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Oily Skin Girls Guide to Flawless Summer Makeup

Finally, an Oily Skin Girls Guide to Flawless Summer Makeup!

All you Ladies with Oily Skin, throw your hands up at me!

Getting through Summer with oily skin is a tough one; getting through the Summer with oily skin in Florida is a whole new ball game. 

All of us with oily skin know oily skin comes with benefits and a lot of headaches. It took me three summers to develop a routine that works. Now I can enjoy Summer and still wear the makeup products I want regardless of how hot it is outside! 

With the hot, muggy, humid, impossible temperatures out here, it’s easy to feel defeated when wearing makeup out here, and sometimes it can almost feel impossible. 

The most exciting part? It’s not hard to achieve, nor is it complicated! You don’t even need to run out and buy new products. 

Here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way and what I’ve learned about the oily skin girls guide to flawless summer makeup

Don’t Strip Your Skins Moisture

Striping your skin moisture is enormous when it comes to oily skin. You may feel when washing your face; you need to feel completely dry; this is far from the truth. 

During the summer months, keeping oily skin is key to helping control the oils. 

How To Moisturize Oily Skin During the Summer

My favorite is oils (Elemis Superfood is fantastic) or a water-based moisturizer. Oils are essential for oily skin because they mimic the oils our skin produces, therefor helping cut back on large oil production.

How To Prime Oily Skin 

Best Products for Oily Skin During the Summer Months. Control Oil with these 5 tips for a flawless finish

Finding a Primer that works for oily skin can be painful. I feel like everything targets oily skin, and they don’t work to help with the oils, so this can be tricky. 

When picking a primer, you want to go for one that is mattifying but also works with your skin and your makeup products. 

Two of my favorites are: 

  1. Murad MattEffect Blotting Perfector 
  2. Smashbox Photofinish Oil and Shine Control 

These are the two primers that work well with my entire routine; you have to find what works for your skin. Since it’s going to be hard to get samples right now, buy trial-sized products, so you don’t throw a ton of money on a full-sized product that doesn’t work. 

Focus on your oily areas first, making sure to push the product into your skin. After you apply it, give it time to sink into your skin before moving on to the next step. 

Use Products Made for Humidity 

Products made for humidity is going lighter on the makeup formulas. Instead of thick foundations, switch to a tinted moisturizer. 

Tip: Find your fav water-based moisturizer and mix it with your current foundation and boom you have a lighter foundation product. 

Keep in mind all products don’t always mix well together; you’ll have to find a mixture you like. 

If you don’t want to mix with your moisturizer, another favorite thing to do is thinning foundation down with shimmer drops. When you mix with shimmer drops, you’ll have a beautiful dewy glow. 

If you feel comfortable, toss foundation to the side and use a concealer to spot treat the areas of your face. If this is an option, you’re able to let your skin breathe and be natural. 

Set The Oily Parts Of Your Face

Setting my tzone only has been a game-changer in how long my makeup lasts. 

When I switched my foundation to FENTY, I was able to wear less foundation, and my skin looks (to me) flawless! Be sure to set your under-eye to help prevent creasing and keep your eyes the focal point. 

How to Set Your Makeup When You have Oily Skin

Setting your makeup us crucial for oily skin. Here are three steps to follow. 

  1. After you apply your foundation, let it set THEN blot your skin. Blotting your skin will help soak up the foundation that is just sitting on your face. 
  2. Set with powder- When setting your face with your favorite powder, use a sponge to press the powder in your skin instead of swiping motions. Pressing is going to give you the best finish and prevent your makeup from being lifted. 
  3. Setting Spray- I love setting Spray! Setting Spray is like a magical wand, and it helps everything to mesh together and look flawless. Spraying your face also helps to lock everything in place. Immediately after spraying your face, use a fan (or paper) and fan your face. By doing this your foundation will be able to dry down. 

Carry Blotting Paper

Get in the habit of carry around blotting paper instead of a compact. When you have oily skin, every time you add powder to your skin (to help control the oils), you’re only adding more product to your face, asking for a cakey mess by the end of the day. Adding new powder can also cause separation in your makeup that you currently have on your face. 

How To Blot Your Face When You Have Oily Skin

Three amazing things to blot your face with are 

  1. Starbucks napkins 
  2. Toilet Seat Covers 
  3. CVS Receipts (since they’re 3 miles long) 

The key to a flawless blot is lightly pressing in your tzone areas first. After you blot your oily places, you’re able to see how much you need to blot. 

When blotting your face, be careful not to take off your makeup, that’s why its crucial to blot lightly section by section. If you get a little bit of separation, you can use a tad bit of Setting Spray to help settle your makeup.  

Finishing Thoughts 

If you have oily skin, there is no need to be nervous about wearing makeup during the summer months! 

With the Oily Skin Girls Guide to Flawless Summer Makeup you’ll be able to feel more confident in your oily skin this summer!

Time to get 100% summer-ready, be sure to check this other blog post that expands on how to care for your hair this Summer! If you found this blog post helpful, please share it! Sharing is caring! 

Over to you, what are your TIps on how to get through Summer With Oily Skin? 

Top Summer Essentials For Oily Skin! These tips will help control the oil so you can enjoy wearing makeup again

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