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Makeup Products You Shouldn’t Live Without

Have you ever thought about what makeup products you shouldn’t live without? 

I never really thought about it honestly, I felt like I needed it all, and I was overdoing it.

If you’re just starting to build your makeup collection, or looking to start a high end collection you can find those below:

  1. Starting a makeup collection for beginners
  2. Starting a high end makeup collection

With that being said, I want you to do whatever makes you feel beautiful, and don’t let anyone make you feel any other way. 

Let’s jump into the makeup products you should live without 


The game has changed for me after I moved to Florida. Full coverage foundation no longer exists. 

It’s so humid in Florida that wearing a full coverage foundation made me look cakey, it would slide off of my face, and it was causing my skin to stress. 

I started to experiment with different coverage levels of foundation, and I have found a lightweight sheer coverage is such a fantastic option for two key reasons. 

  1. Lightweight foundation/sheer coverage is buildable; if you’re searching for a full coverage foundation, you still have the opportunity to build up the coverage without looking cakey. 
  2.  Less chance of clogging your pores- with a lightweight foundation 

Fenty Match Stix 

Makeip products you shouldnt live without
In this picture, I’m wearing the trio Stix in the shades: Medium 200 – Bamboo, Mocha, Trippin

The Fenty Match Stix are perfect for those that like to wear the minimal makeup look, only have a few minutes to get ready, new to contouring. 

I have the trio, and I love them all, they take the guesswork out of applying makeup. If you want to contour but stay away from it because of the effort, you will love these! I use the contour and highlight shade the most in my makeup routine. 

If you have oily skin, you should not overlook these the contour and conceal shades are MATTE. If you have dry skin, these are still amazing; you should hydrate your skin before using it. 

After playing with the Match Stix, I found I have gotten the best results by rubbing the stix on the back of my hand to warm it up. The reason for that is when the product is warmed up, and it’s easier to blend in.  


Eyelashes take EVERY look from boring to sexy in a heartbeat! It has become a staple to wear eyelashes with every makeup look!

There are eyelashes to suit every look from dramatic to more natural. With eyelashes, the easiest thing to do is to stay in the middle when picking out lashes.

You don’t want to play it too safe, and you don’t want to go overboard. Unless that’s your jam, then jam on!

Here is a list of my favorite lashes with me wearing them so you can see how the lashes look.

Whispies double
Here is what the lashes look like in the case

I love these when I don’t feel like wearing makeup, but I still want a little something to make my eyes pop!

Ardell Whispie Lashes
Heres what the lashes look like in the case
Makeup eyelashes


Illuminator has been a lifesaver for me over the last year and a half. My makeup look has changed; I should say style. 

Illuminator gives the look of glowy skin that you woke up with. If you take daily vitamins, you’re probably glowing from within, but if you’re a naughty girl, you may not be doing that. 

If you have oily skin and want to cut down on the amount of product you have on your face, this is a perfect way to get a glowy complexion to replace your highlighting powder. 

You can rub a small amount over your entire face, or you can place in select areas. I like to add illuminator to my foundation to give my whole face a subtle glow and help thin out the foundation. 


I haven’t always been the biggest fan of lipliner because I hate having to reapply it, and I felt like I could never find a good nude lip liner that matches my lip color. 

I now have two go-to colors that help blend in with my lip color and make my lips look more natural. 


This is the RIMMEL Nude shade, I LOVE IT! This nude has a little pinkish nude to it def a fav of mine and you can’t beat the price!

Charlotte Tilbury

My go to laterly has been the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk in Shade 2. I love this one I’ve gone through two already its so close to my natural lip color.

Did you know your perfect nude color can be determined by the color of your areola? Pick a color that is closest to areola and that will be your perfect nude!

Charlotte Tilbury Lip liner


Another makeup product you shouldn’t live without and for good reason! Blush ties your entire face together, it adds warmth. For summer its fun to try a peachy shade since most of the peachy blushes I have seen come with some kind of shimmer.

For winter its fun to start transitioning to more of a cherry color, it will complement the dark lip shades we tend to wear in the winter.

One Last Thing

I have learned a golden rule that I challenge you to try!

LESS IS MORE when it comes to makeup. Embrace your natural beauty and enhance it by adding a few things here and there!

Love who you are and be gentle with yourself.

Until the next post, cheers!

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