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How a Sleeping Mask has Changed my Oily Skin

That’s right, I said a sleeping mask has improved my oily skin. What’s even better is I use it both day and night. I have been trying so many new experiments to step up the youthfulness of my skin, and I have found something that I haven’t ditched, I can’t believe the results I’ve seen.

I have super oily skin and for years this has been a slight roadblock for me. I say the word slight loosely because having oily skin has made shit difficult.

I was at a point where I threw in the towel and let my face just run wild. I didn’t care if I had to pat my face all day long, I wasn’t going to let my oil take over my love for makeup.

This has taken me years to find out what to use on my skin and hot to use them; I hope this can help someone out there with oily skin because I know the frustration.

How I found this was literally because I was running late and I didn’t have the time to rinse off the mask, but again the results have been amazing so I cant wait to share!

So What Causes Oily Skin?

We all have oil under our skin, this along with other things is what helps keep our skin hydrated and healthy. Just some us lucky ones produce more oil than others

I hate to tell you but you can’t necessarily get rid of oily skin, butyou can take steps to make your skin less oily.

The causes of oily skin include can either be genetic, environmental, or as simple as lifestyle factors.

The biggest misconception about oily skin is that you don’t need to hydrate your skin because its so dam oily in the first place!

I cant stress this enough, you need to mosturize your skin no matter how oily it is.

Here are the Top 3 reasons why you’re skin can be out of whack.

Why Your Skin Can be Producing a Ton of Oil

AS I mentioned earlier oily skin can be triggered by many things like genetic, environmental, or as simple as lifestyle factors. Some of these things you can’t necessarily control but these three things you can.

Don’t Skip on Moisturizer..PLEASE

Instead of skipping moisturizer, the key is to find the right kind of moisturizer. Lightweight, water-based moisturizers work well for oily skin. Which is why I love the Koren brand Laneige! Their entire skin line is water based.

Also look for products that say they’re “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic” to help help keep your pores as clear as possible. The key is to find something you feel comfortable wearing and that leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

Don’t Overdo Your Skin Care Routine

This is something I had to learn the hard way. I was over washing and striping the oil from my skin. This left my skin extremely dry, so dry to the point it was cracking one day spilling oil the next. Which lead to extreme breakouts, scaring, and frustration.

I know this seems backwards but over washing your face or exfoliating too often can also make your skin oily. This can seem like a good idea, since the purpose of washing and exfoliating is to get rid of oil.

But if you do this too often, you strip away too much of the oil from your skin. This can cause your glands to go into emergency mode, where they produce even more oil to make up for the loss of oil.

Instead wash your face twice a day

Using the Wrong Skin Care Products

It wasn’t until I read a blog post about the benefits of using water based moisturizer for oily skin that I figured out I was using the wrong products. This is a huge problem for a lot of people with oily skin, not all skin products will work for you.

Some people mistake combination skin for oily skin, and they might use too heavy creams. This happened to me when I was stripping my face dry and I would layer on a heavier cream to help with the drying of my skin.

Please believe me when I say I was oily before I left the house, but I was in the mindset that I needed to keep my skin from drying up so I didn’t think twice about what I was using.

You will want to need change your skin care plan especially for the spring and summer months with lightweight moisturizers and gel-based cleansers.

Using the correct skin care products can make a huge difference in the amount of oil that’s left on your face.

Best Products to Help Overcome Oily Skin

Keep in mind the goal is to help control the amount of oil by using products that cater to the skin rather than strip the skins natural oils. I have found these products has made both me and my skin happy campers.

1. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Out of the three products I’m recommending this is the sleeping mask I use day and night and cannot live without! This mask has given my skin so much life that I just cant say enough good things about this mask.

This mask is water based so its great for those with oily skin. I actually use this as my moisturizer also and this mask leaves my skin feeling super smooth. When applying it leaves a cooling feeling to my skin and dries nicely leaving my skin to feel smooth and tightened.

It has gotten to the point that I stopped wearing foundation! When I wear this during the day I receive so many compliments on how good my skin looks little do they know I’m masking it.

2. Laneige Sleeping Eye Mask

This eye mask is what I have been using more of lately. There are nights when I don’t get enough sleep and I wake up to puffy eyes. I reach for this product again before I go to bed and in the morning.

The really cool feature with this eye mask is the applicator, which makes it like a massaging tool. I keep this mask in the fridge so its chilled and really soothes my eyes. The applicator is a little roller ball that you sweep across your eyes.

3. Laneige Multi Cleanser for All Skin

This cleanser has been the happy middle I have been searching for. Having oily skin, I like to have a nice clean feeling after washing my face. I like my skin to feel tighter and not have left over residue feeling on my face.

This cleanser is gentle and made for all skin and it has a mild exfoliate to it. I use this product day and night as well. It lathers well and smells amazing the best part is a little goes a long way.

Common Questions/FAQ About Oily Skin

A super quick and basic lesson in SEO (search engine optimization) is to Google the issue you’re talking about and see what comes up. Use the top questions displayed from Google to add to your post. Make sure to answer those questions in your post.

Lastly, scroll all the way to the bottom of the search results and look for the related searches.

How Do You Know if You have Oily Skin?

  • Pay close attention to your T-Zone. The T-Zone is your forehead and nose region which naturally tend to have more oil glands that may produce excess oil.
  • If your T-Zone is oily but the rest of your face looks normal or dry, then you have combination skin. 

Is It Bad to Have Oily Skin?

Not at all, it actually can be a blessing in disguise. Having oily skin can prevent wrinkling of your skin! The key here is to make sure you do the following:

  • Use the right products
  • Don’t Overdo your Skincare Routine
  • Moisturize your skin with a water based moisturizer

How Often Should You Exfoliate Oily Skin?

This is all personal preference and what you feel is best. I gently exfoliate my face every wash to keep my skin feeling refreshed and to help get rid of blackheads.

Again this is personal preference and you should do what you feel your skin needs! Using the right products will help slow down the oil production.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Oily Skin

Along with using the right products keeping your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water will give you great results. Keep in mind your skin will put out what you put in. This process has taken me years to finally nail down a routine and products I love and trust.

When I switched products I had instant results, however it took a few months for the long term affects to kick in so don’t give up.

Let me know what you think of these products, I point all of my friends and family to these products and they’ve become hooked!

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