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Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter: (Liquid Glow is the only highlighter you’ll Need)

How annoying is it when you get your face makeup on point and finally get to applying your highlighter and it looks muddy and cakey?

We all know makeup product application is important and like oil and water somethings just dont mix well!

I found that out when I would apply a powder highlighter to my dewy face! It can really take the glow from your face and make your makeup look patchy. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and its Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter! Not just any highlighter, I’m talking the Liquid Glow Highlighter from Anastasia Beverly hills!

These highlighters are perfect for adding that glow without leaving your makeup patchy!

A liquid highlighter that delivers an intense glow with a lustrous finish, sign me the hell up. I have been really digging liquid highlighters these days. Let’s just say I tend to lather highlighter all over my face, both under and on top of my foundation.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid highlighter for the perfect makeup base

This was a lucky find at TJ MAX and I decided to give a few shades a try for the hell of it. I found three different shades and you won’t believe I only paid $4.99 per tube compared to $25.00 at Sephora! Finds like these make shopping at TJ MAX more of a joy, you literally never know what you’re going to get.

If you haven’t browsed your local TJ MAX Beauty Department, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Why You’ll Love The Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter

  • If you want to have more of a natural buildable glow this is for you
  • Dries down to a natural-looking finish not tacky
  • The packaging is perfect in my opinion, its simple and easy to store
  • Available in 7 shades

How It Applied

I was impressed with how this highlighter applied. I sometimes, just sometimes read how to apply a product. I like to apply products directly to my face when I can, it helps me make less of a mess! I squeezed a good amount to my face before foundation to help my skin look radiant.

When I applied it to my face I squeezed out a few drops on the top of my cheekbones and blended it in with my fingers. I love that it didn’t dry quickly so I had time to work with it. This is more subtle than other liquid highlighters I’ve tried, but you can definitely build it up.

I was able to apply my foundation flawlessly over the highlighter. I feel like this somewhat smoothed my skin which was a huge plus for me!

How It Wore Throughout the Day?

I have oily skin so it takes a lot for a product to stop me I my tracks to recognize the product. like I mentioned I used this under my foundation and I had no expection of this acting as a primer. However, it gave a smoothing effect for my skin.

I snapped a picture after a birthday party, running errands and sitting outside. I was in the sun so that can also add to the dewyness of the product.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow highlighter is perfect for a flawless makeup finish
Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighters are amazing when it comes to avoiding patchy makeup

My face did get oily throughout the day, and I want to say the highlighter made my skin look more dewy than a straight grease pit. With a little bit of blotting action I really enjoyed the look I was left with at the end of the day!

Overall Thoughts on the Anastasia Beverly Hills: Highlighter

Is This Highlighter Worth Buying?

I really enjoyed using this Highlighter but is this worth buying? That’s a tough one for a few reasons.

I would say if can get these on sale these are a nice thing to have. I was searing the sales at Sephora, and I found the highlighter!

  1. These retail at $25.00, since I found them at TJ MAX for $4.99 I will probably never spend the $25.00 to repurchase. Will I go stock up on these from TJ MAX, yeah probably.
  2. I do like that these are buildable, easy to apply and quite effortlessly to work with. They melt into my skin and helped lay a nice glowly sheet for my foundation.

You can get it here at Sephora on sale for $15.00

What are some of your favorite highlighters out there and which ones are you eager to try?

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