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What is HelloAva and is it Worth it?

The Beginners Guide to HelloAva

If you get tired of being bombarded at Sephora, I may have the solution for you! HelloAva to the rescue not only can you do this chillin at home in your sweats, you’re getting recommendations from top notch skin gurus and what can be better than that?

After asking 12 quick simple questions you’ll get products that your skin has been looking for! So I decided to give this a try and here is what happened.

What is HelloAva

HelloAva is almost like Blue Apron but for your skin! How awesome is that? I found Hello Ava actually after reading an article on Forbes about things trending in beauty so I decided to give her a try.

The point behind HelloAva is having the computer find the right skincare regimen tailored to your skins needs. They claim to do “the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting” allowing you to focus on putting your best face forward.

How to get started with Hello Ava

Getting started was fairly simple, when you get to the Hello Ava site it will prompt you to take a quiz to get an idea of you skin.

The questions are pretty straight forward and it doesn’t take very long to complete. You’re able to highlight as many concerns you have for your skin.

After deciding on your concerns this was my favorite part! It actually asked what type of products I actually enjoy using!

I’m all about my K-Beauty and to see that was an option I was pretty much almost sold.

The entire time I was thinking there has to be a catch somewhere, and I finally found it!

After filling everything out you’ll be asked to confirm your information and once you do, you’ll be taken to step 2 which will cost you 10 dollars.

The 10 dollars will be credited towards your first purchase so in a way, you’re getting your money back.

If you’re unhappy with you’re recommendations they will refund your 10 dollars.

So that seems like a win win

Tips for Success with HelloAva

When answering the questions provided, be honest and take your time. Since this is a computer based system you’re only going to get out what you put in. Here are the results that came back for me:

I was impressed with the summary that was provided based off of my answers. Since I don’t tan hopefully this would prevent wrinkles makes me feel like I’m walking in the right direction.

Crazy thing is I never went for products that were geared towards to delivering antioxidants or that featured anti-inflammatory ingredients.

I feel like I have been searching for my skincare products completely wrong the entire time.

That got me started thinking how much money I have wasted on products that actually do nothing for my skin!

To Purchase or not To Purchase?

This was the golden question for me, I actually put thought into this.

The deciding factor was the return policy. The one thing I love about shopping at Sephora for my skincare products is the return policy.

At the end of the day anyone can recommend what they think will be best for my skin but my skin makes the decision.

Here is the difference in the return policy’s below

Two main take aways from the return policies

1. The time to return the product

HelloAva gives you 30 days from the purchase date. Where as Sephora gives you 60 days from purchase date.

2. The condition the product has to be in

With HelloAva the product can only be retuned if in unused condition. With Sephora you can return the product if in either new or gently used condition.

Overall thoughts

If you can make it to a Sephora you can get a skin consultation and get a sample of the product for free.

Even if you were to buy the product on the spot, you’ll have 60 days to return your product even if in gently used condition.

HelloAva pointed me in the direction to get tailored skincare products without walking into a store. HelloAva also took the research out of the process saving me time and money, maybe.

I really love the concept behind HelloAva, its convenient and really takes the time out of having to research products.

I know I’m all about my k-beauty brands so from now on I’ll search for products within that category of k-beauty with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, like HelloAva recommended.

So for these reasons I didn’t see to continue on with HelloAva. This service can be great for those that want to get skincare recommendations without having to step foot in a store or have no idea where to start when getting a skincare regimen started.

What are your thoughts behind this new beauty concept?

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