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How To: Get the Perfect Cut Crease

Tricks on How to Get the Perfect Cut Crease

Cut Creases are the in look right not, but its only hot when you can nail it! Today I want to talk about how to get the perfect cut crease using 1 product!

That’s right using 1 product!

You can use whatever you want to create this look. However, with this one product cut creases have never been easier!

I want to warn you this can become addicting. I can’t stop buying this product and I want to believe they’re reasonably priced!

What to know what it is?

The Huda Beauty Melted shadows

I just want to share how much I love these. They’re so easy to use, you’ll look like a professional and the best part it’s super quick.

What Are Melted Shadows?

These melted shadows are pretty much liquid shadows that have a matte shade on one end and a shimmery shade on the opposite side.

The shades compliment each other, so it takes the guessing work out of trying to figure out what shadows to pair with what.

The textures are extremely smooth and are easy to blend out with both your finger or your eye shadow brush.

You have the option to layer them with other shadows, or you can wear them as is and still create a look to die for.

Why Use Melted Shadows for a Cut Crease?

When you’re trying to achieve a cut crease the key is to define the crease by “cutting” across your eyelid with a contrasting eyeshadow color and little to no blending. “If done right, a cut crease will change your makeup game.

But as we all know, this can be a tricky look to complete because you have to be precise.

Before the melted shadows came out getting the perfect cut crease meant I was spending forever trying to carve out my crease with concealer hoping not to fuck everything up.

I had to use the “perfect” brush and it just became annoying because no matter how concentrated I was I still managed to mess it up.

Now to my point, why use melted shadows for cut creases?

The reason why these are the best is the applicator on the shimmery side is perfect for cutting out your crease saving you time and the need to be perfect.

Since there are two sides to these shadows, the matte side can be applied to the center of lid, to the corners of your eyes, and blended into crease. When I use the melted shadow for a cut crease, I apply the matte shade in the crease of my eye and the shimmer side on my lid.

The cool thing about the shimmery side is the brush. It’s small but perfect for sweeping the shimmery shade on the lid giving you the perfect cut crease.

What Else to Know About the Melted Shadows?

The matte shadows can be blended with your fingers or a fluffy brush. However, I’ve seen the best results with using a brush.

You can also use the shadows as a liner, or even to coat your lips with. If you’re going to use as a liner, you’ll want to use a different brush so you can get a more precise sharp line.

The shimmery side dries fast so you’ll want to work fast when using these. You can use the metal/shimmery side as a glitter topper over the matte formula or over any powder shadow.

The applicators are different on both sides. The matte has a larger applicator for the crease, its more of a velvety texture when applied.

The shimmery side is more like a paintbrush and is extremely pigmented. It can also be used as a liner, highlight the inner corner of your eye, and again give you the cut crease!

Different Tutorials Using Melted Shadows

I found the video from cflowermakeup on youtube and I instantly fell in love with her channel and wanted to share how she uses the melted shadow!

I have included the video below but you can also find it here!

I fell in love with this look from SofieBella! This is a closeup tutorial on how to get a pro cut crease using the melted shadows!


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Final Tips On the Melted Shadows

These shadows are pigmented and dry quickly! Remember these tips and you’ll fall in love with these shadows as I have.

  1. They Dry Quick so work on one eye at a time
  2. They are very pigmented so a little will go a long way
  3. The glitter needs to be applied in a thin layer and patted with a small brush

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