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Concealer: The True Ninja in your Makeup Routine

Welcome back, and thank you for checking out part 2 of the makeup building series! I received so many comments on the foundation part aka part 1, that I cant wait to share the second part, concealer!

What is the point of Concealing anyway?

Concealer is a must for a lot of us makeup junkies and the primary purpose of a concealer is to offset the natural shadows. These shadows pop up under our eyes and not to mention when we break out- don’t even get me started.

Concealer is a versatile product that we use in many makeup applications.

For example, to highlight certain areas of the face such as up the bridge of the nose, forehead, top of the cheekbones, or center of the chin. Again this is all user preference and what you feel works best for you.

Makeup is now more elaborate than it has ever been and this can put a lot of pressure on us to conceal to look perfect. There is a fine line between looking concealed and looking cake faced look.

So how do you pick a concealer and what are some things to look for? To be honest with you, this is all personal preference. Some people would advise you find a concealer that is the exact color of your skin ,while others say go one shade lighter and so on.

Here are the three different types on concealer that you can begin to experiment with to find what works best for you.

Liquid Concealer

Liquid Concealer
  • Can be used on normal, combination, oily, sensitive, and breakout-prone skin
  • The coverage is buildable which is awesome,and they range from light to full depending on preference
  • Available finishes include dewy, satin, radiant shimmer, and matte

Liquid concealer is the most versatile type of concealer because it offers buildable coverage and works for all skin types except very dry. You can find this pretty much everywhere, and would you believe me that one of the most tried concealers is at the drugstore?

This type of concealer is also easy to apply. Liquid concealer is easier to use when it comes to covering pimples because it is the least likely to cake up and it requires little to no effort to blend resulting in less irritation for active breakouts.

Liquid concealers with a matte finish last longer than those with a satin finish; they are also less likely to stray throughout the day. Satin-finish liquid concealer has more movement, but it can provide a more natural look.

Cream Concealer

Cream Concealer
  • Can be used on normal, dry, combination, or sensitive skin
  • Coverage is buildable again awesome, and will range from medium to full
  • Available finishes include satin and creamy

In most situations, cream concealer provides medium to full coverage. Cream concealer works well under the eyes and is one of the best concealer options for covering discolorations.

I’m sure you’ve seen the cream palettes with green, purple, pink and yellow. Color correctors are for just that, correcting color. They can be a little intimidating at first, but if you’re comfortable giving them a try, it might be worth looking into.

Remember this line up and you’ll be golden:

  • Green- For extreme redness on all skin types
  • Purple- Lightens dark circles and can also brighten dullness on medium skin
  • Pink- Also lightens dark circles and brightens dullness, but on light skin
  • Peach- Cancels dark circles and fights dark spots on both light and medium skin
  • Orange- For dark circles on deeper skin tones
  • Red- Cancels dark circles on deep skin tone
  • Yellow- Calms mild redness all over the face for all skin tones

Cream concealers have more movement to them and can be applied in a stippling motion with a clean finger, sponge, or a small concealer brush. This should be set with loose or pressed powder once blended to prevent creasing and movement throughout the day.

Stick Concealer

stick concealer
  • Can work wonders for normal, dry, and sensitive skin
  • Coverage is buildable, ranging from medium to full
  • Available finishes include satin and powdery matte

Stick concealer is often richly pigmented, and has a thick, creamy texture. This type of concealer is used by applying in a stippling motion with a clean finger or with a small concealer brush, feathering the edges into surrounding skin. When applied correctly will give you a flawless finish when set with a setting powder to prevent creasing.

Keep in mind these concealers in stick form are thick and may not be the best option for everyday use. Also, if you have oily skin you chance this thicker formula to slip and slide all over your face through out the day.

Like all makeup products you’ll gain better results when applied with a light hand, working your way to the desired coverage and setting with a setting powder.

If you missed day one, we went over everything you need to know about foundation. You can find that post here, these two products are partners and will work together if you allow them to!

Thank you again for stopping by and I look forward to sharing number three with you tomorrow!

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