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May 28

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Amrezy Highlighter Dupe: 2 Affordable Options


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Who else loves the Amrezy ABH Highlighter? You’ll love today’s share Amrezy Highlighter Dupe: 2 Affordable Options!

We all can appreciate a little glow! With the summer months around the corner, it’s the perfect time to have a healthy-looking glow.

Highlighter is one of my favorite makeup products to apply, and I go crazy over some highlighter.

Amrezy Highlighter dupe

Can you guess which one is the Amrezy and which is the Revlon Skin Lights and lastly the MegaGlo?

I was cleaning up my makeup cabinet, and I found my favorite top highlighters to wear. I was shocked to see how similar they were and immediately dropped everything to write this and hopefully save ya some money!

My numba one go-to highlighter is the Anastasia Amrezy. I fell in love with her collaboration because that girl can glow, and she refers her highlighter as “sun in a compact.”

Amrezy Highlighter dupe

After searching for it, I realized it’s not available anymore.. unless I’m going crazy and not seeing it.

Which makes this post more enjoyable for me to share because now you can have a dupe for the Amrezy highlighter.

Here are my favorite Amrezy Highlighter Dupes: 2 Affordable Options

amrezy highlighter dupe

1 // Revlon Skin Lights in the shade 201 DayBreak Glimmer

Revlon Skin Lights

When I first saw this shade, I said no way its an exact match! Sure enough, it’s close.

The texture is creamy (not chalky at all), and the pattern looks like mermaid scales, which is pretty cool.

Out of the MegaGlo and the Skinlights, this is going to be the closest to the Amrezy. It’s also similar in texture, I feel like the Revlon one is a tad bit softer.

Can’t beat the price either, $8 isn’t bad!

revlon skin lights

2 // Wet n Wild Megaglo in the shade Golden Flower Crown

MegaGlo wet n wild

I had this one stashed away, and it was unopened. It looks very similar to the Revlon DayBreak Glimmer and the Amrezy with just a tad bit more glitter to it.

The Wet n Wild Mega Glo also has a soft texture to it but is not as smooth and creamy as the Revlon and ABH highlighter.

I still enjoy using this highlighter, it will give more of a natural glow. You would really have to pack this on for it to look crazy highlighted.

The MegaGlo is more rose gold to me but when applied to the skin it looks the same.

MegaGlo Highlighter

Last Thoughts // Revlon Is The Closest

I love all highlighters, and the drug store has great formulas when it comes to highlighter. I love the soft pillowy texture that comes with the Revlon highlighter.

amrezy highlighter

If you’re interested in more ABH products, here you can see my post on the ABH Liquid Gold

That wraps up today, my favorite Amrezy Highlighter Dupe: 2 Affordable Options!

What are your favorite highlighters?

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