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Masks I use to Combat my Oily and Problematic skin

Face Masks are products I cant seem to stop buying. There are so many out there, it can be hard to know what is worth trying and what isn’t. But let me tell you guys I have found some masks I can’t get enough of. 

I have oily skin and its a miracle if I can find something that I actually can see a difference with. I just want to share that I purchased all the products below with my own money and nothing was given to me. I have attached links in this post that are affiliate links. 

All masks are geared towards achieving more healthy skin and target all skin types! 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

Chocolatier’s Gift Face Mask

face mask

Chocolatier’s Gift is AHHHHHHMAZING, not only does it smell like chocolate it was the easiest one I’ve used out of the three I tried. If you have dry, or just dull looking skin this is perfect for you! It is a powder so you will have to mix it but it dries quickly and left no residue on my skin. This is the second bottle I have purchased! You can check it out here. 

Tender As Petals Face Cleanser

Face Cleanser

I purchased tender as petals to use as a gentle daily cleanser but something cool I learned is you can use this as a mask as well. This is ideal for all skin types and is super gentle on the skin and its not going to dry your skin. There is a little bit of exfoliation depending on how much water you use which is a huge plus.  Perfect for shower use, you can check it out here

West Indies with Poppy Seed

Face Scrub

West Indies is geared towards all skin types. The interesting part about this scrub is its made from natural clays, organic herbs and flowers! When I used it for the first time I actually saw the poppy seeds. 

 The outcome every time I use it is amazing, it will just take a little bit of tweaking to get the right consistency.  I go back and forth between this one and the tender as petals and they both give me super soft skin afterwards. You can check it out here 

Mermaid’s Cheek Face Mask

Face mask for oily skin

I had to save the best for last : ) I went for this one because this is geared towards Oily, blemished and acne prone skin types. Mermaid’s cheek is made from organic sea weeds, spinach and French Green clay.

Before I purchased I read the reviews of course and yes, there is a smell but its not unbearable for me. This is a powder mixture that you have to add water to mix. I tried mixing it with essential oil to help with the smell and lavender worked awesome! If you suffer from oily skin this is a face mask I would highly recommend! You can check it out here 

There you have it all my new skin care products that I haven’t been able to put down. Not only are they cruelty free, they’re actually good for the skin leaving out all the fillers and stuff our skin doesn’t need! 

If you want to know more about healthy tips you might like these posts about Derma rolling and microdermabrasion! 

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