have on your face. 

If you don’t want Tsonic pulsations during your treatment, you can shut it off by pressing the universal button twice. 

The App For the Nuface Trinity

Nuface has an app that can be downloaded from the App Store and has a rating of 2.1 stars with 64 ratings. 

With the Nuface App, I found it pretty neat to set reminders for specific days you’d like to use your device, so you don’t miss a treatment.

You will have the option to select what your concern areas are and build those routines into your treatments. 

If you want to see how the treatment is done, you will press play, and it will walk you through your specific treatment. 

You will have access to the different treatments below:

  1. 5-minute facial lift
  2. Advanced 15-minute Facial Lift
  3. Fine line and wrinkle Treatment 
  4. Targeted Eye and Lip Treatment

The App For The FOREO BEAR

FOREO also has an app that can be downloaded from the App Store and has 1.5 out with four ratings. 

When looking into the FOREO App, there have been significant changes since I have first downloaded it.

If you’re a heavy app user, the FOREO App is more luxurious than the Nuface App, and here’s why. 

The BEAR will automatically turn on and sync since it’s Bluetooth capable.

Once you select your treatment, the how-to video will automatically run, so you don’t have to hassle with pressing play with every treatment area like the Nuface App. 

In the FOREO App, you all can control the pulsation and the microcurrent intensity level ranking from 7 -27.

To take it another step forward, you also have the option to run your BEAR in the Basic or Pro. 

  • Basic is ideal for consistent and long-term results. 
  • Pro Mode is better when you want an extra kick when you want tighter, brother skin. The pro mode is intense so use with caution. 

Overall Thoughts On Using the App

Both devices can be used without the App and have the option to use an app. 

The Pros with the Nuface 

  • Has three buttons (On, Less intensity, more intensity) 
  • It is easy to use without the App
  • Has App to help guide through treatments

The Cons with the Nuface 

  • The App is old school 
  • You have to press play for every video; the transitions are not smooth 
  • No option for Pro mode

The Pros with the FOREO BEAR 

  • the App has been updated, and you have access to everything about your BEAR in one spot. 
  • The Treatment How To Video plays automatically; no need to hassle with pressing play and switch through multiple videos
  • The Option for Pulsations and Pro mode 
  • Bluetooth capability 
  • It is easy to use with the App

The Cons with the FOREO BEAR 

  • It has one universal button, which can take some time to get used to.

With all of that being said, the Nuface has ease of use by having three different button options.

However, the FOREO BEAR is more updated regarding technology and offers more with Tsonic Pulsations, the opportunity to choose between basic and pro mode, and Bluetooth connection capabilities.  

You will get more out of your device with the FOREO BEAR in the long run. 


Which Is Better: NuFace Trinity Or FOREO BEAR

As I mentioned above, the NuFace is pretty straightforward in using it right out of the box.

But when it comes to using the Nuface, it’s not as comfortable to hold; when holding my Nuface, it’s very top-heavy, which is expected since the attachments are located at the top of the device. 

Now we can finally get to the attachments for the NuFace Trinity.

To switch out the attachments, be sure to press the button on the back to avoid breaking the clip that holds the attachments together. 

One thing I noticed that was frustrating was making sure the attachment head was connected correctly. If not, your NuFace won’t work. 

Using the FOREO BEAR 

Since the FOREO BEAR has a Universal button on the back, it can take some getting used to, but having the option to use it with both a device or manually is a plus. 

After selecting your intensity levers the BEAR gives you some time to get your serum on before your treatment begins. When your FOREO BEAR is ready for your treatment you will hear the Tsonic Pulsations.

Holding the FOREO BEAR is comfortable; it’s not heavy and provides a much better grip.

What you see with the FOREO BEAR is what you get; there isn’t an option for attachments. If you want a smaller device, the FOREO BEAR Mini will be the way to go. 

Let’s look at the results!

Finishing Thoughts on the Nuface Trinity Vs FOREO BEAR

After comparing two top-notch Microcurrent devices, there is one that I have found I look forward to using more over the other.

When it comes to price, the BEAR is more affordable, but there’s no option to purchase additional attachments. 

The one thing I truly love about the Nuface are the buttons on the front of the device; it takes the guessing out of using the device.

Also, the option to switch out the attachments can be nice if you need additional treatments. 

If you compare the levels of intensity, the FOREO BEAR comes equipped with both basic and pro mode which makes this device more long term in my opinion.

Also, I cant forget to mention the Anti-shock system the BEAR has to offer!

All around, the FOREO BEAR is a better option for comfort, price, and, most importantly, results. 

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