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Complete Guide to Derma Rolling for Beginners

Micro-needling, Derma Rolling, Microdermabrasion, and all the above! I’m hoping you wouldn’t knock it until you try it.

You may have heard both horror stores about derma rolling, or you’ve read its transformed others’ faces!

I’m that girl that will jump up and down screaming about how Dermarolling has changed my skincare game; things will never be the same!

I want to share right away; dermarolling doesn’t hurt if done correctly, so stay with me here.

I’m one that has learned the hard way, but I want to help you become a pro without the mistakes I have made!

Let’s jump into all the greatness behind derma-rolling; I swear you’ll want to scoop up a derma roller after reading this post!

What Is DermaRolling & Why You Should Try It

At one point, I was battling my acne scars; I cringed when I would look at my skin in the mirror! I felt like there was nothing I could do to help all of the poping and squeezing.

I know I shouldn’t have done, but did it anyway! I covered my face with a ton of makeup with the hopes I could have a smooth complexion I always daydreamed of having!

If this is you, I want to say you’re beautiful and this will pass!

On to what is Derma-rolling…

Dermarolling is a roller head made up of tiny needles that puncture your skin, causing your skin to think you’ve injured yourself. Once your skin feels it’s injured, it kicks into the production of elastin and collagen!

Benefits of Derma Rolling

So I get rolling anything covered in needles across your face sounds batshit crazy and pain you would never in 100 years inflict on yourself!

There are many different benefits to derma rolling. To keep it simple the main two reasons are:

1. Stimulates Epidermal Growth Factor

Remeber earlier when I mentioned your skin will begin to produce eleastin and Collagen? Well, that is where Epidermal Growth Factor or EGFs come into play!

Why do you want to stimulate epidermal growth?

EGF stimulates your skin cells to produce collagen; you want this because it maintains youthful, healthy skin. You can also take supplements to add to the collagen department.

2. Increases absorption of products 

Girl, if you spend coin on your skincare products, you 100% want to get every penny, and I mean every penny you possibly could, from your products!
After Dermarolling your face, your skincare products will have the chance to sink deeper into your skin, maximizing your skincare’s benefits!

What is the difference between Derma Rolling and Micro-needling?

You’re probably thinking these are the same thing, while in a way they’re the same but there’s just a slight difference.

Derma rolling

Micro Needling

Done with a derma pen and is done by a professional.

The pen has tiny needles at the tip that puncture the skin. These needles are longer (over 1 mm) than the derma roller and penetrate the skin more deeply allowing the needle to reach deeper tissue.

These treatments can cost upwards of $300 per session.

Derma Rolling

Used at home (DIY version of micro needling) Derma rollers look like mini paint rollers covered with tiny needles.

This is rolled over your face in different directions and has needles that are smaller than 1mm and won’t hurt nearly as much as the micro-needling.

The derma roller is a more cost-effective way costing anywhere from 20 up to 200 depending on which one you purchase.

Where can you get a Derma Roller?

I purchased mine from Amazon and it came with pure hyaluronic acid and a case for the derma roller. For a beginner, I didn’t want to invest a lot of my money into this simply because I didn’t know if this was going to be a keeper for me. The derma roller itself was only $20 dollars, not too bad!

What to use after you use the Derma Roller?

It is recommended using a serum because they absorb quickly into the skin. I was a little worried about putting anything on my face after derma rolling because I was literally puncturing holes in my skin.

I had a serum on hand that I enjoy using already but there’s something about this one that makes me think twice before using. I hate the tacky/sticky feeling on my face before I go to bed I have seen amazing results from this product but I get paranoid with the feeling it leaves on my skin.

To branch out and try something new I decided to purchase one from Amazon. I decided on this one because it was highly rated and it wasn’t going to break the bank. When I first used it I couldn’t stop using it. It absorbs super quick and it left my skin feeling super smooth. You can check it out here, let me know what you think.

What to expect after rolling 

After Derma Rolling you may experience a little stinging sensation but its not uncomfortable at all, which is another plus with derma rolling at home. I always do this at night after I get out of the shower and ready to go to bed.

  1. Always start with a clean face 
  2. Before and after using your derma roller spray some alcohol to clean the roller
  3. Don’t press to hard when rolling 
  4. Make sure your pillowcase is clean, if you’re a little iffy sleep on a clean towel 
  5. Use a serum before rolling and after preferably something with Hyaluronic acid
  6. Try to replace your derma roller when needles become dull 
  7. Be patient- this may take some time to get to the desired results but you’ll get there. 

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