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5 Tips To Follow For Healthy Hair

5 Tips To Follow For Healthy Hair has been one of my more popular posts. I have followed and seen amazing results by following these tips.

Taking better care of my hair has been something I have been getting into for the last month or so. I have always spoiled my hair and splurge on different shampoos and leave-in treatments but I really wanted to start taking more steps to have healthy hair.

5 Tips For Achieving Healthy Hair

Whenever I go to the salon, well when I did, I would always hear them say healthy hair is pretty hair. I remember I would always roll my eyes and think I can put hair extensions in my hair and be done with it.

Not the best attitude to have, but, hair extensions have gotten me through some pretty damaging times, and I mean damaged times.

After not seeing my hair grow and be pretty on its own I decided it was time to start taking my hair health serious, no more games, no more excuses it was time to figure this shit out for good.

I do however want to be clear, I probably will be a lifer when it comes to wearing extensions because I love what I can achieve with them. But on the days when I’m feeling a little all-natural, I wanted to be able to say this is all mine and not have my hair breaking off on the floor as I run my hands through my hair.

The Truth about our hair

Having healthy hair is honestly not that hard to achieve when you really think about it. The hard part about having healthy hair is it doesn’t come overnight, and this will take time.

I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I stepped foot in a salon to get a haircut, and guess what.. my hair is still growing. Do you know the myth we hear about trimming our hair will help our hair grow faster? Well, that’s all that is, a myth. While you may have it in the back of your mind that healthy-looking hair is all about external factors like the weather or the hair products you use, you will be left broke and disappointed.

However, what you put in your body affects your hair more than you think. I noticed my hair was becoming dull, breaking easily, and flat out wasn’t growing. Then it hit me, I have embraced the Vegan lifestyle and maybe my hair wasn’t getting the nutrition it needed.

5 Tips For Achieving Healthy Hair

5 Tips To Follow For Healthy Hair

Tip 1: Invest in Hair Supplements

This has been the number one game-changer for me when it came to seeing my hair grow. Supplements B, C, and A are all good for the hair. I’m not saying to rush out and get a supplement that has hair supplements on it.

If you can find a supplement that has vitamin b, c or a that will work just fine. Be sure to look at the ingredients. Since hair growth has become a hair thing there’s a lot of supplements that are expensive for no apparent reason.

Tip 2: Start Wrapping your Hair at Night Ladies

This isn’t the sexiest thing to jump into bed with but I will testify that wrapping my hair has become a must. I will also tell you my skill level when it comes to wrapping my hair is very minimal so anyone can do it. I’ve tried different ways to wrap my hair and so far the bonnet method has been best for me.

The best hair bonnet I’ve come across is from amazon, you can find it here! The best part about this bonnet is it’t under $5.00.

Before wrapping my hair at night I make sure to

  1. Brush my scalp with my Aveda brush! Taking care of your scalp is going to be a must, this is where all the magic happens.
  2. I add my favorite serum to the tips of my hair. I focus a lot on the tips to maintain the length of my hair and avoid putting anything on the scalp so it doesn’t get super oily.
  3. Wrap my hair using a paddle brush! This may take some time getting used to but i promise its not that bad.

Tip 3: Replace your Conditioner with a Hair Mask

The reason why is because your conditioner only seals the cuticles of your hair, it doesn’t help treat your hair and help reverse the damage. When you have a hair mask the consistency is much thicker and is made to target reversing hair damage, or at least treating it. Even better hair masks also seal the cuticle so you’re getting more for your money when you invest in a hair mask.

Tip 4: Try Not to Brush Your Hair Everyday

This can be a tough one for some. This is a great reason why you should wrap your hair at night. After I started wrapping my hair at night, the amount I’ve needed to brush my hair has drastically been cut down. If you can cut down the amount of time you pull on your hair the less breakage you’ll have.

Tip 5: Soak Your Hair In Coconut Oil Once a week

Coconut oil is something every head of hair should have at least once a week. There’re so many benefits when it comes to coconut for our hair and skin it’s a must-do now in my hair upkeep!

If you want more of a relaxing hair mask, you’ll want to check out this DIY hair mask that you can make at home!

There you have it, 5 Tips To Follow For Healthy Hair. When it comes to hair care keeping things simple can be the best thing has ever happened to your hair game!

What are your 5 Tips to follow for Healthy Hair that you would share?

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