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Charlotte Tilbury Makeup For a Bronzy Goddess Look

My makeup looks change as much as my underwear it feels like. However, there is one look that will never go out of style no matter what the season is, and that is a bronzey goddess. Lately glow, bronze, and sun-kissed has been my go-to look and I must say I love it.

There’s something about a glowing lady that spreads a fierce vibe and I’m here to spark that vibe for you! Let’s get started!

The products I want to share with you today are all from the Charlotte Tilbury line. I have fallen in love with this makeup line and for good reason. The shimmer and bronze are out of this world sexy and they look natural as well.

I mean, can we just daydream about these looks?

I want to look for a drug store dupe for each product that I’m going to share with you today, I just haven’t gotten around to that yet!

Glowgasim Beauty Light Wand

A gasm is what you’re going to get when you use the Beauty Light Wands. These blend effortlessly into the skin and will leave you with a glow! The neat thing about these is the application is simple, so simple I let my 8 year old apply it on my cheeks! I purchased an easy highlighter and a high blush.

When applied it stays put, it doesn’t feel greasy at all and its really blendable

Hollywood Contour Wand

I have been getting into contour more and since I’m no pro I found these wands to be convenient! The Countour Wands work like the Light Wands, twist, squeeze, dab into the skin and blend out.

These are not the most pigmented so if you’re afraid of making mistakes with your contour this could be a good product for you.

Wonder Glow Primer

The Wonder Glow primer is going to give your skin an instant glowing boost. I have noticed the appearance of my skin after applying a small amount.

This reminds me of NARS illuminator, however, the wonder glow primer is more of an everyday illuminator. I do have oily skin and this doesn’t keep me matte. However, towards the end of my day, I notice my skin has a natural-looking glow even after patting my face all day.

Luxury Palette of Pops

I have been trying to get my hands on this palette for a while now, and I finally found it! This palette is by far one of my favorite palettes. There are times I want glitter eyeshadow BUT without color, I JUST WANT THE GLITTER!

I finally found that palette and it is the palette of pops! If you haven’t tried the eyeshadows from the Charlotte Tilbury line, be prepared to become obsessed. These shadows have a very creamy texture and the colors are nothing short of luxurious. They apply smoothly and you can apply with either your fingers or a brush and still get an effortless look.

Airbrush Flawless Finish

Every goddess deserves to have airbrushed skin and this powder will deliver. I’m more of a pressed powder kinda gal but when I tried this, I was impressed. The powder is silky soft and sunk into my pores like it was nothing.

I was instantly sucked in when I read these powders were made for oily skin. This powder was made with oily skinned people in mind, the ingredients help prevent excess shine and brighten the look of your complexion.

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