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Can the Dermasuction Replace Biore Pore Strips?

Can the Dermasuction Replace Biore Pore Strips is a question I was asking myself before I bought the Dermasuction, but is it worth it?

I suffered suffer from constant blackhead buildup, and I couldn’t seem to get rid of them. I remember being in high school, and my mom would squeeze them out with a bobby pin (talk about unnecessary pain).

This method worked, it was excruciating, but I was willing to do anything to get rid of them. Finally, my mom introduced me to the holy grail Biore Pore Strips!

These strips are the bomb, and I still use them to this day, but will the derma suction replace them?

If you’re also like me you’ve probably read the reviews and went back and forth on is it worth to purchase. Let me put your minds at ease and tell you it is, but you have to use it correctly.

Let’s Address the Negative Reviews About the Dermasuction

As I just mentioned, you have to know how to use the device correctly to get the most out of it. I will also say it takes some trial and error to find what is going to work best for you.

Complaint Number One: It Didn’t Suction Anything From My Skin.

This was the number one complaint I saw when looking into this device. I will be honest. I bought this thinking that I was going to experience the same issues.

Guess what! I did. Now, stay with me because I got it to work, and I want to show you what was pulled out from both mine and my hubby’s face. I want to warn you; these are gross pictures.

In my honest opinion, the Demrasuction could’ve come with one piece, and I would’ve been just as happy.

Complaint Number Two: The Dermasuction Left Marks on My Face.

Now that I have your attention and you see that it has the potential and works correctly, let’s talk about the other significant issues others were facing, leaving marks on your skin.

This is what I like to call a growing pain, and it can detour you away from using a product. The key to these suction products is not just to let the suction sit in one area for a while. You will get the best results if you glide the device slowly across your face focusing on your blackhead prone area.

My Personal Experience using the Dermasuction for three weeks

After using the dermasuction, I can say I’m personally happy with the product. When I first started using the device, a lot has come out of my pores. As time went on, less was coming out, but I still pull things from my pores.

So either the Dermasuction works wonders, and my face is gunk free, or the suction is not as strong anymore.

However, I do have my gripes about the device as well let me share why.

Gripes With the Dermasuction

As I mentioned before the device comes with four different heads, I disliked three and honestly could throw them away and not be worried about it. The oval head is the head I use when I do use the device.

Why the Oval Head over the Other Heads

There is something on the oval head that gives a little scraping feeling. I found when I run this across my skin; it helped extract the blackheads, whereas the other heads were smooth and didn’t add the additional scraping. With that being said, this can make the experience a little more painful.

The Battery Life Seems To Be Low

In the three weeks I’ve had it I’ve replaced the batteries twice. The Dermasuction takes two double-A batteries, and no, the device doesn’t come with batteries.

In the middle of the second week, I felt like the suction wasn’t as strong so I replaced the batteries, and it worked perfectly. This obviously can become annoying having to replace the batteries.

Not Beginner User-Friendly

It takes some finesse to get this to work correctly. I will be honest. I was able to figure it out after 5 mins of meltdowns. To test it out to see if it was just my error or if I was correct, I made my mom try it.

She wasn’t able to pull anything from her pores right away either, so that proved that you have to finagle with it to start seeing results. This again is annoying because I expect it to work wonders as soon as I take it out of the box.

What Did I love About the Dermasuction?

Once I was Able to Get it To Work- IT WORKED

It pulls a lot from the pores; if you have larger pores like myself, this can be your new savior. I have noticed a difference in my nose, chin, and forehead area after using it.

My mom, on the other hand, has smaller pores, and she didn’t see the same results I did. So this may not be the best product for smaller pored people.

Its A Decent Size/Travel-Friendly

I enjoy the size of the Dermasuction and am thrilled I can travel with this without having to remember cords. It feels comfortable to hold, and it’s not too bulky. The only thing you’ll have to remember is to have an extra set of batteries on hand.

Two Different Suction Settings

Having two suction settings to me is a plus! I’m able to use this daily by using the lower setting, and I don’t get irritation. Days that I wear heavy makeup I can use it on high suction and I feel like I get everything out of my pores.


I know some people were not happy with the 20 dollar investment, but for a skincare product, this can be relatively on the cheaper side compared to other options.

For me, I was pleased and felt like I got what I paid for. Would I like to see a more upscale product? Yes, I think we all would and with that would come with a hefty price tag. So for 20 dollars, I wasn’t expecting it to work as well as it did.

The Last Thing You Need to Know About the Dermasuction

This is a product that I have added to my skincare routine, but I wouldn’t just recommend this product alone. I love the fact I was able to get it to work after some trial and error, and I do see results.

But since this product can be challenging, many people will feel they have wasted their money. I feel like people with large pores will enjoy using this product more than those with smaller pores.

You can save some money on shipping by picking this up in Walgreens, target or bed bath and beyond and that can be an added plus.

I’m not saying to drop everything you’re doing to get this product, BUT if you have large pores and suffer from Blackheads, I would recommend considering this product.

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