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Why Morphe Products Are Worth the Money

So I have to be honest I barely started getting into the Morphe makeup madness recently. I’m talking like this past Saturday going ham with their products. Sure, I’ve tried one palette from them before and I wasn’t the most thrilled with the color selection.

The reason or better yet reasons I purchased a Morphe palette was because I was leaving for a business trip and I wanted one simple palette. It was affordable (can’t be 24$) the palette had all of my neutral everyday colors with a pop of flare. Not going to lie, after I returned from my trip the palette was tossed where all my other palettes go to die.

On the shelf under the cabinet

I really didn’t get into Morphe as much prior because I couldn’t go to a store and buy the products, out of sight out of mind type of thing.

Until this past Saturday, Morphe showed me what’s up! I was strolling around Ulta and when I made my way to the revolution makeup line was I thrown off, A LINE OF MORPHE PRODUCTS.

Umm ok it had me at cheap as hell makeup brushes! I fell to my knees in shock at how affordable these makeup brushes were. I’m talking $3.00 and up cheap.

So of course I justified In my mind why I needed to indulge in these brushes. That was just the beginning but for once I’m happy with my purchase.

What should a Morphe Newbie Buy?

After writing about starting a makeup a collection for beginners I wanted to shop as though I was new to makeup with the desire of having decent products for a decent price. Here’s what I walked out with from the Morphe Line

  1. 1 Makeup palette
  2. 4 Eyeshadow brushes
  3. 1 Makeup sponge
  4. Setting spray
  5. Highlighter

Was the Makeup Palette Worth It?

100% absolutely, I will actually buy another one with more colors. I was in-between two palettes each were both priced beautifully! I ended up going with the stunning vibes palette because it came with more shadows and it had the purple hues I was looking for. Seriously at 24 dollars this is absolutely worth it.

All the shades are pigmented and glide onto the Skin super smooth. I was super impressed at how smooth these shadows are. I want to say they feel more smooth than my Mac shadows.

These blend super easy, I would compare these to my Urban Decay shadows with the textures of the shadows. I do experience some fallout with these but nothing more than I normally see.

Morphe Eye shadow Brushes on a Budget!

I was most excited for the makeup brushes, I couldn’t get over the prices and I still can’t get over the price. It makes me want to sneak over to Ulta for lunch and get new brushes.

I purchased two eye shadow fluffy brushes for blending

1 precise crease brush used to get in the crease of my eyelid

1 concealer brush I use this for applying shimmery shades to my lid area.

All brushes are super soft and pick up the shadows well. My eyelids didn’t feel tortured like they have from some of bh cosmetics brushes. I haven’t yet washed these brushes but I will add them as soon as I do.

Update: I wanted update how the brushes held up after a round in the Illumia Makeup Brush Cleaner. Good news, they held up great and I didn’t experience shedding like my MAC brushes. I will say that they fluffed up a little more after being washed. Will I buy them again, hell yeah.

The Morphe Makeup Sponge

I was disappointed with this sponge. It wasn’t super expensive I believe I paid 7.00 but when I used it it was very similar to the real techniques sponge. There’s nothing wrong with the real techniques sponge, I just 100% prefer the beauty blender over other sponges. This can be a user preference

The one thing I loved about the sponge is it has a side that is tapered so its a dream to use for applying powders. I use this for my under eye area and this is the only reason I keep this sponge in my daily use.

The Continuous Setting Mist

I was super impressed with this mist and I will say its something I will always have on hand moving forward. The spray is a super fine mist, it legit feels like a misting fan you’d feel on a hot day. Its a super light feeling and it doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or slippery.

This doesn’t give me a 100% matte face because I have super oily skin, but it does the job at pulling my look together. It’s so refreshing I use it more than once through out the day.

Final Thoughts

I love and continue to enjoy using these products for my daily makeup routine. I would definitely go for these products before I go for drugstore makeup because the prices are really close to drug store makeup.

The palettes are more than reasonable priced, if 24 dollars is still a little steep they still have you covered with 12 dollar palettes as well. the colors are amazing and great for anyone to experiment with.

The brushes are a home run, and with them being so cheap you’ll want to have one or five in your collection. They have held up well so far and have been washed twice now.

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