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PMD Clean Body Review | Is It Worth It?

PMD Clean Body, what is it and is it worth it?

I can’t say what exactly made me break down and purchase the PMD body; there wasn’t any sound reasoning behind it, besides the fact that I just wanted to try it. 

Before purchasing the PMD Clean Body, I didn’t have any expectations for the new body gadget.

When I looked at the pictures in the PMD advertisements, I couldnt help but want to get my hands on one.

All the women looked like they were having the time of their life in the shower. 

I wanted to get in on that action and live out my best shower life dreams. Here are some things I wish I knew before purchasing the PMD Body. 

Without going on and on, let us jump into it, the PMD Clean Body! 

What is the PMD Clean Body?

The PMD Clean Body will become your next shower bestie considering all that this device has in its trunk.

You can use the PMD Clean Body daily to cleanse, exfoliate and massage your entire body. 

Sounds like heaven, right? 

The PMD Clean Body has four customizable modes and claims to come equipped with a brush for all skin types. 

When looking at the Clean Body, you will see two sides—one with the silicone, which is odor resistant, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and of course, waterproof. 

On the other side is where you’re able to switch out the attachments.

The PMD Clean Body comes with three attachments total. 

  • Silverscrub- Silver infused loofah. 
  • Polish- Aluminum Oxide exfoliator
  • Relax- Body Massager

There are four modes two for cleansing and two for massaging. 

  • Cleansing: Gentle vibration, Intense vibration 
  • Massaging: Gentle Pulsation, Intense pulsation 

What Is Silverscrub? 

I wasn’t super thrilled about the loofah attachment, mainly because I replace my loofahs often.

The thought of bacteria building up in the loofah creeps me out. 

Silverscrub is what many love about the loofah attachment because it helps cleanse the skin without spreading or storing bacteria. 

If it helps to put your mind at ease, these loofahs are antibacterial and can be replaced. 

Replacing The Silverscrub Loofah

When you feel it’s time to replace your loofah, you have the option to repurchase the silverscrub loofah attachment for $25 if you don’t subscribe on PMD’s website.

If you subscribe, you will receive a discount from $25 to $17.50.

With the subscribe and save, you have the option to have the loofahs delivered every 1, 2, or 3 months (up to you).

To read more about it, I’ll link some information below! 

Loofahs were not the reason for breaking down and purchasing this, and quite honestly, if you’re only interested in the loofah attachment, this may not be the device for you. 

I did read some complaints about the loofah size being too small.

When comparing this to a regular loofah, the clean body will look tiny side by side.

Keep in mind this is not your everyday loofah, so it’s not a fair comparison.

The Clean Body blows a regular loofah out of this world. 

I felt the Silverscrub attachment is a decent size and lathers up very well.

Like I had mentioned, I didn’t buy the Clean Body for the Loofah attachment; in fact, I don’t love the thought of having to replace the loofah attachment; it will cost me $25.00 for 2.

I could buy a ton of loofahs for that price and still enjoy the Clean Body. 

So for me, the Loofah attachment is just not worth the price, even with the Silverscrub technology. 

Moving on to the Polish attachment

The PMD Body Polish Exfoliator

Let me start by saying I was harsh when judging this attachment simply because nothing can replace my Amope Pedi Perfect device. 

Before I jump ahead of myself, the aluminum oxide exfoliator is another antibacterial attachment for the PMD Clean Device.

You can use the Polish device on rough, calloused skin. 

For me, the rough areas on my body will be the heels of my feet, which is why I judged this attachment harshly. 

This attachment is nowhere near my Pedi perfect, but it works. I achieved softer heels after one use, but I still needed to go over my heels with my Ampoe (I like baby soft feet)

I didn’t have any issues with scrubbing too hard and the polisher attachment falling off or slipping.

The Relax Body Massager 

The best attachment for last, yay!

Now, this is the main reason I purchased the Clean Body.

A massage in the shower, under the hot water without needing assistance, is my little slice of heaven. 

The Massage attachment is the attachment I use the most besides the primary silicone side. 

The Massager can be used both in or out of the shower.

You can pair it with your favorite body oil or lotion after you get out, and it’s fantastic. 

Another thing I enjoyed is the option between two pulsation levels, gentle and intense.

Both pulsation levels are relaxing, and I tend to switch between both.

When hubby decides to disturb my shower time, I will use the Massager on his back, and he doesn’t complain, but he tells me he can barely feel it. 

Overall Thoughts on the PMD Body

The Cons: 

  • The Loofah attachment pops off while I was scrubbing my body- Maybe I rub too hard. 
  • Having to replace the Loofah attachments- technically not cheap 
  • Price

The Pros:

  • The attachments: Having the option to have a full-body brush is nice.
  • Made by PMD: a well-known skincare brand 

Overall, I respect the device, I like the thoughts behind it, and I like that PMD took their cleansing brush to the next level and created one for the body.

My favorites are the Massager, and the primary side with the silicone bristles out of all the attachments.

If you have the extra money and spend a lot of time in the baths and that is your way of unwinding, this brush can be something worth looking into. 

However, I can’t say this is a product that I can’t live without.

Although it adds a Lil extra luxury vibes in the shower, this is not a mush have device. 

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